Minority Groups

Dec 10th, 2007, by Dragonwall, 36 comments

Discrimination against minority groups in Indonesia.

Picking Up Girls

Dec 8th, 2007, by Achmad Sudarsono, 55 comments

How to pick up babes in malls.

Honesty Story

Dec 7th, 2007, by Guest Writer, 14 comments

Iamisaid on ordinary honesty and medical expertise in Indonesia.

Political Lobbying

Dec 6th, 2007, by Guest Writer, 1 comment

Lobbying defined, and laws on political lobbying in Indonesia.

Indonesian Houses

Dec 3rd, 2007, by Guest Writer, 23 comments

Some of the pitfalls in owning an Indonesian house.

Corporal Punishment

Dec 3rd, 2007, by Ross, 38 comments

Corporal punishment in Indonesia, spanking and caning, and attempts to have it outlawed.

Learning Indonesian

Nov 26th, 2007, by Guest Writer, 52 comments

Why Aren’t Australians Learning Indonesian, A Response to Bahasa Indonesia, Australians Don’t Want to Learn Indonesian.

The Jakarta Post, or Pest

Nov 15th, 2007, by Ross, 39 comments

Whether the Jakarta Post newspaper is too left wing.

Education Philosophy

Nov 9th, 2007, by Guest Writer, 10 comments

Questions about the philosophy of education in Indonesian schools.

UFO Technology

Nov 7th, 2007, by Achmad Sudarsono, 120 comments

Achmad worries that Indonesia’s U.F.O. technology will be lost to foreigners.

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