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Visa on Arrival, Fiscal Tax

Jan 24th, 2007, 159 comments

On visas and fiscal tax.

Balinese Tourism Woes

Sep 13th, 2006, no comments

Balinese tourism continues to struggle with tourist arrivals to Bali declined 20% from January to May 2006, on the same period in 2005.

Is Islam Bad for Tourism?

Sep 7th, 2006, 61 comments

Attempting to forbid sinful activities forbidden in Islam such as drinking, harms the growth of tourism in Muslim areas.

Tourist Arrivals

Sep 2nd, 2006, 1 comment

Tourist arrivals in Indonesia continue to decline overall in the period January to July 2006.

List of Hotels in Jakarta

May 13th, 2006, 47 comments

A listing of the best hotels in Jakarta, to suit any budget.

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