Transsexual Marriage

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A cleric who married a female-to-male transsexual and a woman was attacked by enraged Muslims in Bogor.

On the 8th of December 2006 hundreds of people from three villages in West Bogor, Cibeureum, Empang, and Pegentongan, attacked the home and madrassa of Ustaz Abdul Halim, feeling that he was spreading a false version of Islam. They entered the madrasah and searched every room but Abdul Halim and his students had already fled the scene earlier.

Prior to the attack the mob had gathered at the Al-Muawanah mosque to discuss what should be done with Abdul Halim. A spokesman for residents, Habib Muhammad bin Agil Alatas, said the meeting at the mosque had been done at the invitation of police. There it was decided that the land on which Abdul Halim’s mosque and school stood belonged to the community and should be handed over forthwith.

There are two reports of what upset the people and prompted the attack. One says that the cleric claimed to be able to transform a woman into a man, and had done so once with Herlina binti Awaludin/Aditya Darmadi Satria Amanah, 28 years old, who was born female but now acts as a man. metrotv Another report claims that in November 2005, the cleric had officiated at the wedding of Herlina binti Awaludin/Aditya Darmadi Satria Amanah, and Siti Musarofah, 35 years old, a divorced mother of four, who is the cleric’s sister. mediaindo

7 Comments on “Transsexual Marriage”

  1. Fanglong says:

    A French mayor married two guys: the marriage had no value and the mayor, a greenish socialist, was suspended for some time. As marriage is another money story, I wonder why there is all this rumage about other peoples’s fortune. Violence is always the same old stupid story: but it often comes from despair & a lack of means in expression — why not enforce education instead of “law”?

  2. Dimp says:

    Again people who say that they uphold morality managed to show that morality = violence.


  3. DianDoank says:

    Fanglong, I don’t get the story about the french mayor but I think I agree with your point that enforce education is definitely a good thing to do. Even better if one can enforce the education in law. Especially those on rights and obligation as citizen. By the way why police initiated the meeting anyway? hemm…

  4. yabe says:

    I think prohibiting transgenders not to engaged in marriage is against constitution due process of law and equality.

  5. little mermaid says:

    Why do muslims think transgenders are sinners and being a transsexual is a big deal??? I think this is about being uneducated about TS nature and who they really are.. and fortunately there is no islamic law accuses transsexuals for being so.. the clerics make their own rules!! and those are the big sinners because they ban the lives of thousands of innocent people who were born like that.. transsexuals are totally different than gays.. they don’t recognize their genders that’s all about them.. so why should we punish them?? poor people

  6. Klaas Jacob says:

    Yes it is good to be against Transsexuel marriage it is not God his will.
    He makes Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve Iam agree with the moslims to be against the Transsexuel marriage it cant by the Transsexual Women not have any baby. Realy it is a sicknes. I dont hate the people iam in vieuw of the bible not Agree.

    Goodday Klaas Jacob

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