Frozen Eel Exports

Sep 28th, 2006, in Business & Economy, by

Frozen eel exports from Indonesia have met with rejection from European health officials.

Contamination in food products from Indonesia continues to cause problems for the nation’s exporters. The Spanish department of health issued an edict of 4th August restricting the import of Indonesian frozen eel products based on a report from Poland that dangerous chemicals had been found in eels from Indonesia. Violet crystal, green leocomalaquita, and green malaquita had been discovered in frozen eels sold by P.T. Medan Tropical Caning and Frozen Industries.

The chemicals in question can cause damage to the skin and long term consumption can contribute to cancer onset.

Martani Huseini of the sub-department for Fisheries exports said that his authority had already given a formal warning to Medan Tropical Caning and Frozen Industries over the matter and any further violations would see the company’s export permit withdrawn.

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