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The furniture industry of Bali and some designs.

Bali is famous for its furniture designs and imports in the United States, Australia, and elsewhere, justly so to some extent, but much of what is called “Bali furniture” has nothing much to do with Bali, rather it is simply marketed from the island.

Bali Folding Side Chair
Bali Folding Side Chair.

Much of the furniture which is sold on Bali itself is in fact made elsewhere, in the town of Jepara, central Java, to be precise, and is trucked to Bali for display purposes and because many foreign buyers make trips to Bali for their purchasing needs, usually those buyers who are not exactly the most knowledgeable in the furniture business. Additionally much of the online furniture sales of “Bali furniture” are also of Javanese made products.

Bali Mirror
Bali wood frame mirror.

But there are some furnishings which are made on the “Island of the Gods” itself, most well known being Bali rattan, bamboo, and teak wood furniture, as well as some wrought iron items. Indoor models, particularly for the bedroom, are a speciality, while some work is done in outdoor sets. Most of it is antique reproduction, or primitive style, this latter type often being made from old reclaimed wood, but some innovative and modern furniture is also made.

Bali Sleigh Bed
Bali Sleigh Bed.

Bali Chest of Drawers
Bali Chest of Drawers.

If you decide to come to Bali yourself do be aware that much of the furniture sold by the large warehouse operations is of very dubious quality. In the place where it is made in Java, Jepara, there is a saying. There is ‘A’ class furniture, ‘B’ class, ‘C’ class, and Bali class. The rubbish goes to Bali.

Bali Teak Garden Furniture

Bali Teak Garden Furniture – Folding Sundeck Bed.

As you might imagine as well prices tend to be expensive in Bali, due to transport costs and the fact that Bali is a tourist place with tourist rates. Better to try your luck with small workshops and artisans, best if you can see the furniture actually being made somewhere, like at the back, and then you can rest assured that you are getting the real, Balinese, deal, with its delicate antique style carving.

Balinese Table Bench
Balinese Mahogany Wood Table & Bench.

On this page are some examples of Bali furniture that can be bought online in the United States. Click the pictures to see price and other information.

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  1. Omar Juma says:

    Dear Sir/

    I would like to know if you have any representation in Middle East, I have interested clients who are looking for Distribution rights.

    Omar JUMA

  2. Gautam Maskara says:

    Please mail us a price list to have an idea of the prices for different beds, sofa sets, dining table, television cabinets and few other house hold items like almirah etc. We would like to have a price idea before we come all over to bali from india to buy these furniture. Also please give us the wood details.


  3. Mary says:

    I never grow tired of seeing the exquisite wooden tones and satin finish that can only be found in Bali furniture. You have an excellent selection and its much appreciate by this ever returning customer!

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi ,

    I am emailing you from Gibraltar ( southern spain ) I have recently set up my
    own business and wish to purchase products to ship over to Gibraltar.
    I have checked on various websites but can not find a supplier that will accept a letter
    of credit from my bank ( Natwest bank ) I do not understand how this form of
    payment is not acceptable when it is used world wide.

    Please advise if your company accepts this or if you know of any other supplier that
    does. I bank with NATWEST bank and if need be you can talk to them directly for
    your own assurance.

    As you can understand I am very wary of paying any other way due to all the fraud going
    on at the moment.

    Many thanks

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