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Aura Kasih & Mari Bercinta

Apr 9th, by Patung, 19 comments

Aura Kasih, singer and very talented young lady, prefers to wear sexy clothes.

Agnes Monica & Allah Peduli

Mar 16th, by Patung, 255 comments

Agnes Monica annoys Malaysians for the wrong reasons, with her new hit song Allah Peduli.

Emilia Contessa & Denada Tambunan

Jan 27th, by Patung, 9 comments

Celebrity Islamist political candidates, Emilia Contessa and Denada Tambunan, line up for the Development Party in 2009.

Marcella Zalianty

Dec 10th, by Patung, 24 comments

Beautiful, possibly thuggish actress Marcella Zalianty, the last moments of a celebrity goat, and creative use of cutlery.

Dream Girl Paris Hilton

Aug 28th, by Patung, 6 comments

Whether Paris Hilton is the dream girl for Indonesian men.

Sheila Marcia & Roger Danuarta

Aug 11th, by Patung, 23 comments

Rather attractive young actress Sheila Marcia is caught with drugs, as is Roger Danuarta.


Jul 7th, by Patung, 5 comments

The importance of mandi, theories on the meaning of washing yourself.

Annisa Trihapsari

Jun 30th, by Patung, 13 comments

Annisa Trihapsari on wearing the jilbab, baby, and husband Sultan Djorghi.

Acha Septriasa in Malaysia

Jun 26th, by Patung, 4 comments

Actress-singer Acha Septriasa on life in Malaysia and missing home.

Dewi Sandra

May 21st, by Patung, 10 comments

Singer Dewi Sandra reassures her fans that she has not changed her religion again.

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