Dutch War Crimes

Sep 9th, 2008, by Lairedion, 827 comments

The Dutch state being sued over war crimes at Rawagede, West Java.

Proper Etiquette for Ramadan

Sep 9th, 2008, by Guest Writer, 37 comments

A short explanation and some proper etiquette for expats during Ramadan period.

Presidential Debates

Sep 2nd, 2008, by Guest Writer, 40 comments

A call for a series of public presidential debates.

Expat Charitable Work

Sep 1st, 2008, by Guest Writer, 9 comments

Purba Negoro on how expats in Indonesia can lend a hand by helping and contributing to charitable organizations.

Islam vs Liberal Democracy

Aug 29th, 2008, by Guest Writer, 57 comments

Perseus on Francis Fukuyama and whether Islamism will derail Indonesia’s new liberal democracy.

Old Traditions & Customs

Aug 19th, 2008, by Ross, 57 comments

The next target of Islamic fanatics will be old Javanese customs and traditions.

Independence Day

Aug 18th, 2008, by Guest Writer, 60 comments

Purba Negoro celebrates Indonesia’s national independence day.

Subversive Groups & Patriotism

Aug 14th, 2008, by Ross, 14 comments

Ross questions the motives of subversive Islamic groups sensitivity over Papua.

Niwatakawaca, Rahwana, Cakil & Pasopati

Aug 9th, 2008, by Guest Writer, 23 comments

The legends of Niwatakawaca, Rahwana, Cakil and Pasopati, and Indonesian defence.

Spiritual Discipline & Fasting

Aug 7th, 2008, by Ross, 30 comments

Ramadan approaches, again, and Ross complains that religious leaders are intent on spoiling others’ fun and livelihoods.

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