The Crusades & Liberal Islam

Jul 5th, 2006, by Patung, 45 comments

The Emancipatory Islamic Network, write about the Crusades and get it all wrong.

Indonesia’s Role in UN Human Rights Council

May 30th, 2006, by Guest Writer, 1 comment

On 9 May, 2006 the UN General Assembly elected Indonesia along with 46 other nations to the Human Rights council.

Islam and The West

Mar 8th, 2006, by Patung, 4 comments

A useless conference called “Islam and The West: Cooperation or Confrontation” was held at the Muhammadiyah University in Surakarta, central Java.

On the Scrapheap of History

Feb 20th, 2006, by Patung, 8 comments

The Arab-Muslim culture that has been brought to Indonesia is doomed.

Indonesian Democracy and Islam

Dec 27th, 2005, by Patung, 6 comments

The relationship between Indonesian democracy and Islam.

Good and Evil in Islam

Dec 19th, 2005, by Patung, 20 comments

Post about the nature of good and evil in Islam and a comparison to Christianity.

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