“A Bloody Business”

May 31st, 2011, by Patung, 44 comments

Reports from our southern neighbour of gross mistreatment of cattle at Indonesian abattoirs.

Benjamin Ketang & Israel

May 15th, 2011, by Patung, 14 comments

Demo against Israel

A celebration of the foundation of Israel at a Puncak hotel, students in Situbondo outraged.

Expats & Credit Cards

May 2nd, 2011, by Guest Writer, 10 comments

No Credit Cards

Why is it so hard for expats to get a credit card in Indonesia? And is it worth having one anyway?

Miss Metal: Queen of Coffee

Apr 29th, 2011, by Patung, 9 comments

Indonesia chooses its representative for the hotly contested Queen of Coffee beauty pageant – Laskari Metal Bitticaca.

Cirebon Mosque Bomb

Apr 15th, 2011, by Patung, 19 comments

A bomb goes off at a police station mosque in Cirebon, injuring at least 28 people.

Neo-colonialism in Libya

Mar 30th, 2011, by Patung, 23 comments

Hasyim Muzadi sees a dark western oil grab plot in the attack by allied powers on Libya.

Report from East Java

Mar 28th, 2011, by Patung, 164 comments

An excerpt from ‘Report from East Java’ detailing examples of ‘crushing actions’ in 1965.

Book & Mail Bombs: Bombs Galore

Mar 20th, 2011, by Patung, 29 comments

Lots of bombs going off, and bomb scares; a renewed effort by terrorist gangs or part of a vast conspiracy.

Japan Earthquake

Mar 14th, 2011, by Patung, 151 comments

Some of the local reactions to the Japan earthquake and tsunami tragedy.

Shock Horror Allegations against SBY

Mar 11th, 2011, by Patung, 27 comments

Wikileaks revelations: SBY protects Taufik Kiemas and spies on Yusril Mahendra; Mrs Ani a new Ibu Ten Percent.

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