Video Interviews – Who?

Apr 21st, 2009, by Patung, 45 comments

Interviewing well known people in Indonesia on video.

Indonesian Names

Apr 14th, 2009, by Patung, 33 comments

How many names do Indonesians have?

The Numpty Club, Numpties

Apr 5th, 2009, by Patung, 36 comments

Numpty, the Numpty Club and what numpties are, with pictures.

Hambali of Guantanamo Bay

Mar 11th, 2009, by Patung, 8 comments

Indonesia’s Hot Potato – Jakarta doesn’t much want back its terrorist Hambali from Guantanamo Bay.

Scholarly Journal Articles, Digital Books

Feb 24th, 2009, by Patung, 12 comments

A collection of scholarly journal articles on history topics related to Indonesia at Cornell.

Bali Migrant Workers

Feb 24th, 2009, by Patung, no comments

Keeping Bali Strong?, about Hindu-Muslim tensions, migrant workers to Bali.

Coming out Swinging

Feb 21st, 2009, by Patung, no comments

An action packed week of IM in review, love and romance, aliens, shady business dealings, coming out swinging slugfests, poetry and more.

Hillary Clinton Visit

Feb 19th, 2009, by Patung, 13 comments

New York Times – Hilary Clinton praises Indonesian democracy.

Photos from Indonesia –

Feb 15th, 2009, by Patung, 2 comments

Photos of daily life in Indonesia.

Gambar Lucu Pemilu 2009

Feb 15th, 2009, by Patung, 1 comment

Gambar Lucu Pemilu 2009.

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