Who Framed Ariel?

Nov 24th, 2010, by Patung, 15 comments

What’s behind the persecution of Ariel Peterpan; a survey of the conspiracy theories out there.

Obama & Bakso Soup

Nov 19th, 2010, by Patung, 24 comments

The love of a boy for the humble bakso soup dominates headlines after Obama visits Indonesia.

Sumiati binti Salan Mustapa

Nov 18th, 2010, by Patung, 69 comments

The torture of domestic worker Sumiati binti Salan Mustapa and the Indonesian government response.

The Seksiness of Gayus Tambunan

Nov 16th, 2010, by Patung, 11 comments

Gayus Tambunan; the nature of his seksiness among senior figures in the government.

Merapi Refugees & Ganjuran Church, Bantul

Nov 15th, 2010, by Patung, 13 comments

Merapi refugees at a church in Bantul forced to leave their shelter due to fears over sneaky Christian proselytising.

Reading Habits & Poverty

Nov 1st, 2010, by Patung, 60 comments

Why Indonesians are not big book readers; ‘Reading Ambassador’ Tantowi Yahya holds forth on the issue and blames poverty.

Mentawai Earthquake & Tsunami

Oct 28th, 2010, by Patung, 9 comments

Reporting on possible foreigner deaths from earthquakes and tsunamis, like in Mentawai.

Primitive Mystical Beliefs, & Mbah Maridjan

Oct 27th, 2010, by Patung, 36 comments

Jusuf Kalla chides the residents of the slopes of Mt Merapi for believing in superstition, instead of trusting government.

Gang Dolly CCTV Monitoring

Oct 26th, 2010, by Patung, 5 comments

Plans to install CCTV surveillance cameras in the red light district of Surabaya, Dolly, as the noose tightens around it.

National Heroes: Gus Dur vs Soeharto

Oct 20th, 2010, by Patung, 22 comments

The debate over whether to award former president Soeharto national hero status.

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