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An Australian court issues an arrest warrant for parliament member Yunus Yosfiah.

Yunus Yosfiah, currently a member of the MPR mpr in Jakarta, was summoned to appear at an Australian coronial (death) inquest into the killing 31 years ago of five western journalists at Balibo, East Timor during the Indonesian invasion. As he failed to appear after four letters were written to him a New South Wales arrest warrant was issued for Yosfiah. reuters

Yunus Yosfiah
Yunus Yosfiah, in army days.

At the time of the invasion of East Timor Yunus Yosfiah served as commander of an elite squad called "Tim Susi". A witness to the shootings of journalist Brian Peters and four of his colleagues in October 1975 claims that Yunus Yosfiah shot and killed the first of the men, and ordered another soldier to shoot the fifth victim.

Yunus Yosfiah
Yunus Yosfiah, now.

Later in his career Yunus Yosfiah served as commander of the Sriwijaya Army Command from 1994 to 1995 (as did president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, 1996-97) kodam and later again as information minister in the government of B.J. Habibie. Currently he is a member of the MPR for the United Development Party (PPP).

The arrest warrant issued has no force outside of Australia and does not imply that Yunus has committed any crime. The man himself says he is unconcerned about it, and that he had already explained to an Indonesian parliamentary commission in 2001 that he had never even met the five killed men. detik Indonesian authorities have always maintained that the journalists were killed accidentally in crossfire, however a number of witnesses claim the five were captured and then killed "execution" style.

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  1. avatar Ihaknt says:

    Sounds good but probably not for another decade. But the indoor ski in Dubai sounds intriguing. that’s my next destination. Talking about Arab domination, I dont think it will do good in Indo either! Or anywhere for that matter!
    Janma, as long as it’s not the US flag you’re safe! Or maybe change flag everyday, make your house the international UN HQ. If these people feel ok to feel their ‘fellow’ Muslims, then we can just imagine how they feel towards the so called infidels!

  2. avatar Ihaknt says:

    Whoops. I meant to kill their fellow Muslims. My bad. But they probably also feel them. Iew!

  3. avatar Cukurungan says:

    Sorry my mistake, talking with holymen & women must be clear.

    Let’s assume you were already warned by many people don’t make tap on the live oil line but you insist on doing so and you did it then fire blazes and explosion occurred, then you said no “I only tried to make a hole, not deliberately making explosion” what do you think about this person.

    Whatever you said, what is happening now in Iraq is laid on the opener of the pandora box and no one else. Is that clear Mr/Mrs?

    Btw here is a letter of thank from Iraq Alqaida, for the trio of heroes of the iraq war:

    Mr Bush, Blair and Howard many thanks for your billion dollars and thousands of your dead and wounded soldiers have been poured into Iraq. Now, we have our own safe haven, training ground and good place for breeding terrorists while it couldn’t ever exist when Saddam was in power.

    Again thanks mister.

    provokator no.1

  4. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi Cuk,

    If you are so worried about Iraq, then why are you posting your comments here, there are no Iraqis who would read this comment.

    You should pack your bag and head to Baghdad, then you can see clearly who is killing who.

  5. avatar Hassan says:

    The west is bad, bla bla bla.

    My gosh, ihaknt, that’s quite a powerful crystal ball you got there! You predicted that someone with the name beginning with a C or an H will say something like that, and it happened!

    Indonesia is indeed in need of another Mama Lauren or Madam Sahara sort. 😀

    Can you predict whether our beloved transportation minister will resign or not?
    Or the Bakries will be indicted for the Lapindo fiasco?

    Inform me if you decide to sell that crystal ball on ebay!

  6. avatar Ihaknt says:

    Oh Hassan, it’s not for sale darling. Fortunately though, dealing with people like you, the outcome is predictable. As for the ministers, it’s the same old stories, they always get away with anything, including murders! It’s public knowledge and they just pretend they know nothing about anything.

  7. avatar Mohammed Khafi says:

    Ihaknt said:

    …It’s public knowledge and they just pretend they know nothing about anything.

    What is more amazing is that the people whose money is being stolen also pretend they know nothing about it, in any other country in the world the public would be up in arms about the level of corruption and incompetence!


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