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Sultry model and actress Sarah Azhari looks set to avoid prison time after being convicted of assault.

Sarah Azhari, the younger sister of Ayu Azhari, had been convicted of throwing an ashtray at, and stomping on the foot of, a reporter, at SCTV studios in Jakarta on 12th July 2005. For this crime she was sentenced to four months prison on 10th July 2006, a verdict and sentence which was confirmed by a higher court on 17th October.

Sarah, in some of her bikini clad glory.

But, perhaps because she is so pretty and famous, and sexy, she has not been forced to serve her sentence, nor does she seem likely to. Although the sentence simply reads “four months jail” it appears that legal authorities have decided to “interpret” this to mean “four months jail, suspended”. Should she do the unthinkable and commit another crime in the next four months she will then be forced to serve her original time, says official Hazniwarti Nasution, who appears to be making things up as he goes along. kompas

Sarah Azhari
The winning smile that keeps Sarah Azhari out of the slammer.

Sarah’s family has a history of run-ins with the law. Her older brother Ibrahim Salahuddin, or Ibra, Azhari is currently serving fifteen years at the Cipinang jail in Jakarta for drug offences. kompas

19 Comments on “Sarah Azhari”

  1. Orang kampung says:

    I think this case shows that Indonesian judicial is still very weak. Just remember we are not even done with many other big cases from Soeharto to other corruption issues!

    Although I agree that Sarah Azhari should be face her legal obligation or brought to justice, but please…. Now, most of us are going to be bizz-oriented people. Divert our attention to other bigger issues. Many violations occure in Indonesia without many “SCTV” or other reporters concern about its potential damage in society! If Sarah Azhari’s case will us aware of the real issues in indoensia, I think there should be more artist throwing astray to reporter! LOL

  2. Masindi says:

    She deserves to have an opportunity to perform cat fight in correction centre, and we must video tape it. 🙂

  3. Bradlymail says:

    What’s so great about her? Same treatment for her! If she is convicted, jail her!

  4. Rudy Hendra says:

    Maybe Sarah has bribe the judge in the court with her body!

  5. Bradlymail says:

    The judge could be have ‘sex scandal’ with her? Could be he was threatened by sarah!

  6. Anna says:

    She is one of the spoil little brat that need good ass wiping, and yes she deserve to be punish of what she did, just because she is famous does not mean she can get away with it, law should not making a exception for any body. It don’t matter who they are if they commit a crime then they must pay for it. And that’s how it should be.

  7. Fidzie says:

    Believe it or not but she’s actually my auntie 🙂 And I’m from brunei. Did you ever know that? If you knew her so well I’m sure you would. She’s got family over here.

    Stop making rumours about her. Let that pretty woman live. 🙂

    Sarah’s niece in brunei.

  8. Ali says:

    Good to know that!

    Miyamoto Musashi is my uncle.

  9. Anna says:


    So what if she is your auntie, like I said does not matter who they are, the commit a crime then they deserve to pay, either jail time or a fine. And obviously the officials and the person itself don’t care.

    Everybody deserve to have pretty life, but when it come to a crime, that is gonna be different story.

  10. Beklager says:

    Hahahaha. I like Ali’s comment, cool dude!

    Anna, I am totally with you girl.

  11. Hendra says:

    I am very interested to breast of sarah, so big and so beautiful, I hope one day I will find the big breast as you are,
    for any reader, please pray for me

  12. Erry says:

    Since the beginning I see her, I’d love to meet and be her close friend, despite of her nice body and beautiful face, something tells me that she’s a good person. I know I’m gonna feel warm when I got a chance to sit beside her.

  13. Sonnie says:

    She’s a star. 🙂 I’m crazy for her, I hope she read this. 😉 Sarah you are beautiful, just a little diet please. 🙂

  14. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    She needs to shed off a bit of weights.

  15. Well, i don’t think she is happy as people see now.. look at her when she is naked ??? hahaha you will know how drawn her breasts are but it’s still beautiful as she is.

    I don’t know why the justice in indo is so cheap, this is irritating issue guys!!! no matter whether she is pretty like devil but she is also human being who need to be punished as devil.. oh ya may be indonesia govt will need to focus on this case as well i/o catching up soeharto problems which obviously known by indo people that he is DICKtator..!!! like AMERICAN … most of them like to be dominant in the world. you may disagree in this cos you have already seen only good people in the USA. but remember every kindness must be paid with something else which you don’t know hahaha…

    for me f*ck the justice !!! better to have jungle justice or not !!! so who has been beaten and lost due to some case and who has stronger power.. will kill the others..

  16. fidzie says:

    hey Anna. relax yea? i was just sharing stuff with you. you dont have to start hating girl 😉

    i didnt mean to offend anyone. i was just sharing.

    peace & love all the way from brunei <3

  17. Mat Kuku says:

    Anna, its important that she is fidzie’s auntie…. caused the whole family is f _ _ _ ed up !!! kekeke fidzie’s grandfather is George Bush & his great grandfather was Hitler …. huahaha ….

  18. eshape says:

    Azhari’s family always make a good story to Indonesian Infotainment…..

  19. Bhimo says:

    Where is she originally from? She looks Indian.

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