Top Sheilas & Dodgy Blokes

Mar 5th, 2012, by Chris, 21 comments

Australians across the archipelago impressing and dismaying the locals.

Highway To Hell

Feb 22nd, 2012, by Chris, 32 comments

Tourists living dangerously by adopting local transportation customs while in Bali.

Leaky Roof

Feb 15th, 2012, by Chris, 31 comments

Whether we should have high hopes or low expectations in Indonesian housing standards.

Family-Friendly Hotels

Feb 3rd, 2012, by Chris, 9 comments

Hints and tips for booking a suitable hotel for your Indonesian family holiday.

Top-rated Indonesian Cuisine

Jan 21st, 2012, by Chris, 21 comments

Indonesian cuisine highly rated by CNN Go travel magazine, but perceived to need promotion.

To Invoke Or To Invest

Jan 9th, 2012, by Chris, 15 comments

Garuda promotes foreign direct investment in Indonesia, in an unusual way.

New Year Party Animals & Wowsers

Jan 1st, 2012, by Chris, 5 comments

What the rich and famous are doing in Indonesia this New Year’s, and what are they not doing in Aceh.

People’s Choice: Best Indonesian Hotels 2011/2012

Dec 5th, 2011, by Chris, 6 comments

What locals think are the best hotels in Indonesia, the 2011/2012 Indonesian Travel and Tourism Awards.

Banana Republic’s Low Fruit Trade

Nov 28th, 2011, by Chris, 27 comments

Going bananas; Indonesian trade representatives ask why they can’t export fruit to Australia.

Barack Obama vs Paris Hilton in Bali

Nov 21st, 2011, by Chris, 25 comments

Whose visit contributed more to economic/social conditions in Bali – Barack Obama or Paris Hilton? You decide.

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