Surabaya Airport Wipes The Floor

Oct 19th, 2011, by Chris, 5 comments

Clean Toilet

Surabaya’s Juanda Airport shows it’s no flash in the pan, retaining its crown for Best Airport Toilets.

Top Hotels of Bali & Lombok

Oct 11th, 2011, by Chris, 7 comments

Two thumbs up

The “top choice” hotels of Bali and Lombok, as judged by Lonely Planet.

Film ‘Position Among the Stars’

Sep 23rd, 2011, by Patung, 18 comments

Scenes from slum life in Jakarta as a poor family does battle with globalisation.

Clean & Green Cities

Sep 21st, 2011, by Patung, 21 comments


City of culture, Yogyakarta, takes home the coveted Green Region awards for 2011.

Best Indonesian Banks

Sep 5th, 2011, by Chris, 44 comments


Which Indonesian banks are most suitable for an expat’s needs? Find the answers here.

Norway Shootings

Jul 25th, 2011, by Patung, 216 comments


Indonesian non reactions to the killing spree by Anders Behring Breivik in Norway.

Take to the Sky

Jul 6th, 2011, by Chris, via Mau Ke Mana, 14 comments


‘Welcome to our Sky’ – Chris profiles a new Indonesian airline: Sky Aviation.

Beer & Baconless: Mr Bule Flees Ramadan

Jul 4th, 2011, by Patung, 17 comments

As the holy month looms an Australian journalist plans his escape from the restrictions of Ramadhan.

Rupiah For Visitors

Jun 21st, 2011, by Chris, via Mau Ke Mana, 18 comments


The ins and outs of Indonesian currency, Chris guides hapless tourists through the world of rupiah.

Angry Indonesian Cows

Jun 14th, 2011, by Oigal, via THE DRUM, 19 comments

angry cow

Cows and corruption, and another view on the great Cattle Carnage Controversy.

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