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Muhammadiyah chairman Din Syamsuddin plans to reach out to the lower class “abangan” supporters of the PDI-P.

Islamic New Year is a time for moderation in religion, say Hasyim Muzadi and Din Syamsuddin.

Muslims are numerically superior in Indonesia but quantity does not lead to quality, says Muhammadiyah boss Din Syamsuddin, nor does it lead to power, says Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

At a news conference in Jakarta the chairman of Muhammadiyah, which is a modernist Islamic social group with about 25 million members, Din Syamsuddin, said that religious harmony was difficult in Indonesia because Christianity and Islam were by nature proselytising faiths and naturally collided with each other.

Stud Ariel from Peterpan causes national controversy with his Luna Maya/Cut Tari sex tapes.

Prominent Indonesian Muslims striding the world stage, winning prizes, and on important lists.

Islamic solidarity with the people of Xinjiang, or not, condemning, and getting along with China.

BarryIndonesia can’t get enough of the news that Barack Obama has won the US election.

Who would be the best running mate for Megawati in the 2009 election.

The World Peace Forum in Jakarta finds out the causes of terrorism and violence in the world.