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The president continues his musings on religion, and islamophobia among Australians and Balinese.


President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in a speech on 25th March marking Muhammad’s birth, advised Muslims to avoid being excessive or extreme in the way they viewed their unity as a group, or their solidarity. tempo

[Feelings of] solidarity which are too exclusive or excessive can disturb the peace, especially in very diverse countries.


Later on 9th April he spoke again on religious topics, this time advising Muslims to take “islamophobia” in their stride, and respond to it by showing that Islam was a peaceful, harmonious creed.

Face what is unpleasant in a broad-minded way and try to show that Islam is a religion of peace which teaches love and harmony to its followers.

He also asked Muslim clerics to guide Muslims towards living peaceably with other religious communities. antara

Islamophobia in Australia

A researcher from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Yulianingsih Riswan, has been studying Australian intellectual attitudes to Islam and has concluded that Islamophobia is not a big problem among scholarly types in Australia.

In general she said Islamophobia was mainly created by the mass media, which tends to report news that reflects badly on Islam.

Australians, she thought, regarded Indonesia in a much more positive light than other Muslim lands.

Islamophobia in Bali

She went on to say that Islamophobia was not just a problem in western countries, but also in Indonesia itself, where, for example, in Bali recent influxes of Muslim transmigrants had been perceived to have caused economic problems. republika

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  1. Mach Jabber says:

    What the hell, I meant “couldn’t be attained”.

  2. M. Nur says:

    Make up you mind guys…. If you all said you don’t know. Then how you know there is NO GOD ?

  3. Janma says:

    Make up you mind guys”¦. If you all said you don’t know. Then how you know there is NO GOD ?

    We don’t dummy!

  4. Lairedion says:

    @M. Nur

    You’re a real pain in the ass. Cut the crap with this socio-psychological bullsh*t.

    I, and maybe I can speak for Janma and Mach Jabber as well, don’t know if there is a GOD or not and I don’t really care because it’s irrelevant or not of any importance to me.

    But people who believe there is a GOD should keep that for themselves and don’t bother others with that. What makes you think I should make up my mind, kang? Why is that so important to you?

    You and sputjam may seem liberal in your religious beliefs but what’s all the nagging about?

  5. M. Nur says:

    I smell hypocrisy, sometime claim don’t know of supernatural life after this natural life but sometimes says I damn sure there is NO God.

  6. M. Nur says:

    Nothing better than religionist…..

  7. Janma says:

    If at 6am I say I am damn sure there is no god (and I’m pretty sure I’ve never said that) by 6pm I could also say I’m damn sure there is one. even if there is one, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do about it…..

  8. M. Nur says:

    Now Lairedon says : I don’t know if there is a GOD or not . And everybody start to rambling ….

  9. Janma says:

    people who disagree with you tend to ramble…

  10. Lairedion says:


    I’m think I’m going to change my nickname in “Later on” as you suggested. Now Mr. Afterlife has trouble spelling my name right…

  11. M. Nur says:

    And I am the only one who stay in the same shoe…. God help these people…

  12. Janma says:

    And I am the only one who stay in the same shoe”¦. God help these people”¦

    yeah? and how’s that working out for you? I would figure the view to pretty limited from inside a shoe…..
    we just said we DON’T KNOW……. there maybe a God, there may not be, as long as we are not sure either way, we’d rather not worry about it….. capishe? What on earth is hard to understand about that?

  13. Lairedion says:


    I like the shoe metaphor. Many believers walk in shoes modeled after 1400 or 2000 years old prototypes. Maybe Kang Nur should buy some new shoes at Jl. Cibaduyut in Bandung.

  14. timdog says:

    waaaaaay too late for me to join in on this one, but just in defense of “freethinkers”, I would like to point out that most organised religions have a strain of “freethinking” within their realms… “Freethinking” manifestations of religion are often viewed as heretical by the forces of orthodoxy, but they are relgious none the less, and for all their wild spiritual roamings, still have belief in god and an afterlife at their core: see gnostic Christianity, various meditational Hindu cults, and of course, Sufiism…

    Both atheism and theism offer space for the freethinker, just as they both admit the membership of the bigot…

  15. M. Nur says:

    Okay… Okay… I’ll remember that you are all DON’T KNOW …… so act like one.

  16. M. Nur says:

    Welcome Mr timdog, are you also member of DON’T KNOW GROUP hall of fame ?

    Since when respect in God and afterlife is religious ? ah yes you don’t know, sorry…. I don’t do any religion ritual, I eat pork infact I love it…. I drink beer….. I do motocross…. I enjoy life….and I wear genuine FOX racing shoe worth 3 million rupiah. I drive 4WD truck and 1100 CC cruiser bike. Do I look religious to you ?

  17. sputjam says:

    you can believe in God and not embrace religion. I think many have similar inclination.

  18. M. Nur says:

    yeah you should eat pork any maybe a sip of wine… nothing so religious about eating ….

  19. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Janma said

    Which is worse? To view your life as a mysterious journey enjoying all the ups,downs and sideways that it has to offer, to explore, give, take, love and learn and if possible leave some lasting good behind before you leave for your next, unknown, journey”¦. Or to spend your life in fear of death following some brain killing dogma that controls your every step on the hope that some ‘unidentified pseudo humanlike watcher being’ will take mercy on you and not burn you in a fire forever.????

    Janma, from now on I let you do the talking. Women are better at this 😉

    Just this one: why do all these believers think that each one of us is so important that we are to be punished or rewarded in an afterlife? All 6 billion of us + all those who came before us, not to mention those who will follow?
    In the light of evolution and the grand scheme of things who you are and what you do is of little importance. The only thing important is the fact that you are doing it. Action, some call it karma, is what pushes evolution forward. Nothing more, nothing less. And nature always works in large numbers, that’s why there are so many of us.

  20. Marisa says:

    @ M. Nur

    Make up you mind guys”¦. If you all said you don’t know. Then how you know there is NO GOD ?

    You should be an agnostic.
    An agnostic asks the same question: How do we know that there is NO god?
    However, an agnostic also asks: How do we know that there IS?

  21. M. Nur says:

    These smart freethinker have an agenda to promote ‘A total dontknowness’ ? eeerr… duno this eerrrr duno that… but I am a thinker you know ?

    only comedian will talk like this…. Billy Connely slap.

    You better change you strategy quickly before all Muslim, Christian and especially Jews will laugh very hard.

  22. indahs says:

    But how about this atheism start to take shape in controlled organization which already happen before ? from this point ‘dogma’ is needed because most people like it. Then ‘clerics’ start preaching people to follow atheism as a way of life. And that is religion. And I am not as confuse as Keith Ward. It has to be simple logic explanation for all things.

    Atheism does not mean that it believes that god does not exist but atheism means it doesn’t believe that god exists. So, atheism can not be categorised as beliefs like theism. In other hand, religion is a set of of belief and practices such as prayer, rituals, etc. If atheism would be a way of life, then it can’t be categorised as religion either since there is an abscence of faith/belief to do rituals or prayers. Atheist doesn’t need rituals nor cleric to proof/guide their absentia of faith/beliefs. Because there is none. Besides, do you think muslims, catholics, christians would be happy to be equally compared to atheists if you consider atheism as religion?

    I read the God Delusion (Dawkins) and I think it is the best book in describing atheism and could be the leading book in representing the existence of atheists. Will it manage to organise or unite the atheists to form some rituals like theists? I have reservation that it may not happened for long period.

  23. Mach Jabber says:

    @ M. Nur

    Lairedion stood and delivered. Dontknowness and dontcareness.

    But I do care about killallthejewsness and godhatesfagsness. Thus I criticize religion; it’s called skepticism, the definition of which should be available in nearby dictionary and encyclopaedia. Capische?

  24. Lairedion says:

    @M. Nur

    You better change you strategy quickly before all Muslim, Christian and especially Jews will laugh very hard

    Your earlier comments were fun to read but this one is a real winner although I don’t have a f**kin’ clue what you’re trying to say here.

    But hey, it’s like in the Learning Islam thread. After almost 300 comments you’ve figured out the infamous Dawud Farquhar is Indonesian (in stead of a Scottish bule convert) and Aluang Anak Bayang is kejawen Malaysian (whatever that is). Sinking too many beers maybe?

    @ Mach Jabber

    Lairedion stood and delivered.

    Thanks Mas but isn’t this qualification belonging to Ron Jeremy? However I feel flattered. 🙂

  25. Neil of Newcastle says:

    @Laiedion, Loved the Ron Jeremy reference … ngaceng!

  26. Mach Jabber says:

    Good God. That Ron Jeremy?

  27. Lairedion says:

    Good God. That Ron Jeremy?

    Good God, do you believe again? About Ron Jeremy, I wouldn’t want to have his looks but his stamina is admirable.

  28. Mach Jabber says:

    Irony intended.

    And I refuse to be juxtaposed with Ron Jeremy. You should too.

  29. janma says:

    Look, M Nur….I understand the human need to explain how and why we and everything else are all here. Where did we come from, where are we going, what’s it all about”¦.It was an obsession of mine as a child. I’m not questioning the belief that there had to be something causal, some uncaused cause of everything. Something that has never ‘not’ existed. It is all and nothing, without beginning and without end.
    See, believe it or not that is something I can imagine. How is something like that imaginable? It’s not; that’s why I can imagine it. I can imagine that the unimaginable is unimaginable. Now what religion does is condense this unimaginable ‘concept’ down into some version that includes a mean-spirited bony fingered ‘God/pseudo man, who has nothing better to do than to listen to our mundane thoughts and judge our mundane lives in order to reward or punish us according to how we pleased him after our deaths. Truly, I can’t stand it!
    This unimaginable power that created unlimited space and time is concerned with whether women on this planet cover their bloody breasts or not? Or do you think that he lives to listen to the prayers of billions of people and fiddle with the laws of the universe on the behalf of a single petitioner who by his own admission is unworthy?!
    Or maybe we are like a computer game to him”¦. Like The Sims, or grand theft auto? If God is the unlimited power that, in order to be designated ‘God’ he would have to be, do you think we are more than the equivalent of a cell on his eyelid? And all this praying and fussing and hoo haa we get on with over him, probably just gives him an itchy eye”¦. Hell, might even be like that weird one eye twitching feeling we get too! And God ‘d be like”¦”Darn it me gosh darned eyes twitching agin”¦. Can’t darn see to whittle!” Hey, maybe that’s what happened to the God Thor????

  30. Lairedion says:

    Mach Jabber, you’re right. Now Marc Dorcel is my “hero”.

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