Interview with Indonesia Matters

Feb 1st, 2008, by Janma, 7 comments

Janma interviews Indonesia Matters.


Jan 19th, 2008, by Ross, 90 comments

Whether there was a genocide in Indonesia in 1965 and what happened to the survivors.

Suharto & the People

Jan 18th, 2008, by Achmad Sudarsono, 88 comments

Suharto: Let the People Speak, an informal poll of the Indonesian people.


Jan 16th, 2008, by Guest Writer, 90 comments

Iqhbal Sukokiman takes on the tough issue of Australian pedophiles in Indonesia.

Suharto Epitaphs

Jan 14th, 2008, by Guest Writer, 20 comments

Some examples of funny epitaphs for Suharto.

SMS Fortune Telling

Jan 13th, 2008, by Guest Writer, 6 comments

Fortune telling via sms on your hand phone.

Advice Column

Jan 12th, 2008, by Achmad Sudarsono, 14 comments

Achmad Sudarsono ventures into the world of advice columns.

Stupid Quotes

Jan 5th, 2008, by Guest Writer, 12 comments

Indonesian stupidity, with quotes and examples.

Letter to the President

Jan 3rd, 2008, by Guest Writer, 45 comments

Writing a letter to the president.

State Ideology

Jan 2nd, 2008, by Guest Writer, 22 comments

Whether the state ideology Pancasila means anything to Indonesians.

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