The Youth of Today

Oct 31st, 2007, by Janma, 22 comments

Questions about the youth of today in Indonesia and their sense of nationalism and purpose.

Smelly Armpits

Oct 28th, 2007, by Achmad Sudarsono, 32 comments

Indonesians have a body odor problem, in particular, smelly armpits.

Mojopahit Empire

Oct 13th, 2007, by Achmad Sudarsono, 141 comments

A new Mojopahit Empire is on the horizon, with Australia as vassal state.

Metro TV Xin Wen

Sep 11th, 2007, by Ross, 63 comments

Metro TV’s Chinese-language news service, Xin Wen.

Kampung Girls

Aug 28th, 2007, by Ross, 76 comments

Ross wonders about Ramadan, lazy rich women, and why kampung girls are the best.

Aceh Abominations

Aug 6th, 2007, by Ross, 13 comments

Ross asks whether the government is willing to bring some Muslims into the 21st century.

Climate Crisis Hits Jakarta

Jul 26th, 2007, by Ross, 8 comments

Ross complains that the global warming bandwagon has reached Jakarta.

Separatist Hysteria

Jul 23rd, 2007, by Ross, 9 comments

Does Indonesia need a federal system, amid the separatist hysteria of late?

Anti Australian

Jun 1st, 2007, by Ross, 58 comments

Governor Sutiyoso and anti-Australianism and street thuggery.

Starting a Political Party

May 19th, 2007, by Guest Writer, 17 comments

How to start a political party.

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