Sumanto of Purbalingga

May 16th, 2012, by Patung, 7 comments

Sumanto the cannibal as he is today, at residence in a Purbalingga pesantren.

Call Like An Egyptian

Apr 30th, 2012, by Guest Writer, 77 comments

Walk Like An Egyptian

The Vice President asks Indonesian mosques to turn down the volume of calls to prayer, as in Egypt.

Rock star Ted Nugent disses Indonesia

Apr 19th, 2012, by Guest Writer, 10 comments

Ted Nugent loves America, not Obama

1970s classic rocker doesn’t hide his feelings about Barack Obama and his Indonesian background.

Foke You

Apr 19th, 2012, by Guest Writer, 9 comments

Fauzi Bowo says Foke You!

Three months before he stands for re-election, Jakarta Governor appeals to the youth vote… by flipping them off!

Meneer Dahlan Sticks It to Holland

Apr 12th, 2012, by Patung, 6 comments

Dahlan Iskan

Plucky Indonesia leaves former colonial oppressor the Netherlands in the dust.

Unhappy Families

Apr 9th, 2012, by Guest Writer, 7 comments

Dr Amir Syamsuddin, Justice and Human Rights Minister

Mixed nationality families still waiting for the 2011 Immigration Law to be implemented, one year after it went through parliament.

Lisda’s New Life Insurance

Apr 5th, 2012, by Guest Writer, no comments


The true story of an Indonesian widow’s new life, selling the product that saved hers.

‘Don’t Tell My Mother’ I’m in Indonesia

Apr 5th, 2012, by Guest Writer, 3 comments

An atypical travel show visits the country with the most islands, volcanoes, Muslims, orangutans… and the nicest coffee.

Indonesia, an “Untapped Opportunity”

Mar 26th, 2012, by Guest Writer, 13 comments

A local expert recommends Indonesia as a great opportunity and export market for Australian businesses.

World’s Happiest People

Mar 9th, 2012, by Patung, 89 comments

Of modest means, relatively, but Indonesia leads the world in levels of reported happiness.

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