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Toyota hopes to export the Fortuner model and increase exports of the Avanza.

The President Director of Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Johnny Darmawan, said his company plans to increase exports of its Fortuner and Avanza models due to a combination of a weak domestic market and the great potential of overseas markets. He said on the 11th:

The Indonesian market has declined.

Toyota sales in 2006, at 225,000 units, have declined 46% year on year. However the company remains the market leader with a 39.6% share, year to date.


About 10,000 Fortuner cars will be exported to the Middle East, for the first time, while the Avanza’s market will be expanded to 18 more countries in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa, with the company hoping that exports of Avanza will increase to 22,000. This would represent a major increase compared to export volumes in 2006 and 2005, which only amounted to 9,500 units and 1,758 units respectively.

With the planned exports, Toyota Indonesia will overtake Toyota Motor Thailand as the largest supplier of Fortuner cars to the Middle East market.

We have positioned Indonesia as our main global production base to supply Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) on the global market.

Said Toyota Motor Asia Pacific senior vice president S. Takayanagi.

The Toyota Fortuner is the latest Toyota MPV, and has been developed as a part of the company’s international MPV project, called International Innovative Multipurpose Vehicle (IMV). The Toyota Hilux is built from the same platform.

Production of Fortuners last September with an initial investment of 48 billion rupiah (US$5.2 million)

Meanwhile Industry Minister Fahmi Idris expressed his support for the company’s plan to make Indonesia its main global production base for the global market.

It is a rational decision to make Indonesia the global production base, considering that the country has good domestic market demand, coming from its huge population, as well as a lot of skilled human resources.

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  1. iyon setiawan says:

    It’s a very nice car. I want it but I can’t because it’s very expensive for me. Congratulations and have a nice day.

  2. Grace and Mercy says:

    So first it was imported from Thailand, then re-exported to another country because sales have been bad here! Good! We don’t need more cars on the road anyway!

  3. Rudy Hidayat says:

    I like the design of Toyota Fortuner. Should be happy to own one. Unfortunately, only Gasoline Engine available for Indonesia Market.

    I Hope Toyota Indonesia will launch the Diesel Engine version (1KD-FTV) 3.0L.

    Besides, the price is too expensive for locally assembled Car.

  4. Adit says:

    I have many customers ask about, when will fortuner diesel engine version launch?
    And how much capacity about the engine. A lot of fortuner lovers in malang hope the engine has 3.0L because it matches with its big body.
    Personally, I hope I could sell this fantastic car as many as I can.

    moving forward.

    Adit ,Sales Executive Auto2000 Malang Sutoyo.

  5. Yousuf Dhahi says:

    Dear Gent’s

    I have several questions I want to address
    1-is there any differnces in the features between different regions?
    2-is the price differs?
    3-how do you see the car performance over the coming years (fortuner)

    I would appreciate your cooperation.

    thanks alot

  6. M Kumar says:

    Dear gentlemen!

    I like fortuner very much but still not satisfied with the average per litre of the car. Can you tell me what average fortuner get on the road because otherwise it is very outstanding car


  7. dadi says:

    I visited the IIMS in Balai Sidang Jakarta, Fortuner diesel 2.4 ltr (same as Innova) Manual Transmission, price 275-280 Jt tentative.

  8. Rudy Hidayat says:

    Dear Dadi,

    Thanks for the info.

    The Fortuner Diesel with 2.5 L engines (like Toyota Innova) is definitely hopeless. I can’t imagine the Big Size Body of Fortuner with 2.5L Toyota Diesel Engine.

    I have a Toyota Innova with Diesel Engine (2.5L – Auto Transmission) and honestly speaking the performance is quite disappointing, particularly when it is loaded with 7 people and going to Mountain area (like Puncak). It requires big effort to climb up to the top.

    Actually, Toyota Diesel Engine (2.5L) is not very good engine. If you compared with Hyundai Santa Fe (2.2L – Engine), it is a big difference. Although it claimed to have the same technology (Common rail – Direct Injection – Turbo Diesel). It is totally incompArable.

    However, If you carefully note the Engine spec for 2.5L and 3.0L of Toyota Diesel, there is a big gap of power produced between these two engines.

    The appropriate size of Diesel Engine to fit in the Fortuner should be the 3.0L. Otherwise it is hopeless.

  9. dadi says:

    Agreed, how can a big size body with 2.5 L diesel, but that is a business, a choice with price different 50jt for Fortuner mania, the diesel 275jt (MT) and petrol 325jt (AT).

  10. Mohamed says:

    A beautiful car the 3.0lt turbo diesel auto BUT if only can be more comfy, its bumpy on a rough tarmac road

  11. Armand says:

    I tried to drive 2.5 L Diesel Engine; I still cannot understand why most of us feel the engine is under-power ?; I guess it really depends on individual driving habits; most of young guy whom likes to have sudden burst of speed; I do not recommend 2.5 L Diesel engine; else they hv to concentrate on Gasoline engine (2.7 L is quite enough); other than so-so power; the fortuner 2.5 L Diesel is quite fun to drive; especially on rough terrain; and slight flood which always happened in PIK North Jakarta.

  12. tarek el gammal says:

    Hi. as i’v promised to keep you updated concerning my Avanza. i’ve received yesterday.
    For the first time, me and my whole family together in my own car. Not rent car.
    It is nice,perfect and genius car. I hope this first impression lasts forever.
    I’m from Egypt. I got my car from Toyota Agent, Ramsis- Alexandria. They are professional.
    My Automatic Avanza details: Model F602LM-GQMFJ, PDI date 20071210, Engine No.3SZ – DAF9292
    Thank you for this smart car. By the way, i have a question. what is the best position
    of gear lever during long stops and engine is running, standing by, waiting for green signal. is it D or N.

  13. Soemar says:

    The appropriate diesel engine for Fortuner is the 1KD-FTV 3.0L, an advance commonrail diesel with variable geometry turbocharger. With this you will get sufficient power and torque, as expected for a car like Fortuner. Otherwise, Fortuner will be left behind in engine performance compared to the New Everest and even the Captiva diesel.

  14. Very beautiful car, cool and relax.. It’s amazing

  15. Rudolf says:


    Try the new CHEVROLET CAPTIVA – DIESEL ENGINE……. 2.0L – GEOMETRIC, TURBO DIESEL, COMMON RAIL, DIRECT INJECTION….. feel the TORQUE OF 320 NM and 150 PS of HORSES there….. You will be surprised.

    This engine is way too good to compare with TOYOTA FORTUNER – 2.5L – D4D.

    If they change the LOGO to Toyota logo, We will all be lining up on the queue for at least six month time to get it.

    Just an alternative ….

  16. Tarek El Gammal says:

    Hi. keeping you updated. My Avanza run the first 5000 km. I’m happy with the performance of such family car
    shopping, family visits, short distance trips.
    Actually i’m over 50 years old. My elder son using this Avanza on highways roads. He
    has a youthful point of view, he is not happy enough with some issues:
    – The acceleration of this automatic avanza.
    – balance and stability when driving over 120 km/h speed.
    – aircondition. i agree with him this point.
    two points of view in the same house. but we both agree that, this car is doing what “she” is designed for.

  17. budhi tan says:

    Fortuner diesel is very 2 smart to drive
    with 2.5 d4d very powerfull machine

  18. Rob says:

    As a non-car owner and in light of the recent fuel increase the likelihood of me owning a car has decreased even further…this is not such an interesting discussion!

    However, if the discussion was to turn to environmentally friendly cars, the development of hybrids, Indonesia’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gases and its carbon footprint, then that is a discussion I could follow and contribute to!

  19. kevin says:

    Dear sir,

    When is the new (face lifted)fortuner going to be launched?
    What colour will be available? is there automatic transmission for diesel type?

    Best regards


  20. Santo says:

    It is good car. I like its design, close to Toyota HiLux, but i think it is not too suitable with Jakarta road. This car is to big. But it is goo if you use this car outside Jakarta and perhaps go to mountain, it would be very nice. I hope TAM produce Toyota Fortuner Hybrid.

  21. Mohamed says:

    To Tarek Al-Gammal
    Would you please provide further updates about the performance of your AVANZA. I am interested in getting one. By the way, what do you think is wrong with A/C. One more thing, does it overheat?? are there other comments you have??

  22. Tarek El Gammal says:

    Hi.i’m keeping you updated, as i promised. my avanza run 15000 km.
    performance getting better. I think, day by day i’m discovering more advantages in this amazing car. but in this phase of my car’s life, specially when drivig in a very crowded city, you can’t avoid scratches and being touched by other cars. The car’s body (hull), is not strong enough if compared to the Russian LADA cars. Most damage happened, caused by LADA cars. however, the avanza is covering my needs. Driving a tank in a crowded city will never gives me neither happiness, nor guarantee my safety.

  23. Rob says:


    10,000 kms since the end of May and driving just in the city. Wow, you certainly drive a fair bit.

    If you were driving a tank then I am sure the LADA cars would be getting out of the way quick smart.

  24. Tarek El Gammal says:

    Hi Rob
    Actually, all i’ve been driven is less than 1000 km. My elder son is doing his best. He is taking care of car and sometimes testing its capabilities. So, both traces of peace and war could be seen frequently.

  25. Mohamed says:

    Hello Tarek
    Then, what about the A/C problems you mentioned earlier, isn’t it good enough??

  26. Tarek El Gammal says:

    Hi Mohamed. No overheat. A/C doing well, specially after fixing V Cool On windows and wind screen ( V COOL is a transparent sticking film).
    Sorry Mohammed i’v just noticed your message dated on Sep.11th.2008.
    Actually, i’m working offshore, so most of the time i have no access to my E-Mail.
    So far, Avanza is a good car, but final judge is after running 150 000 km. Or Five years life. Of course if i’m rich enough i’ll never keep my private car more than three years.Sometimes Toyota produce a miracle same as Toyota-“Cressida”.I’m not sure about the spelling. My Uncle still keeping his Old Toyota Crown.

  27. resa says:

    I plan to buy 2009 Toyota Avanza. Please, I need to know if its a good car (comfortable, and safety or some problems)?
    thank you

  28. oner says:

    Hi, Resa, i think avanza is a good car. Valuable with the price.

    When you want to buy, just come to AUTO 2000.

  29. Tarek El Gammal says:

    Hi Resa, Avanza is a good choice,go ahead. It’s a nice family car. I owned one since February 2008. run 25000 km. Almost same performance as day one.
    I keep visiting the agency every 5000 klm.
    during my last visit to the agency for 25000 km maintenance, i heared a complain about non availability of many spare parts, i mean for Avanza.
    for myself, i’ve an experience with a very simple items such as the radio receiver’s antena. The antena broken many months ago, but not available up to this moment.

  30. Philippe says:


    Few comments, For people living in JKT no need of a bigger engine…. This car (the one sold in IND is more or less the same techno. than 10 years old car in Europe – No focus on polution and recycling …. But when u live in JKT where the bigest car pass first… (lol) stay inside the city, and got a good driver (lol again) it’s perfect. There is seatbelt…..
    For info it’s build on the Hilux Based.

    Over solution for JKT buy a mini but good luck in the street (almost the side of a Bajai) and knowing your way to drive i do not give much hope of life for u in the street …….. + with plus than 2 people inside ( indonesian famillies are quite big!!!)


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