Indonesian Muslims, & Jews

Apr 6th, 2007, by Guest Writer, 41 comments

Visitor Askan asks what is up with Indonesians and Arabs and Israel.

Wake Up Call For Bali

Mar 31st, 2007, by Guest Writer, 49 comments

The desperate, ugly state of Bali.

Free Laptops

Mar 28th, 2007, by Guest Writer, 21 comments

Free computer laptops for members of the DPR.

Fertility Rates in Indonesia

Feb 27th, 2007, by Patung, 5 comments

The decline of fertility rates in Indonesia and the effects.

Security Forces

Feb 26th, 2007, by Ross, 12 comments

The Indonesian security forces.

Overseas Workers

Feb 24th, 2007, by Ross, 2 comments

Hope For the Helpless? Overseas Workers Ordeals, by Ross.

Mosque Loudspeaker Noise

Feb 14th, 2007, by Guest Writer, 100 comments

Loudspeaker Abuse in the Mosques: should mosques be disciplined?

PP 37

Jan 29th, 2007, by Ross, 11 comments

The PP 37, a new law granting pay rises to parliamentarians.

I Love Islam

Dec 12th, 2006, by Patung, 125 comments

What Islam is and why people love it.

Terrorism, Poverty & Islam

Oct 6th, 2006, by Patung, 44 comments

Poverty is the cause of terrorism, says a former Muhammadiyah chairman, not Islam.

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