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Sundanese cultural groups are vanishing.

In Bandung, West Java, the Department of Culture and Tourism has recorded that from the sixty Sundanese art, poetry, and music groups that were at some point registered with it only twenty continue to exist.

Mukhlis Paeni of the department worries for the future of Sundanese culture:

The number of people now that have specialist knowledge is not more than 200. It's a race against time to enable the transfer of their knowledge to others.
(Saat ini, jumlah maestro yang punya keahlian spesifik di seluruh nusantara tidak lebih dari 200 orang. Nah, saat ini kita tengah berlomba dengan waktu bagaimana caranya supaya mereka bisa segera mentransfer ilmunya.)

He said a proposal was to be put to the parliament which would see a stipend of 1 million rupiah a month paid to those who are expert in the art forms of Sunda, to ensure they have a reason to continue practising it and teaching it to others.

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  1. avatar Rockstar says:

    Eh I wonder if Sundanese is still included in the curriculum.

  2. avatar sgn says:

    Sundanese language
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Sundanese (Basa Sunda, literally “language of Sunda”) is the language of about 27 million people from the western third of Java or about 15% of the Indonesian population.

    It is classified in within the Austronesian – Malayo-Polynesian – Western Malayo-Polynesian – Sundic language family and has several dialects based on the locations of the people:

    Priangan, and

    Priangan, which cover the most area of Sunda, is the main dialect of Sundanese language taught in elementary till junior-high schools (equivalent to ninth-year school grade).

    I am proud as one of 27 millions Sundanese speaking.


  3. avatar tintuong says:

    I’m an active sundanese user, whenever applicable. My wife is a javanese, my son speaks Indonesian. I speak in english with my boss, vietnamese with staff and colleague.

    As foreigner in Vietnam, I get used to listen different languages on daily basis. It starts to sound more interesting to me. I just realize how rich we are in language diversity.

  4. avatar DiN says:

    Have a try with online Indonesian-Sundanese translation. Still beta though. (

  5. avatar Phoebe says:

    I love the Sundanese music I have heard. Idjah Hadidjah is amazing.
    Does anyone know how I can find a translation of the following song text?

    Arum Bandung

    Deudeuh teuing
    Nu geulis nyi arum Bandung
    Hayang midang, rek mintonkeun kaendahan
    Arum Bandung
    Anu geulisa rek ngaluis
    Tapi lain ngaluis terus ngaleos,
    Rek mintonkeun nugeulis bawa ngajadi
    Hayang tembong pogot melong
    Ulah tembong rong pirewong

    Arum Bandung, geulisna estu kawangi
    Kawentar kamana mendi
    dipitineung sabihari

    deudeuh teuing
    nyi Arum bandung nu urang
    hayang midang teuteupeun nu kumelendang
    lain reueus, kanu geulis nyai Arum
    tapi geuguet nu geulis sabardarana
    hayu atuh nyi arum Bandung nu urang
    urang pada ngamumule
    diraksa dihade-hade
    arum Bandung
    keur geulis matak kayungyun
    kiwari keur nganti-nganti
    hayang midang sabihari

  6. avatar lutfi says:

    I’m sundanese but some how it’s difficult for me to speak basa sunda lemes … ;((

  7. avatar insanmisteri says:

    sampuh rasun….punten…adbi teh bukan ureng sunda,tapi sangat tertarik pada bahasa sunda,hmmm indah dan lembut,saya mrasakan satu bahasa yg indah,saya mengenali bahasa sunda sejak kenal isteri saya org asli sunda,yg masih tegoh dgn adat sunda…tapi kenapa ada yg malu akui bahsa sendiri..bila hidup d luar negeri..ngomong mcm org bule…hehehehe tapi loghat jawa…sayangi lah bahasa sdiri…saya org melayu..asli…makasih punten….

  8. avatar Kintan Kania says:

    I’m Sundanese and real proud of my Sundanese accent , gosh even all my Colleagues call me Nyi Iteung coz of this, still as Marketing Communication Manger its really entertaining while i spoke on my presentation as they always catch my Sundanese “PH” rather than “FFF”..LOL..stil I love being one of Sundanese in this Paradise Island and its okay The call me ..Ini Teh a sundanese its our previlege as famous Beauty from Paris van Java…


  9. avatar dadang padmadiredja says:

    Sure, I like Sundanese culture very much because it’s alot of kindness value
    aduh pokona mah matak tibelat weh

  10. avatar dadang padmadiredja says:

    Upami diperhatikeun kalayan daria, seueur pisan ajen inajen dina budaya Sunda anu diwariskeun ku karuhun urang baheula, hanjakalna, urang Sunda sorangan jiga embungeun make , leuwih resep kana produk ti bangsa deungeun (Barat)…deudeuh teuing !!!

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