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Building a model or example Islamic village.

The East Java branch of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) hopes to build a model or example Islamic village in the town of Pamekasan on Madura island. Abdus Somad Bukhori of MUI says the model village will display Islamic concepts in economics, culture, social relations, and democracy put into action.

The Regent of Pamekasan, Ach Sayfi’ie, welcomed the plan:

Whatever the East Java MUI wishes is very good.

And he said every regency should have at least one Islamic show village, but first local governments would have to prepare the way by making special laws so that the Islamic villages were not illegal.

Building such villages would be one way to preserve the unique Madurese culture, he went on. Ach Sayfi’ie feared that Madura could soon be swamped by outside influences once the under-construction Surabaya-Madura bridge were finished.

Please don’t let the identity of Madurese people be lost when Madura becomes one with Surabaya.

Especially considering that the Madurese were known as very religious people, he said. republika

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  1. Rambutan says:

    An Islamic village to preserve the unique Madurese culture? Now that’s an interesting concept! Shouldn’t they build a Madurese model village then? Since when is Islam the dominant feature of Madurese society? Somebody is apparently not thinking straight here. MUI is filled to the rim with idiots. Unbelievable…

  2. pj_bali says:

    What’s interesting about this story is what is not being said. Why would an island like Madura which is mostly if not completely islamic anyway would need a model islamic village. I would think it’s just another way to try to introduce sharia law there without calling it as such.

    The regents other comment is kinda funny. I wonder who should be more concerned about the new bridge: the madurese who will be influenced by the javanese or the javanese who will be influenced by the madurese?


  3. Ihaknt says:

    Islamic village is a euphimism for terorrist breeding ground.

  4. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    Please don’t let the identity of Madurese people be lost when Madura becomes one with Surabaya.

    I am still thinking. Can anyone pick a Madurese from a crowd of Javanese, or the other way round? It is like saying the identity of North Korean will be lost when becomes one with South Korea.

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