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The president continues his musings on religion, and islamophobia among Australians and Balinese.


President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in a speech on 25th March marking Muhammad’s birth, advised Muslims to avoid being excessive or extreme in the way they viewed their unity as a group, or their solidarity. tempo

[Feelings of] solidarity which are too exclusive or excessive can disturb the peace, especially in very diverse countries.


Later on 9th April he spoke again on religious topics, this time advising Muslims to take “islamophobia” in their stride, and respond to it by showing that Islam was a peaceful, harmonious creed.

Face what is unpleasant in a broad-minded way and try to show that Islam is a religion of peace which teaches love and harmony to its followers.

He also asked Muslim clerics to guide Muslims towards living peaceably with other religious communities. antara

Islamophobia in Australia

A researcher from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Yulianingsih Riswan, has been studying Australian intellectual attitudes to Islam and has concluded that Islamophobia is not a big problem among scholarly types in Australia.

In general she said Islamophobia was mainly created by the mass media, which tends to report news that reflects badly on Islam.

Australians, she thought, regarded Indonesia in a much more positive light than other Muslim lands.

Islamophobia in Bali

She went on to say that Islamophobia was not just a problem in western countries, but also in Indonesia itself, where, for example, in Bali recent influxes of Muslim transmigrants had been perceived to have caused economic problems. republika

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  1. Mach Jabber says:

    @ M. Nur,

    “I, Mach Jabber, have a younger sister.”

    Is that statement true or false? Remember, existence cannot be a nullâ„¢.

    Or you can be honest and answer that you do not know. That’s what I do with your God. Capische?

  2. janma says:

    It makes me want to change my avatar to a screaming face….

  3. M. Nur says:

    Simple question, If you do have a younger sister the she exist. If you do not have then she is not exist.

    And I don’t bother whether you have sister or not, especially when she is fat and ugly….

  4. M. Nur says:

    Have you learn the lesson from my answer above ? Whether I know or not, it will not affect the state of being exist or not.

    So since each existence is determined by the one previous to it, and that from its previous state, ad infinitum, pre-determination for every state would have been achieved instantaneously from the initial existence. Thus the state of the exist and not exist is not determined by the observer in this case by me; it has already been pre-determined from the initial moments and the ensuing states that have successively led up to the state referenced.

  5. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Valium please!

  6. M. Nur says:

    hahaha ya don’t need valium buddy …. ya need brain supplement !

    to say ‘i don’t know’ is only subject to observer within the current reference of time space. Not valid for the whole cosmic when all possibilities is infinite. To cease and runaway to believe this is just like to deny the existence of your self .

  7. Janma says:

    M Nur said,

    If you don’t understand something it doesn’t mean that there is no logical explanation. You just don’t know at least in the meantime. Don’t be ashamed to stand up and say I don’t know,

    On page one you started like this…..
    and then suddenly…

    I will show to world that being in DON’T KNOW position is unacceptable and wrong even in computer digital is only know as 1 or 0 or yes and no. There is no such between yes or no ( belive or disbelieve).

    What happened? someone spit in your tofu?

  8. Pakmantri says:

    Yawn…………….. still at it eh?
    Kumaha damang sadaya?

    1. EXIST
    2. NOT EXIST

    3. I don’t care!!!

    Yawn …………. go back to sleep.


  9. M. Nur says:


    The first is my statement as observer within ‘earthly’ current reference of time space.
    The second is my statement as part of the great cosmic with just analogy.

    Atheist like you deny as part of the cosmic and only live in some tiny planet called earth. Always want to talk narrow and limited and deny everything that big above you.

    Damang pak mantri …. resep ngaheureuyan burudak ontohod teh lah….. lieur tah maranehna….leheung lamun gareulis jeung karasep mah. Mending ge sare model si kabayan.

  10. Mach Jabber says:

    Duh, of course whether my sister exists or not is totally independent of your knowledge. But do you *know* the answer or not? Your response totally hilarious.

    Go read some books, Einstein. Funny because even a casual stroll around Wikipedia can clear up the misconceptions you’re having. Your ignorance makes me wince. 😐

    Just don’t tell me you’re Indonesian. Otherwise perhaps we do have little hope.

  11. Janma says:

    M Nur just bleated…..

    Atheist like you deny as part of the cosmic and only live in some tiny planet called earth. Always want to talk narrow and limited and deny everything that big above you.

    Actually If you had read my post you would see that isn’t true….

    I understand the human need to explain how and why we and everything else are all here. Where did we come from, where are we going, what’s it all about”¦.It was an obsession of mine as a child. I’m not questioning the belief that there had to be something causal, some uncaused cause of everything. Something that has never ‘not’ existed. It is all and nothing, without beginning and without end.
    See, believe it or not that is something I can imagine. How is something like that imaginable? It’s not; that’s why I can imagine it. I can imagine that the unimaginable is unimaginable. Now what religion does is condense this unimaginable ‘concept’ down into some version that includes a mean-spirited bony fingered ‘God/pseudo man, who has nothing better to do than to listen to our mundane thoughts and judge our mundane lives in order to reward or punish us according to how we pleased him after our deaths. Truly, I can’t stand it!

    I am not an atheist, I just don’t want to limit myself to some narrow man-made perception of ‘God’.

  12. oRiDo says:

    sit down and relax…

  13. sputjam says:

    When it comes to faith, it is a personal matter.
    I am here only to tell those who embraced any religion that any religious belief promotes some form of pagan/idol worship.
    You do not need a religion to believe in God.
    The koran is a guidance for those who believe in God. In its contents, it tells the christians and the jews to denonce religion, and not to trust priests (any priests whether they are called imams or monks etc) and to be guided by the messages in the koran.

    Present day people who embrace a religion called islam have erred BIG TIME. They indulge in pagan worship in mecca, and ignored the guidance given in the koran. They kill indescriminately, when killing of another is forbidden except for just causes. They prevent others from doing their rituals and build their places of worship when freedom of faith is stated clearly in the koran.

    God’s true teachings about the hereafter

    2:81 Yes indeed! Whoever commits injustice – he is shrouded with his crimes, thus they are the dwellers of the fire – it is they – who will abide in it forever. 2:82 And those who trust and do righteous deeds – thus they are the dwellers of the garden – it is they – who will abide in it forever.

    Do good works for the sake of God.

    2:112 Yes indeed – whoever is at peace, his focus is for God – they are most excellent. Surely for them the rewards by their Lord and there shall be no fear over them – and they will not grieve

    There is no compulsion in God’s orderly way of life

    2:256 There is no compulsion in the orderly way of life. Certainly it is now clear between the guidance from the wrong ones. Thus whoever denies the virtual idols and he believes with God alone – thus – indeed he holds with the strongest bond which can never be broken – for him. And God is listening – He is very conscious.

    There is no ritual worship described in the koran. It emphasise on doing good works and to be righteous, truthful and keeping promises made. I advise present people who have embraced the religion of islam to think very clearly concerning the true origin of their faith. You have trangressed the limits by embraced a religion created by pagan arabs.

    Present day people of the relgion of islam will kill and do unjust things, but will not miss their obligatory rituals, when the koran stated that killing is forbidden, to be righteous and just and no rituals are mentioned (So why do things that are not required).

  14. Lairedion says:

    Is this still dragging on?

    M. Nur, no cease like chicken just getting bored.

    You can blabbermouth whatever you want. Apparently your beliefs doesn’t appeal to anyone of us. You are looking for answers of the questions you have and you have your own personal beliefs as tools to find these answers. That’s fine with me. But these are your questions, not Mach Jabber’s, Janma’s or mine.


    It’s generally known what your beliefs are and how you understand Qu’ran. But what you still have common with all other believers are the problems you have with infidels. You are warning here people to abstain from religion and idolatry yet we shouldn’t eat meat of pig and unbelievers are arrogant because a book tells you that. Sounds like blind following to me.

  15. Quranite says:


    I hate to start of criticizing but I think sputjam is taking things too far. I think mixing modern Arabic dialect and colloquial phrases into the Quran is a big mistake. Khinzeerun is the word for a pig, hog, boar, period. And lahmu al-khinzeeri = meat of the pig/hog/boar. There is no getting around that. I don’t even know what filthy meat is, or who would eat meat with dirt on it or meat that has fecal matter etc. Eating clean food is just common sense and I think there may be a Quranic verse that might speak to that but it is not the phrase lahmul-khinzeeri. We can use pig like that in Englishi too. We can call people pigs if they are greedy and dirty, but when you say pig’s meat and try to say that meant dirty meat. That in my opinion is taking things too far. Now I do consume lard. But that is because it is not the meat. And there are places in the Quran that specify that the children of isreal could eat the meat but not the fat off the backs of ruminants etc etc. So as I see it the Quran makes a difference between lahm and shahm. But Pig’s meat = dirty meat? You are corrupting in order to do what you want here. Also khamr. Khamira can mean to be enebriated/drunk. So khamr can mean enebriation. There is a Quranic verse that mentions sakar as a provision from God. Now sakar without a doubt means alcoholic drink. So wine is not bad but drunkeness and enebriation is. Please correct yourself on that matter. I hope you can see the logic here and I hope you are not doing these things out of spite for closeminded Muslims.

    As for being a Quranite, I am one for the following reasons:
    1. The Hadeeth are Rumor. Not even isnaad can get beyond that fact. They are not reliable for knowing what our prophet did and said. The Quran is.
    2. The prophet would not have said anything outside of the Quran or in clarification of the Quran because the Quran clarifies itself. Outside of the Quran the prophet had nothing to add or give to us. His don was the book God gave him and his unwaivering faith in it.
    3. The Quran says that there has to be 4 eyewitnesses to any ONE rumor. That means 4 witnesses per narration and for every narrator. The hadeeth don’t stand up to that test.
    4.The Sunnah of our last prophet IS NOT in the Hadeeth. It is in the Quran through what God told our prophet to say and do.

    So I discard the Rumor (hadeeth) and take up what the prophet preached to the people and spoke from. The Quran.


  16. aaroah says:

    This is one phobia that will always remain for a variety of reason and I believe that all of it is justified. Actually none is.

    The reason they get isolated is because of their practices which they are entitled to.. its not because of the terrorist activities… because if that was the case then people should have hated christian because most criminals are Christians..

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