Protests in Surabaya, Bandung

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Protests in Surabaya, Bandung against the Muhammad cartoons.

The protests over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons continued in a number of cities on Java.

The rallies are mostly attended by activists of the Islamic Defenders Front, most of whose members could not point to Denmark on a map, and the more mainstream PKS, the Justice and Welfare Party, which won about 7% of the vote in the 2004 elections and which seeks the establishment of an Islamic state and finds most of its support among young people.

In Bandung about 200 protesters from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) threatened to conduct searches for Danish nationals in Indonesia unless Denmark put on trial the cartoonists. Their leader said that when they found the Danish nationals they would escort them to the airport.

In the East Java capital of Surabaya about 1000 Muslims, mainly from the PKS, demonstrated outside the Danish consulate, threw eggs at it, burnt a Danish flag, and generally made nuisances of themselves. The police presence was large and armed to the teeth.

Four PKS representatives eventually met the secretary of the Danish honorary consul, Linda Irawati, and several staff, to deliver their demand that Copenhagen should persecute those responsible.

Amid the mounting protests, the government assured Danish Ambassador Niels Erik Andersen of his personal safety and of his staff. Andersen, who met with members of FPI after they protested at the embassy last Friday, visited the foreign ministry Monday morning after receiving information of more demonstrations.

The ambassador expressed his concern over the safety of himself and his staff, but we told him that as a host, we are obliged to protect our foreign diplomats. I hope the assurance put the ambassador at ease.

said the Foreign Minister.

The leader of the Front Pembela Islam (FPI) in Surabaya, Ali Al-Habsyi, and his comrade Alwi Al-Habsyi, have gone on trial over the attack on the Danish consulate. The prosecution have requested three month jail terms with nine month good behaviour bonds. mediaindo

Ali Al-Habsyi and Alwi Al-Habsyi were both sentenced to three months jail with a six months good behaviour bond. The state had asked for four month sentences. antara

2 Comments on “Protests in Surabaya, Bandung”

  1. Felis says:

    the Islamic Defenders Front, most of whose members could not point to Denmark on a map

    Same here my friend.

    You probably heard that in Beirut it the protesters 2 hours to find Danish Embassy and they damaged some other buildings which they confused for the embassy in question.
    Could they read?

  2. Maryam says:

    The Muhammadans have demonstrated how much they worship Muhammad. They consider him greater than any many on earth and are ready to burn flags and embassies, to threaten individuals and nations, to kill for him, to murder innocent people. It is time they realise what they are doing is deifying this man.

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