Abu Bakar Baasyir To Be Freed

May 23rd, 2006, in News, by

Abu Bakar Ba’asyir will be released from prison on 14th June, his lawyers say.

Abu Bakar Baasyir
Abu Bakar Baasyir

Baasyir was sentenced to two and a half years after having been convicted of some involvement in the 2002 Bali bombings. On the 17th of August 2005 he recieved a remission of four and a half months on his sentence.

14th June is the official date based on the Cipinang prison register.
(14 Juni resmi berdasarkan perhitungan register pihak LP Cipinang.)

said one of the members of the “Tim Pembela Abu Bakar Baasyir” (TPABB), the Abu Bakar Baasyir Defence Team, Achmad Michdan.

Michdan added that Baasyir would immediately return to the Islamic boarding school he founded, Pondok Pesantren Ngruki. He also said that some in Baasyir’s camp feared the authorities would find some reason to continue Baasyir’s detention. Baasyir’s supporters often say that the United States government exerts undue influence in this area.

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  1. Asher Tauran says:

    What comes out of his mouth is sheer hatred. He and his followers thrive on hatred of unbelievers (read Christians). The fact that many sympatize with him in Muslim dominated Indonesia is because they recognize in his words their own frustration. Much is related to their personal economic and social disadvantaged position in society which feeds their inferiority complex and justifies their feelings of “resistance” to the surrounding
    gloBalised (western dominated) world. Their struggle and belief all are “justified” in their interpretation of the Koran. And who dares to question the word of God, right ?
    Well, I don’t dare to question the word of God as well. The only difference is that in my book the word of God is love and compassion. But that does not matter to these freaks. Afterall, I love pork chops and surely I must have been reading horror stories of a man who was never crucified in the first place for the sins of mankind. So we should be grateful for having this Abu Bakar Baasyir amongst us because he will definately deliver us from evil and open our pagan eyes to the word of our God allmighty who seems to need a bomsquad to eliminate his own faulty creation. Sure this man deserves his place in history. Maybe he should be crucified too and displayed in our history hall of flames.

  2. Achmed says:

    Totally agreed!!!

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