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Tamara Bleszynski

Dec 8th, by Patung, 24 comments

Tamara Bleszynski’s child has begun to dislike his mother, it is said.

Alfarini Eridani

Dec 4th, by Patung, 144 comments

Aa Gym’s new wife, Alfarini Eridani.

Maria Eva

Dec 2nd, by Patung, 144 comments

Maria Eva, deeply religious woman and star of the Golkar porn flick.

Yelena Setiabudi

Nov 14th, by Patung, 51 comments

Yelena Setiabudi is competing in the Miss Earth competition.

Jessica Cynthia Mogi

Nov 9th, by Patung, 11 comments

Jessica Cynthia Mogi is crowned Miss Teen Asia USA.

Sarah Azhari

Nov 2nd, by Patung, 19 comments

Sultry model and actress Sarah Azhari.

Ratu Felisha

Oct 28th, by Patung, 21 comments

Ratu Felisha appears nude in her latest film, or so it seems.

Rika Tolentino Kato

Sep 27th, by Patung, 97 comments

Yusril Ihza Mahendra is instructing his new wife, Rika Tolentino Kato, in Islam.

Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono

Aug 28th, by Patung, 51 comments

2006 Putri Indonesia winner, Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono.

Nadine Chandra

Aug 16th, by Patung, 77 comments

Putri Indonesia Nadine Chandra says she is ready to be questioned by police over the bikini scandal.

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