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Hypnotism used in robberies crime; methods; how to prevent oneself being hypnotised.

A spate of hypnotism robberies is said to be sweeping the nation, as apparently evidenced in this closed circuit video (CCTV) of a robbery at an Indomaret mini market in Lampung, carried out by several swarthy foreigners, believed to be of either sub-continental or Arab extraction:

It appears that a group of women and men entered the store, the women pretending to shop. The three men approached the counter and asked about the price of some good, while one person asked to be shown the way to the toilet, and another asked for change. At some point about 4 million rupiah was stolen from the cash register. metrotv

Hypnotism is said by many to be a common method of stealing in Indonesia, with some common examples of the practice said to be: chriswillard.multiply.com

The other common criminal using hypnotize in Indonesia is the people who come to the victim in the public place and when the victim saw the eyes and touch the hand (shake hand) of that person, the victim will be hypnotized and followed what thief’s instruction, from following and taking the money in the bank’s victim or withdraw the victim’s money at ATM machine.


When the processing of selling the house, the thief was pretending to help in selling the house, when they met in person to discuss of selling the house, the thief hypnotized the victim. By the time the victim succeed in selling the house, it’s kind of strange happened, they gave the money from selling their house to the thief. They didn’t realize they lost their money for two weeks because they still under spell or hypnotic.

Meanwhile, tips to prevent oneself being hypnotised by a criminal in a public place, as provided by the Jakarta police, include: poskota

  1. Believe that you cannot be hypnotised, because all hypnosis depends on an element of self hypnosis
  2. Be wary of strangers who approach you in public
  3. Don’t focus on what strangers say to you in public too much, divert your attention elsewhere
  4. Don’t allow your thoughts to be become empty in public, keep your mind active
  5. Be on guard whenever you feel sleepy, nauseous, or have mild chest pain when in public; this may be a sign a hypnotist is using telepathic force upon you; focus on ridding yourself of these feelings, possibly by prayer.
  6. If you are someone afflicted by “latah” [susceptibility to going into trances or losing self-control], don’t go out in public alone, or get over your “latah”
  7. Be on guard against being approached by a group of several people, get away from them, go to a place where there are many people, or report them to the police
  8. If you feel yourself slipping into a hypnotised state order yourself to snap out of it by saying aloud: “I am fully aware”.

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  1. ET says:

    A day hardly passes without the local newspapers in Bali reporting cases of robbery using hypnotism. But not only robbery and theft, also selingkuh. Many who are caught with their pants down blame it on hypnotist skills and tactics of their partners. I have already tried to find out where one could learn such a ‘trade’ but like the guna-guna it seems foreigners can’t get the knack of it. But waving dollars usually does.

  2. BrotherMouzone says:

    this may be a sign a hypnotist is using telepathic force upon you; focus on ridding yourself of these feelings, possibly by prayer.

    No wonder people keep believing in this.

    An Arab fella once tried to “hypnotize” me once in West Java; he used a combination of talking fast, maintaining eye contact, throwing more information and ideas at a person than they can process to keep them in a perpetual state of flux, and lots of physical contact; hearty slaps to the shoulder – that kind of thing.

    I was quite impressed really – it’s easy to see how someone could be taken…

  3. Hans says:

    HypnoSEX is a very potent and powerful approach to sexuality. It is the very secret of human sexual responsiveness. HypnoSEX teaches you how to model the sexual response in another person and let show you what happens when you learn the strategies that make another person completely ready, responsive, explosive …
    HypnoSEX teaches you that there are certain ways to touch someone and did you know that touch can create instant happiness? Once you learn this hidden knowledge and apply it – -GET READY. anything will be able to stop what you have done. do it at the dinner table yes you could do it over the internet yes you could

  4. FABIAN says:

    There is also the typical gypsy way of stealing from someone by distracting his or her attention….

    Many con men here in Southamerica use that technic, some of them they pretend to buy, while other ask questions, and maybe they also create at distraction on the street

    So, the clerk gets overwhelmed, kind of lost, and someone quickly grabs something….

    there is an argentinian film about that kind of conmen team, it is called NUEVE REINAS

  5. realest says:

    Hypnotism has become a boring excuse for people with short attention span to avoid being called stupid.

  6. Agan says:

    Hahaha.. I was also a victim of this sort of egregious crime.
    I was looking at the display window of a big electronic store then 2 men started to have a fast and furious convo within my earshot; the 1st man said convincingly to the 2nd man that he is the stock room manager and could give an unbelievably low discounted price of anything in the storage for cash.
    And to make the long story short the 2nd man finally agreed to give him some cash in exchange for his chosen goods and I too could not resist joining them in the foray and putting up all my last monies I had.
    Soon deal was closed and the manager shook our hands and patted the shoulders; as he proceeded to enter into the store with our money he instructed us to wait up near the employee’s door further down the alley and we obeyed like naughty kids being timed out in the corner.
    And waiting we did as hours went by but nothing materialized and soon I realized I‘ve been had.
    And in the hindsight I thought that the 2nd man was actually his accomplice all along as he too conveniently disappeared mysteriously.
    Being greedy, gullible and in recession indeed make me vulnerable to all sort of “hypnotism”, lols

  7. tania says:


    Hypnotism has become a boring excuse for people with short attention span to avoid being called stupid

    So true. So very true.

  8. vito damore says:

    hi i would like to know more on hypno robbery i am fascineted for those people can hypnotise to steal thank you kind regards vito in melbourne

  9. Guy Cater - Hypnotist says:

    Under Hypnosis NOBODY will do ANYTHING that is against their morals or principles.
    Realist is correct. People caught performing a crime are using Hypnotism as an excuse.

    I will be performing at JPs Warang Club on September 12th,
    Come and see my Comedy and Hypnotism Show

  10. Kart says:

    For more detail about the presumed phenomenon of robbery by hypnosis see: Carlo Alfredo Clerici, Laura Veneroni, Angelo deMicheli,
    e Isabella? Merzagora Betsos. Robbery by hypnosis in Italy: A psycho-criminological analysis of the phenomenon based on 20 years of newspaper articles (1988-2007). The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 57(4):419-430, 2009.

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