Indonesian Prisons

Jun 9th, 2010, by Dirk, 18 comments

Management of prisons in Indonesia vis a vis human rights obligations and the life of a woman in prison on remand.

Pork Barrel Spending

Jun 9th, 2010, by Ross, 27 comments

Pigs at the trough? Golkar seeks a 15 billion rupiah allowance for MP’s to fund pork barrel local projects.

Raymond Westerling

May 21st, 2010, by Ross, 59 comments

Captain Westerling, hero in a struggle against Javanese imperialism in Indonesia or Dutch villain.

The Basiometer: ‘Stale’ Bules

May 18th, 2010, by Dikkiman Sujengkol, 58 comments

Measuring the basiness level of bules in Indonesia: The Basiometer: Measuring Stale Bules.

BPK Penabur in Cisarua, Bogor

Apr 29th, 2010, by Ross, 55 comments

A Christian short stay type complex in Cisarua, Bogor is burned to the ground by the ‘Puncak Line’.

Batam Riot & ‘Stupid Indonesians’

Apr 26th, 2010, by Ross, 47 comments

An Indian expatriate is arrested for insulting the nation and sparking patriotic amok in Batam.

Celebrity DeathMatch

Apr 14th, 2010, by Dikkiman Sujengkol, 87 comments

A Celebrity Death Match competition for Indonesia, celebrities and politicians settle their differences in the ring.

Jakarta Suckers!

Mar 22nd, 2010, by Ross, 144 comments

Ross McKay’s latest novel Jakarta Suckers!, bule-prostitute romance blossoms on Jaksa and Jl. Falatehan.

Alcohol Taxes

Mar 19th, 2010, by Ross, 23 comments

The luxury tax on alcohol to be lifted, but consumers not expected to benefit.

Bekasi Bigots

Feb 21st, 2010, by Ross, 196 comments

Sectarian mapping of cities to prevent conflict, as another church, in Bekasi, is closed.

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