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A new round of fatwas from the MUI, sperm donation, organ donation, sex change operations.

Indonesia’s highest state sponsored Muslim clerical organisation, the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), has issued a series of fatwas, or rulings, for the faithful on confusing issues of modern times.

At their annual conference, opened by the nation’s wise leader president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), the assembed clerics mulled a variety of vexing matters over a number of days, with finally the following five things being declared haram, or forbidden: inilah

Sex Change

Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh
Asrorun Niam Sholeh

Chairman of the Fatwa Commission, Asrorun Ni’am Sholeh, said the only changes permitted to the sex organs were in order to correct natural dysfunctions, without changing the born-with sex of a person, and he hoped that the Health Department and the professional medical bodies would soon formulate a policy prohibiting sex change operations without a natural reason, as assisting in any such operation was also haram. detik

However it wasn’t all stern warnings against this and that, with a couple of things getting the nod from the clerics, who are mostly drawn from the more conservative ranks of the traditionalist Nahdatul Ulama (NU), and to a lesser extent from the modernist Muhammadiyah, these being:

  • Corruption suspects may be asked to prove the source of their wealth
  • Pilots may skip Ramadan fasting when on the job

As far as the MUI is concerned such fatwas are binding on Indonesian Muslims, however the government is under no obligation to apply them in law.

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  1. Murphy says:

    Fatwas are legal opinions. There’s no such thing as “binding” fatwa. No muslims are under obligations to follow them. For muslims, if you don’t like MUI’s, get a second opinion. Simple.

    Frankly, I kinda agree with that gossip show fatwa. Indonesia TV stations mostly broadcast rubbish. They can declare TV broadcast haram for all I care.

  2. realest says:

    Not much difference from Republicans and crap tabloids such as People magazine in general.

  3. Michel S. says:

    Interesting how a lot of the things they’re declaring haram is commonly practiced in Shi’a Islam — contract marriage as an alternative to prostitution, and sex change as the only legal outlet for homosexual couples. Does that remind anyone of Al Pacino’s Dog Day Afternoon, by the way?

    The majority of Indonesian Muslims are, of course, Sunnis — though I don’t believe Shi’ism is legally banned, unlike in neighbouring Malaysia. Patung & co., anyone knows for sure?

    In the past, practices and sects considered unorthodox have been persecuted — most infamously, the Ahmadiyyahs — but this would be the first time I’ve heard of Shi’a practices being banned.

    I actually would like Infotainments to be more closely regulated, but making them religiously banned is perhaps going too far. When it comes to organ donation, though — one shudders. So if I were a Muslim (which I’m not), I cannot donate a kidney to save a family member in need? If we compare this to the Christian right’s abhorrence of abortion (which, unlike organ donation, most people agree is regrettable at best), even most Catholic countries allow for abortions in specific cases and do not impose a total ban.

    In Singapore, Muslims have a statistically lower organ donation rate — and in their communitarian style of politics, it also means that they are less likely to be approved to be organ transplant recipients. Banning the sale of human organs is one thing, but banning them altogether…

    Meanwhile, we know that rich Indonesians can just circumvent the ban by flying to China and buying a death row inmate’s organs anyway. And that’s even legal under this MUI fatwa — unless they ban cases where there is suspicion that the person was put to death partly so that his (or her) organs can be sold? And it’d be the organs of a pork-eater that that hypothetical rich person would be receiving…

  4. ET says:

    Pilots may skip Ramadan fasting when on the job

    How about surgeons when on the job? On second thought, better fly to Singapore, not only during Ramadan.

    Murphy said

    They can declare TV broadcast haram for all I care.

    I fully concur, except for dangdut.

    @ Michel S.

    but this would be the first time I’ve heard of Shi’a practices being banned.

    I don’t know of a ban but a couple of years ago there were protests in East Java from Sunni hardliners.

  5. Michel S. says:

    @ ET
    I quite like dangdut as a music genre — but if they impose a dance code on how it’s performed I would not complain. It’s ironic how for religious reasons the performers cover themselves more than, say, American singers, but their movements tend to be lewder…

    Thanks for the Shia link.

  6. camion says:

    Just more unwanted religious dogma & ignorance from the dictatorial naive minds of people with power over the gullible.For some people,life must be unbearable to lead if one is susceptible to these dictates.You would think that as any country modernises & becomes far better educated the miserable oppression of religion would lessen,or are they affraid of this that thoughtless commands enter your private life, your bedroom & in some circumstances your survival.Judge the charachter & background of these religious people to see them for who they really are. The history books & current legitimate media is littered with them.It amazes me how populations continue to tolerate the constant flow of crap from the assholes of media,religion & politics. 🙂

  7. Mi says:

    I don`t like Infotainment..They make everything become worst..
    Doing anything to get their want and do not thinking is that action is good or not.
    So This Fatwa is GREAT!!!

  8. dsihite says:

    MUI, have you idea a wise for?
    Do not thinking about yourself!! People’s not the same like your attitude stupid at all!!

    Nature is nature, God is God, human right is Human right as they are still on the straight way!!

  9. BrotherMouzone says:

    The Pilot rule is redundant – from my limited understanding of the Koran, you are already permitted not to fast if you are travelling more than 50 miles or something like that…

    As for transplants; Iran is a far more Islamic society than Indonesia, and they have some of the most liberal transplant rules in the world (there is actually a free market where people in need of cash can sell their kidneys). Is this wannabe claiming to have a greater understanding of Islam than the clerics of Iran?

  10. Dirk says:

    @camion I totally agree with you

    @Mi you probably believe that Nabi Mohammed flew to Jerusalem on a flying horse (Buraq), as is written in the Al Qur’an. Did you ever see a flying horse ?

    @Murphy many Indonesians, including my pembantu, enjoy those gossip shows. Why should these shows be banned ?

    @dsihite, what do you mean by nature is nature ? Do you know how many animals and fish are homosexual ? Gibbon apes and orangutan frequently engage in gay sex, fish change sex when there are not enough male fish around, and I could write 5000 words about this.

    Anyway, please learn English, dear dsihite, because your kind of English is not acceptable. Even your first president (Soekarno) spoke better English than you.

    And don’t write God is God. Many people don’t believe in a god, but you can’t imagine that, do you ? Try to think that there is no god, just for one day, you’ll see that nothing changes.
    How many times did you pray for someone, and that person died anyway ?

    I shouldn’t go on, because I can’t change the mind of religiously brainwashed people.
    Just click here :

  11. Camion says:

    There is reputedly 10,000 plus different MAN MADE GODS & 30,000 plus different MAN MADE RELIGIONS on the face of this planet mostly run by corrupt,scurrilous,dictatorial,fraudulent,manipulative,naive NEANDERTHALS & PRIMITIVES who use every dirty trick in the book to control the lives & thinking of the insecure masses who find they cant get through their day without some form of phoney advice or guidance from a set of totally unproven tales of the spirit world .The fear of the devil,no eternal life hereafter,the unseen & unheard gods are just some of the rotten tools of these dirtbags who have power over the gullible’s minds.This thinking keeps the masses in a state of primitive existence,never being able to expand into a better standard of existence….I say….QUESTION EVERYTHING that your particular BRAND of religious preacher SPRUIKS to you & QUESTION EVERYTHING based on ALL the religious fairytales printed in ALL the religious scriptures & you will soon be able to conclude that the dictatorial BIGOTS & HYPOCRITES of religious dictates & story telling is worse than the daytime braindead celebrity & infotainment programmes they wish to ban. They want to ban these programmes simply because they offer more freedom to live & think which is totally against their interests in controlling you as they did in Medieval Times.Make these dills in funny hats & frocks prove what they preach….
    Organ Donation,Sperm Donation,Contract Marriages,Sex Change Operations is a individual & personnal decision & or need & has nothing to do with scurrilous manipulative dictators of ANY religious group.Speak up & tell them to take a flying leap into the never never they constantly refer to or remain in the insanity of religious hell.

    God Save Us All :-))))) LOL

  12. Eko says:

    I wish there was a fatwa on throwing fatwas about.

  13. Richard Weare says:

    Hello my name is Richard Weare and I live in Calgary, Alberta in Canada and I am proud to say that I want to have a sex change to become a women with my own vagina and breasts. I really want to start taking female hormones so I may grow my breasts and prepare me for my sex change to become a woman.

    Anyone who would like to communicate with me please phone me at 1-403-305-7727

  14. diego says:

    @Mi you probably believe that Nabi Mohammed flew to Jerusalem on a flying horse (Buraq), as is written in the Al Qur’an. Did you ever see a flying horse ?


    Actually, the correct translation of that particular verse of Quran is “mohammed flew on a flying pig”. But since pig is haram, they translated it as horse instead.

    I do believe in existence of flying pigs.

  15. ET says:


    I do believe in existence of flying pigs.

    So do I. Pink Floyd even made a song about them: “Pigs on the Wing”.

  16. diego says:


    Does it mean we’re both closeted muslims?

  17. ET says:


    Does it mean we’re both closeted muslims?

    So is Pink Floyd. The original record sleeve design was the one below, but it had to be changed for PC reasons.

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