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Achmad worries that Indonesia’s U.F.O. technology will be lost to foreigners.

Achmad Sudarsono

Achmad worries that Indonesia’s hidden U.F.O. technology will be lost to foreigners.

World powers are after Indonesia’s hidden U.F.O. technology: We must get it first.


There is a reason China, Russia, and the U.S. are anxious to seek strategic alliances with Indonesia. Australia (they’re not all pot-bellied bastards), has good cause to build up its armaments whilst seeking defence agreements with us. The reason, friend, lies in our history and our night skies.

Friend, these powers are trying to get the U.F.O. technology buried in the secrets of Indonesia’s archaeological sites such as Borobudur and Prambanan. They are rushing to unlock the secrets of a science far beyond the imagination of today. We must beat them to it.

Consider these paradoxes: so many of the U.F.O. photos of the 1950s were round that the craft were called flying saucers. The Borobudur is round. The craft humans use to travel to space are rockets. Some temples in East Java resemble rockets. Javanese civilization has a subtlety of thinking centuries ahead of the westerners even now. Achmad is not racist – we’re all homo sapiens (except for some extreme rugby fans, who are australopithecus), so could the answer to why Java is so far ahead of the Bules be guidance from a more advanced alien civilization?

As documentaries such as the X-files have conclusively shown, the U.S., Chinese and Russian governments have since 1945 been involved in an elaborate cover-up operation to suppress information about their interactions with extra-terrestrial life. Obviously, if an advanced alien civilization were to choose a people to communicate with, they would choose Indonesians, especially a few centuries ago, when westerners were gnawing animal bones and gobbling yak fat to stop from freezing.

But Friend, Indonesia faces a historic opportunity to once again ascend to its rightful status as sole global superpower. This chance lies in unlocking the secrets of the U.F.O. technology. Friend, it is obvious: The Borobudur is a U.F.O. communications post. So is Prambanan. The temples dotted around Central Java are monitoring posts. Java was once “mission control” for the rest of Asia, including India, Southeast Asia, Thailand and North Asia.

So the next time Russian president Putin comes down here, all smiling and charming, we should top up his vodka and say das veedanya, Komrad (goodbye in Russian for all you illiterate Bules). When Ms. Condoleezza Rice comes here, we should politely give her a coke and burger, ask for money, but don’t let her anywhere near our ruins. The same goes for all those blue-suited Communist apparatchiks from China.

As Oscar Wilde, said, Friend,

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

What he meant was Westerners are in the gutter, but we Javanese are looking at the stars, meaning we are communicating with the pilots of those space-ships that visited Roswell and Area 51, (I’ll tell you about Studio 54 and partying with Andy Warhol another time). Indonesia must take what is rightfully ours. Scientists: time to get to work.

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  1. iamisaid says:

    Anonymous said : “Ahmad, I read your other posts, I see (read) your opinions. You seem educated and have what it takes (IQ wise),……”

    iamisaid says : Study the photograph of Achmad intensely, the photograph that is shown at the start of his empirical refutation.

    Notice the look – especially the angled look, the oversized eye glasses – a result of his erudition, the bemused yet seductive smile and the determined chin.

    What do you get? A Mickey mouse?

    Ahhh yes, perhaps something close to a disoriented genius. A fathomless wellspring of convoluted truths that can be barely held down.

  2. Joseph Capp says:

    Dear Achmad,

    Before everyone puts you down on this subject
    I want to speak specifically to the UFO questions and the Roswell issue. We now have 14 death bed confession from Military Officers which were stationed at Roswell in 1947 during the crash. What were their last words whichcame out of their mouths to their families . It was about Roswell about a “crashed flying saucer”, “alien bodies” my friends. They let it out to their families before they died. Clearing the Slate so to speak.
    he authors of this book took over a hundred trips to talk to everyone who is involved. ” A Witness To Roswell” Cary & Schmitt. So we have ample prove that Roswell was a real event. Having said that I think you have made two mistakes in your thinking. One; There has been no proof that aliens have the help the world. Second don’t believe everything you read in UFO books. There is so much disinformation and hoaxing going on you need to proceed carefully. Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar if you get my drift:

    If you want to read more about “A Witness to Roswell”

    Visit my blog and “The Dead talk But do we Listen?”

    Joseph Capp
    Ufo Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog.

  3. Janma says:

    I can’t believe it! somebody gave my karma a minus for saying crop circles are real!

  4. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Dear Mr. Joseph,

    Thank you. Could you elaborate on the disinformation ? What about our Borobudur ? Could it be a UFO site ?

    Also, do you think the Aliens want to exploit our Indonesia ? If so, should we not trust them ? Any advice very welcome.


  5. David says:

    Achmad advised to get in touch with Shirley MacLaine:

    Achmad Sudarsono tells it like it is, or like he wants it to be. “World powers are after Indonesia’s hidden UFO technology: We must get it first,” says Achmad. Is Achmad saying, “All your UFO are belong to us”? Perhaps he should speak to this lady: Shirley MacLaine Urges America to Make UFO Findings Public.

    From the Anomalist.

  6. Joe Plebeian says:

    Achmad Sudarsono, look, quit the nonsense, take out “alien technology” and replace it with oil and you might have a few of us paying attention to you.

  7. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    I recommend you sober up, get your snout out of a rancid Blok M trough (you know the one I mean), get off your business visa (if anyone will hire you), and get real: there is an arms race for alien technology. Or maybe there is a reason, a particular reason, you don’t want the Indons to get this technology, friend. Just who is the “us” anyway ? The CIA ? NSC ?

  8. iamisaid says:

    Hello Achmad,

    It is becoming obviously clear from all the respondents that you sorely need to conduct a reality self-check.

    LOL !

  9. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    why would you take them seriously ?

  10. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Because Ach mad, sudah, so no point flogging a dead UFO horse and pushing on a string…

  11. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    You’re just jealous of my mastery over English-language prose.

  12. iamisaid says:

    Achmad said: “iamisaid: why would you take them seriously ?”

    iamisaid says : Achmad, the matter refers to you. But then again, I reckon that you have scant concern for whatever the respondents reply because you exhibit masochistic traits. All the drivel feeds your insatiable dedire for attention.

  13. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    I am not surprised if our Javanese elites had the UFO technology know-hows. Damn, I have been suspecting that all along. Indonesia is a place you can make it seriously rich and live like a king.

    I also feel that we, the Javanese are masters of the universe. It is in our blood. Our ancestor, Joyoboyo was able to envision ‘chariots driven without horse’ and ‘metal ship that sail through the sky’ some 800 years ago! About the same time, Bules were busy barbequeing witches on stakes.

    Achmad, please keep us update on this.

  14. Danny says:

    iamisaid says :

    Study the photograph of Achmad intensely, the photograph that is shown at the start of his empirical refutation.

    Notice the look – especially the angled look, the oversized eye glasses – a result of his erudition, the bemused yet seductive smile and the determined chin.

    What do you get? A Mickey mouse?

    Ahhh yes, perhaps something close to a disoriented genius. A fathomless wellspring of convoluted truths that can be barely held down.

    Anonymous: lol.. C’mon.. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
    “Disoriented genius”.., what I’m trying to do is get this genius to the right direction. He should’ve focusing his energy to the more “real live” matters.

    To Achmad: Don’t let all of this getting you down man! Here’s one notion for you: Every person born in this world with his/her own talent(s). If you know what’s yours, then just go for it!

  15. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Um, thanks, Anonymous. Ok, I’ll focus my attention on “real live” matters and pursue my talents. Thanks. “Bonza” as they say in Australia.

  16. Danny says:

    Ahmad, on a second thought, maybe this is your talent. Youre a voice of minorities, which is good, cause every power needs opposition to keep it under control.
    So, keep your voice be heard man.
    And remember, no matter our differences is, we give it all for a better Indonesia.
    Please to meet you.

  17. abul says:

    lol, I wonder why you folks take Achmad’s piece seriously. It’s a satirical kind of piece, a la theonion, and particularly a darn good one at that! kudos for you Achmad. Love your writings, keep it up.

  18. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    ///Achmad Sudarsono Says:
    You’re just jealous of my mastery over English-language prose. ///

    Likewise, methinks you are also envious of my blah, blah, blah…

    BTW, what did you think of my previous post:
    /// Ach mad, sudah, so no point flogging a dead UFO horse and pushing on a string”¦ ///

    Just in case you don’t get it, it is a play on your name…

  19. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    It’s never been easy to tell the truth and take on the hard issues. People accuse you of making things up. I don’t mind, but you’re being a bit insensitive to abductees such as Janma.


  20. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    P.S. – Grapes

    Ach mad’s a good one, but not the first time it’s been done. Oigal, who can’t take the truth, calls me Ass Mad for my writitngs. I am jealous of your blah blah blah because there are amazing photos of it at tons of Russian underground websites.

    Merdeka !

  21. Cukurungan says:

    And if you find that we really have UFO technology.. Great. Email me, and I will declare my mistake and apologize to you. Directly and personally.

    You should declare your mistake SOON because Mr Ach…Mad always tell the real thing
    Here is list of Indonesia UFO expert

    1) Ki Gendheng Pamungkas
    2) Mak Erot
    3) Ke Joko Bodho
    4) Ki Kusumo
    4) Permadi

    If you are still in doubt just try to ask any of those expert to fly an UFO to certain target

  22. Dragonwall says:

    Failed to understand where were you in so eager to bring up this.

    You’re just jealous of my mastery over English-language

    all the time?

    Besides smelly armpits, racists, discriminating religiously and otherwise, Australians, yellow and brown betrayals what more do you have?

  23. Janma says:

    spam wonderful spam! ono has spam!
    *kurang kerjaan*

  24. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    I never good smart subjects.

    Janma – I haven’t been spamming anyone. Stupid comments far more effective and less invasive way to irritate.


  25. Janma says:

    I meant the kind of spam from a can….. it was a pythonesque moment.

  26. Dragonwall says:

    I never good smart subjects

    Me no get you @|@…

  27. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    typo: I never said smart subjects.

  28. Khaled says:

    Hi mate.
    I have been looking for information all the time about ufos and aliens. What I know is that they are real. Where from? No idea, but at the same time I know that germans used to develop flying saucers during WW1. When the war ended the scientists were captured by the americans and the russians and therefore they obliged them to confess. The truth actually shocked them. Later, the americans themselves stared to develop flying saucers. There tens of under-ground facilities and thousands of miles of tunnels under ground all over america, russia, britain and france. The most famous under ground flying saucer facility is AREA 51 IN AMERICA.
    Yet from where did the super powers get their technology, including NAZI germany?
    We humans were able to fly only 100 years ago but now we develop flying saucers that can reach 10 thousand miles per hour.
    Not only that but now we are developing monstrous energy. Not only nuclear power but we discovered a thousands of times stronger than nuclear power, which is anti-matter. If you get your hands on just an ounce of anti-matter, it is equivalent to 500 million gallons of rocket fuel and can drive you about 100 billion miles with the speed of light.

  29. theMeek says:

    Hi Achmad,

    Are you serious in this things?
    I’m just curious. I can’t tell wether you’re joking or not.
    Anyway. Go to this site (http://isaaccaret.fortunecity.com/)
    It’s rather interesting.
    And btw what is besi kuning? Is it alien alloy?

  30. ZoquiE says:

    Well, okay. But why is it that no clues or hints, of whatever happens to the Vimana after it got on the ground somewhere on the Noesantara, and should those aliens truly has either intercepted or otherwise got in touch the the above mentioned civilization(s),
    could be just buried in the sand and hoping no body would eventualy dug-up and deciphers it unwisely nor unpurposedly either ? The fact that NASA has some more thinks to be doing with the PALAPA satelites wouldn’t just improve nor enacted our desires of anything Outer Space. The edge of the Universe wouldn’t be juat where the Nirvana would started there on,either. Neither the story of the Mikraj has the exact trace to the Heavens neither,since it was solely by the Mighty Lord Allah will that the Holly Prophet Muhammad be acsended to the Sidhratul Muntaha, with the help and guidance of His Angels, that were the Archangel Gabriel and His companions.

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