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Great opportunities are said to exist in the Indonesian cable television industry, as research shows television viewers hanker for more than terrestrial stations offer.

Indonesian television, of the local, free to air, kind is generally of appalling quality, and highly divorced from the realities of life in Indonesia, particularly in its often bizarre portrayal of people, their thoughts, actions, and feelings, portrayals which bear almost no relation to reality in a jarringly obvious way.

Recent research by AGB Nielsen Media Research suggests that viewers are tired of the standard fare of local tv, ghastly soap opera fakery, irritating gossip shows, and mystical-religious action/horror shows with the lowest, cheapest production standards possible. At any rate the researchers say that over 50% of viewers want to see more news based or information based programs, as well as more for-children and educational material.

Astro, a Malaysian subscriber television company, is one concern that sees good opportunities in this environment, – although whether they will rise to the challenge of providing quality content is questionable, – with the recent announcement of their intention to invest a further $140 million in an attempt to garner two million subscribers in the next five years.

Halim Mahfudz, Vice President of Corporate Affairs of PT.Direct Vision which operates the Astro subscriber television station in Indonesia, said that the company would set up new facilities including a broadcasting studio in Karawaci, Banten. He also said that Astro plans to increase its investment in the next five years by $1 billion.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), 35 million homes in Indonesia have a televison set.

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