Rhonda Goes to Bali

Oct 15th, 28 comments
Rhonda & Ketut

Rhonda flies into Bali and becomes romantically entangled with cabana boy Ketut. Read More →

Foreign Correspondents in Indonesia

Jul 1st, 159 comments

DC Guy on what foreign correspondents are not telling you about Indonesia, and employment prospects for westerners in Asia.

Flying with Wings Air

Oct 23rd, via Mau Ke Mana, 5 comments

Taking off with Indonesia’s biggest regional airline, Wings Air.

The Amazing Bull Race

Oct 23rd, 5 comments

Bull racing in Madura, East Java

‘The Amazing Race’ visits a different “running of the bulls” in Madura, East Java.

North Sumatra & Aceh Tour

Oct 15th, via Mau Ke Mana, 1 comment

15 days of being up close and personal with the people and culture of North Sumatra and Aceh.

The Dutch-Indonesian conflict 1945-49 – attention for the other side

Jul 19th, 12 comments

Reopening inquiries into what actually happened during the Police Actions of 1945-49.

“Beautiful Bali” Tour

Sep 30th, via Mau Ke Mana, 7 comments

Enjoy a 9 day tour of “Beautiful Bali“ a little off the beaten track, exploring inland and north Bali.

Bali Raw: An exposé of the underbelly of Greater Kuta

Jun 27th, 32 comments

Bali Raw

A good bloke in Greater Kuta; a review of the book “Bali Raw: an expose of the underbelly of Bali, Indonesia”.

Kiwis Can’t Fly In Indonesia

Sep 26th, via Mau Ke Mana, no comments

Kiwis ask the Indonesian Ambassador why his country’s domestic flights cannot be booked online.

Political Party Corruption Rates

Jun 14th, 20 comments

The most corrupt parties, political corruption rates: SBY says Partai Demokrat is far from the worst.

Kal-Star Raises The Bar

Sep 8th, via Mau Ke Mana, 3 comments

Indonesian regional airline, Kal-Star, improves its standards.

Marijuana Queen Clemency

Jun 4th, 10 comments

Grumblings about the frequent and now large remissions for Marijuana Queen Schapelle Corby.

Indonesian Train E-Tickets

Aug 23rd, via Mau Ke Mana, 12 comments

Online booking and e-ticketing introduced for Indonesian trains.

Online Shopping, Offline Payment

May 26th, 8 comments

Online Shopping Indonesia

Indonesians embrace online shopping, with some reservations.

Sleepless in Soekarno-Hatta Airport

Aug 16th, via Mau Ke Mana, 20 comments

So little to do, so much time – hints and tips for visitors transiting Jakarta Airport in the middle of the night.

Gaga No Go

May 17th, 52 comments

Lady Gaga Satan

Lady Gaga banned from Jakarta, unlike similar “controversial” performers.

Time For A Change?

Jul 26th, via Mau Ke Mana, 7 comments

Indonesia to move to one time zone, starting 28 October 2012.

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