Sarah Azhari

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Sultry model and actress Sarah Azhari looks set to avoid prison time after being convicted of assault.

Sarah Azhari, the younger sister of Ayu Azhari, had been convicted of throwing an ashtray at, and stomping on the foot of, a reporter, at SCTV studios in Jakarta on 12th July 2005. For this crime she was sentenced to four months prison on 10th July 2006, a verdict and sentence which was confirmed by a higher court on 17th October.

Sarah, in some of her bikini clad glory.

But, perhaps because she is so pretty and famous, and sexy, she has not been forced to serve her sentence, nor does she seem likely to. Although the sentence simply reads "four months jail" it appears that legal authorities have decided to "interpret" this to mean "four months jail, suspended". Should she do the unthinkable and commit another crime in the next four months she will then be forced to serve her original time, says official Hazniwarti Nasution, who appears to be making things up as he goes along. kompas

Sarah Azhari
The winning smile that keeps Sarah Azhari out of the slammer.

Sarah's family has a history of run-ins with the law. Her older brother Ibrahim Salahuddin, or Ibra, Azhari is currently serving fifteen years at the Cipinang jail in Jakarta for drug offences. kompas

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