Signs That Your Son is Gay

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Ahmad Dhani's theories on how rock music can prevent your son becoming gay.

Rock musician Ahmad Dhani, or Dhani Ahmad, ex-husband of Maia, recently said that he was very concerned that his sons would one day become gay, particularly with the mass murderer Ryan case still on his mind, and because in Jakarta these days there were a lot of gays around, and:

Being gay is like being a drug user.

From when his boys were very young Dhani said he had tried to ensure that they heard lots of rock music, because real men like rock music. One of the early warning signs of homosexuality in children was:

If your young son doesn't like rock music you have to be on your guard, because gays don't like rock music.

There might be other methods:

Parents have to find ways to prevent their children becoming gay.

Dhani and one of his sons.

If children did eventually become homosexual then their father was to blame: inilah

It's the fault of the father for not inculcating in the boy the right spirit.

95 Comments on “Signs That Your Son is Gay”

  1. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    Ahmad Dani is just trying to win back fans after we discover he is part Dutch Jew.

    His ex-wife to be is friend of my daughter- Maya. Her comments about him were less than pleasant- though she is hardly free from sin.

    Why are the youngsters these days so stupid?

  2. avatar perseus says:

    Oh dear, what can we say? Real men listen to hard rock, wear leather and have big pornstar mos like Aluang – the Bonker of the Brisbane Bule Wives – and pious Muslim. There must be some hadith out there that states that Javanese get an exemption from the rules on Adultery… but I digress…

    Homosexuality is not a disease, nor is it caused or cured by music. It is simply an evolutionary thing. A glitch if you will. Some people are that way inclined. Proof of the pudding is that children brought up by gays and lesbians turn out straight in normal numbers. (The La Cage Aux Folles/Birdcage scenario.)

    There are homosexual dogs and monkeys. Homosexuality is, if you must, a part of Allah’s creation…

    Mr Dhani’s “theory” is just another piece of worthless Fear and Loathing from the I have my head up my ass brigade…

    More science, less nonsense!

  3. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Not to mention the likes of… Freddie Mercury, Pete Townsend, and other gay rockers. Hasn’t even Mick Jagger taken a prod at the “tradesman’s entrance” from time to time ?

  4. avatar Patrick says:

    Weird theory about the rock music thing and homosexuality?

    Many psychiatrists believe homosexuality is not natural as Persus suggested but starts from an abuse made by another of the same sex thus leading to homosexuality. The homosexual crowd and their many misguided supporters would rather have us believe it is natural and therefore created by God. This is an attempt to justify a homosexual lifestyle as completely legitimate within society and worthy of society’s approval. An example would be some Western countries allowing marriage between homosexuals as if it was equal to marriage between a man and a woman.

    Ask yourself why would God ( Allah) create something that He detests? The answer of course is that God did not create homosexuality but it was man who fell into this grave sin through his own free will. Lets stop deluding ourselves that sexual perversion of any kind is natural and therefore something that God created.

  5. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    Evidence highlights that the brains of homo’ females is structurally more similar to a male brain than female

    Similarly for homo’ male brains- structure is more similar to female brains than males.
    Lesbians tend to be ore massive and more androgynous in appearance.

    Summary- homosexuality is a biological aberration- most likely androgen imbalance in utero placing a male mind in a female body.

    And homosexuality is uncommon in the wild- like male raising of offspring- the unique and noteworthy exceptions the norm.

    As homosexuality may very well be via biological problems- why not offer those who wish for it- the chance for it to be medically rectified?

  6. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    and female mind in a male’s body.

    Behaviour effects chemical and physical changes in the brain and structure- hence conditions like CCD.
    Therefore it is very probable- learnt or acquired abnormal gender behaviour rewire an already opopsite sex brain to more resemble the “normal” sex’s brain.

  7. avatar tomaculum says:

    Lesbians tend to be ore massive and more androgynous in appearance.
    How many lesbians do you know, Purba? Some of my friends are lesbians, they are surely non-androgyne.
    Some non-androgyne lesbian: Jodi Foster, Marcia Cross, Ane Heche etc, etc.

  8. avatar Patrick says:

    It seems every few years or so some scientific study on human homosexuality announces that findings in the brains of tests subjects reveal abnormalities that lead to the inevitable conclusion that homosexuals are genetically hardwired to their lifestyle. However, many scientists over the years have cautioned against these studies and their conclusions as being presumptive and not based on true scientific facts. Below are some comments by a scientist who disagrees strongly about the conclusions reached by these studies. They appear in article entitled “Debate rekindled in Homosexual Brain Research”.

    “This study says nothing about homosexuality being innate,” said Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, a psychoanalyst who has written about homosexuality and lectured on its social consequences. “There is an automatic knee-jerk assumption that if there is a difference in the brain, that difference has to be innate,” he added”.

    “Changes in the hypothalamus could be caused by repetitive sexual behavior”, Satinover said. “The brain is extremely plastic, like a muscle,” he said.

    “There have been dozens and dozens of studies attempting to show a genetic or biological basis for homosexuality,” Satinover said. “Not one has ever succeeded in doing so.”

  9. avatar perseus says:

    The existence of homosexuality in nature (eg in dogs, monkeys, cetaceans) is a massive embarrassment to monotheists whose supposedly infallible gods have prohibited what they um created.

    Monotheists will bend over backwards to defend the proposition that homosexuality is a sin because otherwise they might have to concede that their gods are fallible and erm not gods but fabrications produced by their all too human prophets.

    Guys, you need to accept that your beloved prophets made up their moral codes according to the social norms and prejudices of their pre-scientific times and that the times have changed…

  10. avatar Chris says:

    If your young son doesn’t like rock music you have to be on your guard, because gays don’t like rock music.

    What about Rob Halford (singer of Judas Priest), the lead singer of Manowar, etc.?

    What about glam rock like Twisted Sister?

  11. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    Toma- my fine gent
    you are deeply blessed living in Singapore- where women are slim, net, well-groomed and polite.

    You are spared the horrors of bleating, neighing and grunting of the Western women.
    Women so overwhelmingly grotesque, churlish, obese and vulgar appearnce, demeanour and grunting- their men are turning gay in droves- many nonpracticing gays- smply to escape.
    Teh onyl alternative to become as queer as folk was scouring out their own eyes out as a reaction to their supreme visual-aural offense.

    Just think Rosie O’Donnell doing yoga in tights in a sex-swing.
    Now multiply that by 8 million and that’s Australia.
    Multiply churl and boor factor by 2, add some extra flatulence and the stench of green teeth, stale beer and urine- that’s your average Brit.

    To create the image of the average American women would result in mass nausea- so I’ll refrain.

    Even Andy- who I find annoying yet amusing- has chosen wisely- a lovely respectful slim Chinese girl over the Western obese sorrel nag mare long past her prime.

    A woman whose privates do not look like a kebab made by a Lebanese special-needs cook with long strips of pink beef bulging out and enough thick course hair to turn into twine.

    Also- white women in Singapore- highly jealous of slim,, attractive and feminine- rapidly realise men if given the choce will opt for Singaporean Fillet Mignon over a white McFlabburger- so are forced to join Fitness First or face total male abandonement.

    Marcia Cross is married to a man sorry. I thiink she’s already given birth.
    Anne Heche is the msot famous former lesbian and even has the term “hasbian” named after her.

    Jody Foster just needs to be forced to watch Rosie O’Donnel’s giant kebab doing Yoga and the splits- she’ll be more of a wild Deek-Sloot (Dutch) than Ms Condi Rice.

    Would you like to borrow some of my wife’s gossip mags- I’ve finished reading them now?

    S a Muslim- I point out we do not have the gay bashings of Ostraya, United Yobdom, or United State of Assahola and Amerrycunts

    Also- the highest populations of banci, bencong and hombreng (transvestites and gay sex workers) are in Jakarta suburbs Blok M and Jaan Bulungan- and Kemang
    famous for being suburb of choice for Australians and expat English teachers.

    Supply follows demand.

  12. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    Also- some Q’uranic scholars argue the term “sodomy” to actually mean “rape”- it has been mis transliterate.

    But of course, the West actively and distinctly encourages uphill gardening, carpet=munching and marmite mining in its’ Christian and Hebrew teachings.

    I quote:
    “And Lo, there as a great light and a voice and the Burning bush said unto Moses, “Take thy best young Catholic schoolboys, bend them to thy Willy and ride them verily and haughtily like crackhead Heath Ledger in that crap gay softporn my wife loves. Tampax will keep it all in”.

  13. avatar Andy says:

    The rate of homosexuality in Indonesia is in fact far higher than what it is in the west. And not just in Jakarta, Central Java has rates far higher than there (stats prove this also). Everywhere I walked in Jakarta I could see gay boys and trannies (cross dressers). Not to mention the bajaj and ojek riders who would gladly bend over for anyone with a dollar or more in their pocket.

  14. avatar Geordie says:

    Women so overwhelmingly grotesque, churlish, obese and vulgar appearnce, demeanour and grunting……..

    Purba, I have to agree with you that the average western woman has no chance against the average Indonesian woman. Though it’s a bit of a stretch to establish a causal link between that and an increased incidence of homosexuality.

    Mind you, if i didn’t have my beautiful Jawa/Sunda (her description, not mine) wife and there was only the choice between your average western woman and being gay….

  15. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    And how would you know this Andy?

    Is Mrs Andy aware of your pre-marital experimentations?

  16. avatar Geordie says:

    Not to mention the bajaj and ojek riders who would gladly bend over for anyone with a dollar or more in their pocket.

    ‘…..starvation is a great aphrodisiac……’ (Linda Hunt’s character, Billy Kwan: The Year of Living Dangerously).

  17. avatar Andy says:

    Purba, I read newspapers(that’s where I got the stats)……Just walk around Jakarta for a day and you can see anyway. No need to look.

    But in any way your boys always seem to be arm in arm for no apparant reason. Even with the humidity you guys still like to get pretty ‘clingy’ don’t you. Must get awfully uncomfortable.

  18. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    I wouldn’t know- I’m not an English teacher, an Australian nor resident of Kemang or Blok M.

    Are you sure you’re not confusing what Indonesian girls do?
    Beer goggles do wild things to Aussies.

    Andy- you have such strange experience in Jakarta- for 30 years as my hometown i have never had such experiences as you.
    It is almost as if you go out of your way to find sexual deviancy as you know it in lurid graphic detail.

    Are you author and inspiration of Jakarta Undercover?

  19. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

    how ’bout this, Patrick: each to their own ? Due limitations, of course, like consent, proper age etc.

  20. avatar perseus says:

    “Lesbians tend to be ore massive and more androgynous in appearance.”
    How many lesbians do you know, Purba? Some of my friends are lesbians, they are surely non-androgyne.
    Some non-androgyne lesbian: Jodi Foster, Marcia Cross, Ane Heche etc, etc.

    My personal trainer is a lesbian – so I learned the other day. She is a honey. Slim, white, genuinely nice. Long dreadlocked hair. A feminine and gentle person – though she puts me through hell in the gym. Her girlfriend is also nice looking. Very feminine. Though I don’t know what kind of person she is.

    At my last job in Sydney, the Operations Manager was gay. Very touchy feely but a nice guy.

    Nothing to be scared of…

    As Achmad says, each to their own – with due limitations…

  21. avatar gOObers says:

    Hey purba negoro,

    Just want to share with you….

    My friend in Jakarta who is a gay, he had many partners who were in “ABRI” and one of them was a GENERAL and had a high position in the office in the 90’s (he was single and later he also became an ambassador). He also told me that there were many ABRI leaders were homosexual and bisexual. It seems homosexual is a common lifestyle in ABRI.

    I had warned my friend that he had to be careful in having relationship with ABRI people because they were also “petrus” and they could make you vanish from this world.

  22. avatar Geordie says:

    Goobers said:

    He also told me that there were many ABRI leaders were homosexual and bisexual.

    Depends if they give or take. Army boys say you’re only gay if you take it but the Navy lads say you’re only gay if you push back.

  23. avatar Patrick says:

    @ Achmed – Please understand that I am opposed to homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle and that I am not advocating any harm to people who term themselves homosexual. On the contrary, parents have a moral obligation to teach their children to reject homosexuality and they have an equal obligation to teach their children to reject violence of any kind directed at homosexuals.

    @ Persus – You and many others make the classic mistake that observing, in the animal kingdom, that two males or two females of any species engaging in sexual activity equates to human homosexuality. In the animal kingdom survival is paramount so reproductive instinct is always directed toward the opposite sex. When two animals of the same gender are observed to be having having sex it is often either an act of dominance or confusion. ie., The confusion can stem from one male animal recently engaging in sexual activity with a female. During the sexual encounter the estrus oder of the female will come in contact with the male and later other males of the species may mount that male due to the female’s odor and the extreme urge to mate. Even female dogs have been known to mount females who are in heat.

  24. avatar tomaculum says:

    On the contrary, parents have a moral obligation to teach their children to reject homosexuality and they have an equal obligation to teach their children to reject violence of any kind directed at homosexuals.
    Patrick, which parents? Obligation?
    What kind of sh*t are you talking about? I am a parent of 3 non-homosexual children, but I don’t have any sh*t obligation to teach my children to reject homosexuality. I have the obligation to teach my children to be good human being.
    You are against homosexuality, it is your right, but please don’t talk about the obligations of parents.
    You know, I have some homosexual friends, male and female. They are not worst than you all.

  25. avatar tomaculum says:

    I know some lesbians too, and they surely do not tend to androgyny.
    Let us see: Jodi Foster, Ane Heche, Cynthia Nixon, Ellen de Generes and her partner Portia de Rossi, Rita Mae Brown, Tammy Lynn Michaels etc, etc. They are surely not androgyn.

  26. avatar Patrick says:

    @Tomaculum – Besides the fact that homosexuals have a much higher risks than heterosexuals in contracting sexually transmitted diseases, have more psychological problems, and that male homosexuality shaves off almost 30% of a person’s life span, and gays are at an elevated risk of suicide compared to the general population and are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol then you are right not to feel you have a (sh*t) obligation to teach your children that homosexuality is wrong!

  27. avatar tomaculum says:

    you are deeply blessed living in Singapore- where women are slim, net, well-groomed and polite.
    I don’t live in Singapore, my goodness! 🙁

    Marcia Cross is married to a man, but she has outed herself as a lesbian and it is not a contrary, it is a sad fact, that many homosexuals can not live their affinity because of the social pressure. Jodi Foster is obese? My, my, Purba … 🙂 And Marcia Cross or Ane Heche? Go googling and watch the pictures of these women. 🙂
    They are certainly wpmen do not want to stay only in the kitchen and washing the men#s clothes. They are self-confident and know what they want. Maybe it is the reason you call them grotesque etc? 🙂
    I live in a country, white men country, where homosexuality is no more something very “evil”. And many of the lesbian I know and I see are not obese, not grotesque, vulgar etc. Most of them are slim and … intelligent and cultured.

  28. avatar Mets says:

    @ Patrick where exactly did you get your questionable info from…….

  29. avatar Patrick says:

    @ Met – Center for Disease Contol (CDC) of the United States, British Broadcasting Services (BBC), Royal College of Psychiatrists (GB) among others. The countries of Denmark and Norway have done studies and some excerpts are below

    * According to their data for Denmark, the country with the longest history of gay marriage, for 1990-2002, married heterosexual men died at a median age of 74 years, while the partnered gays died at an average age of 51. In Norway, married heterosexual men died at an average age of 77, compared to 52 years old for the married gay men in the study.

    * With respect to women, Danish heterosexual married women died at an average age of 78 years, compared to 56 years for the lesbians studied. In Norway, women married to men died at an average age of 81, compared to 56 years for lesbians.

  30. avatar tomaculum says:

    in southern Africa and Central-Asia/South-East-Asia the number of people with sexually transmitted diseases ascend continuously, so many homesexualls can not exist in this areas. The cause of it is unsafe sex, also heterosexualls do frequently unsafe sex outside their houses.
    Most of those with psychological problems are such under considerable social strain because their familes, their friend and the neighbourhood don’t accept their affinity. Most of them living their homsexuallity are happy. some of them cannot stand these pressures and commit suicide and abuse drugs and alcohol (tell me how many heterosexualls abuse drugs and are alcoholics?)
    Those who have the possibility to live their homosexuall life and have a secure job without being mobbed because of it, why should they commit suicide?
    No, Patrick, I don’t see it as my obligation to teach my children to reject homosexuallity. And I don’t see homosexuallity as a disturbance. This is my personal sight.

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