Christmas Rules

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The rules for Christmas celebrations, by Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

The head of the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) says Muslims must not disturb the celebration of Christmas but they also must not participate nor should they wish their Christian neighbours “Merry Christmas” or similar greeting. Speaking on the 16th of December at a discussion in Jakarta entitled “Syariat Islam di Lembaga Negara” the man of Yemeni descent said detik:

It’s clear that the Muslim community must not disturb [Christmas celebrations] and must not get involved, like wishing a happy Christmas or helping.
(Yang jelas umat Islam tidak boleh ganggu dan tidak boleh ikut campur seperti mengucapkan selamat Natal atau membantu.)

He evidently approved of the deployment of 16,000 police personnel in the annual “Operation Lilin” to guard churches over the Christmas period. Any bomb threats to churches would come from mischievous types, he said, bent on disturbing good order.

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir
Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

The changing of the year should not be celebrated by Muslims, he said, Muslims should just focus on Idul Adha and be aware that Islamic law prohibited celebration of New Year.

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  1. Charles says:

    Come on friends. Don’t get bothered with what he says.
    As stated in his passport he was neither born in Indonesia nor in Saudi Arabia.
    He was sent from HELL to make chaos in this country, that’s why his name in English is “useless burnt ash”

  2. Fanglong says:

    Not to forget it :

    I wish you all Merry Christmas and a very happy new year !

  3. Tomaculum says:

    Thanks for the explanation.
    Let’s live together.

  4. Jutatip says:

    Yes, live together and love each other.
    Too bad that the leader does not see the value of being harmony,and seems to make it more worse. I am glad that you guys don’t have the same thought as him. I am Buddhist and not Indonesian, anyway I would love to see peaceful there.

  5. Bradlymail says:

    Rockstar I love your neighbours, Merry Christmas to you and all my Christian friends in this forum (Indonesia Matters).

  6. Oigal says:

    Oigal you said:
    Christmas is the celebration of the birth of a Prophet of both Christians and Muslims.

    Grace and Mercy said:

    To us Christians he is not just a prophet my friend.

    and you missed the point…

  7. Grace and Mercy says:

    Oigal said:

    and you missed the point”¦

    Not at all. I got your point. Just correcting a statement you made. It’s okay isn’t it?

  8. choco says:

    Saying greetings means showing respect to each other. That is how we can live together peacefully. I believe in that, and that is my way of Islam. So far no one is complaining. By the way, why Moslem in Indonesia forced other religion to respect Ramadhan, Idul Fitri and Idul Adha if they are not even give slight respect to other religion’s holy day. Ridiculous… No wonder Indonesia become more and more ‘tidak jelas’.

    Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and Happy Idul Adha for everyone. God,I love this site 🙂

  9. Ihaknt says:

    Choco, i am 100% behind you!!!! i am a Moslem but it’s fun to get into each festivities, Islam, Christian, etc. And yes i agree, if we are allowed to celebrate lebaran, then why cant we let our Christians citizen do theirs peacefully.

    I believe if we learn the difference, we also learn to respect it, hence less prejudice (hopefully).

    Happy nu year to you.

  10. Mat Malaya says:


    I don’t know how that Mr Basyir could come up with that horrible idea.

    I’m a Moslem.I don’t think if i wish merry Christmas to my Christians friends will make me a Christians. He is so rigid and narrow minded. We are not living in Saudi where the people are all Moslems.

    I think he was confused between culture and religion. Saudian people dont wish merry Christmas because there is none. In Malaysia we have lebaran (we call it Hari Raya idilfitri), chinese new year, Deepavali, Christmas, and a lot of culture and religion celebration. How to avoid one? Furthermore, all those celebrations are declared as national public holiday.

    What about my Buddhist and Christians relatives? What should i say when they send me cards for lebaran and in return i just ignore their religion celebration?

    And again, Islam will get a bad name….

    To all our Christians FRIENDS here, ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR’.
    ( I typed the words along with that Christmas song at the back of my head).

  11. Ihaknt says:

    Mat I agree with many of your views.
    But there are Christians in Saudi. Those foreigners who work there. The reason they dont wish anyone whose belief is different to theirs is because they consider it a crime. They have muttawas (religous police, sigh…) to rule and watch every single move anyone makes, Arabs or foreigners. As much as i disagree with many of Arab teachings, i must admit i love reading middle eastern studies. It always spins me how the land of birth of the prophets could be so munafik. But not only that, it’s also how it turned from a very beautiful place to a war-torn countries…very sad. anyway, i think the more public holidays we have, the better :D.

  12. Longlifelearning says:

    Hi, Choco said:

    By the way, why Moslem in Indonesia forced other religion to respect Ramadhan, Idul Fitri and Idul Adha if they are not even give slight respect to other religion’s holy day. Ridiculous”¦

    No Muslim forced them.

    Indonesia is plural country, the fact that the majority are Muslims makes the celebration of their religion’s day looks bigger than others. We do respect each other. Have you ever been in Bali during ‘Nyepi’, since the majority in Bali is Hindu, Muslim and other religion respect them by not turning their light during the night, even the ‘adzan’ voice there should be lowered during the silent celebration.

    And if you live in non-Muslim majority place, like small town in Korea, you can’t even voice your ‘adzan’. For some cases, Indonesia is ‘lumayan jelas’ for its plurality and tolerancy.
    Happy holiday, wish u all enjoy your time!

  13. Tomaculum says:

    For some cases, Indonesia is ‘lumayan jelas’ for its plurality and tolerancy.

    Yes, for some cases. 🙂

  14. diandoank says:

    Hehehe yups some cases where majority rule appareantly. 🙂
    But dear longlifelearning I disagree with your point of view on majority and minority. It is not because one part of the citizen are majority and those minority needs to bow to whatever majority wants and needs. I agree though that as majority, it made idul fitri much colorful and celebrated in Indonesia.

    The activities of lowering adzan voice during the Nyepi or understand not too show-off when you have lunch during Ramadhan should come as part of RESPECT therefore you act tolerant and understanding. It should come as an act with an acknowledgement that we all human being that share an equality as citizen of a country eventhough we might have different background, gender, age, race, even religion.

    About the adzan, don’t know much about Korea but in city where I stayed now, I can heard the adzan every friday and everyday around 14:00. We lived quite in multiculture area and I guess it is an consensus between the city hall and the mosque’s representative to have the adzan. As the country where I lived majority agnostic-Christian, eventually it would be too much to have adzan subuh. But definitely needed by the community during rush hour. So be it. It is allowed. So sometimes especially in friday I feel back in Jakarta 🙂 However my point, eventhough Islam here is a minority doesn’t meant that the needs are instantly abandoned or not heard at all.

  15. JKS says:

    Ba’asyir, Jesus Christ born for the sinners, means include you and me.

    May the love of Jesus Christ shines upon your stubborn mind, don’t be fooled with 12 virgins heaven, otherwise it will become your hell, old man.

  16. CA94 says:

    Hi Everyone,

    We have different religions, so we should respect each other.
    I don’t mind saying “selamat natal” to all my Christian friends as they celebrate our Prophet Isa’s birthday (?).

    I believe many Christians know that Yesus in Islam is called Prophet Isa AS and that should be respected too.


  17. Freddy-Biekie says:

    All so called relegion “leaders” should know that GOD is NOT thinking the way human are thinking. With my javanese background i would say to all indonesian people (our people): let us live in peace with each other, this is the will of GOD. The will of satan is to destroy all GOD has given us like: peace as one people and nation, destruction of relationship between people. Do we still not recognise the works of satan ? he is the one who will destruct human if we do not say upon GOD as the ONE AND ONLY WHO WANTS US TO BE happy in this life and in fiture.
    My dear brothers and sisters i was born in Suriname from javanese parents, please let us be proid in what GOD have teached us:
    LOVE the other more then yourself.
    And from my own vision i say: GOD have created ALL human beings
    so, who gave “man” the RIGHT to kill somebody else then GOD ?
    And who has the right to be on the “Chair” of GOD to say this and that to another fellow “brother” or “sister” are we not all created by GOD to live good with each other and help one each other regardless what we believe and what we are confinced of ?

    I pray that my people will be wise and that the GRACE of GOD may be over my grandmothers country Indonesia to be a place on earth where de satan can NEVER be, but where GOD will take over and will be.

    I am Christian but i love all human because i know GOD have created them. I love my muslim brothers and sisters and hindu brothers and sisters and boedist brothers and sisters because although we have other relegion i know there is only ONE GOD who say: I am who I am
    (JHWH). And GOD who is GOD will do as HE wants and Not as we “think” we have to act.

    I hope this will bring us all together instead of bringing us apart.

    One people one nation. Love each other as GOD loves HIS creation.

    For those who do not know: JHWH is the GOD of Abraham, Isac and
    Jacob. The Christian believe in the revelation of the MESSIAH JESUS.
    But for those who have been revelated “more” by JHWH holy spirit
    know GOD was omong us (Immanuel).
    For those who belong to JESUS CHRIST will follow this way, for those who believes something else will go his or her way, but remeber,
    GOD loves us all, through JESUS CHRIST HIS own begotten son.

    May the peace of GOD be over Indonesia and GODS Holy Spirit revelate to all people HIS will, to know JESUS CHRIST.

    GOD is ONE and not three or more according to the Bible.


  18. Mohammed Khafi says:


    Spoken like somebody who truly understand Gods Wishes for Mankind!


  19. JKS says:

    Merry belated Christmas to fellow Christians, Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.
    God bless us all.

  20. Sophie says:

    I’m a Christian myself. I believe that Muslims should celebrate Christmas as it is nice to show them your beliefs.

  21. Purba Negoro says:

    I am Muslim. Merry Christmas.
    Am I now Catholic?
    Better change back.
    Allah Akbar.
    Happy Diwali- oh no now I am a Hindu.

    How silly.

    Nowhere in the Q’uran says a Muslim cannot greet a non Muslim or wish them well. Nowhere does it say- be a rude and obnoxious arrogant person to your neighbour.

    This verse has been incorrectly interpreted- it is ancient Arabic after all.
    The correct interpretation is we Muslims are free to do whatever- as long as it does not blaspheme God, deride our religion or worship their concept of God in preference to our own.
    Participating in normal human social activity will not make God hate me- I think he would be more offended if I am a rude and hostile person to my friendly neighbour.

    Also- most Christian here are very respectful- and would as a rule never wish a Muslim Christmas wishes as he would be a good Christian and avoid offense.

    All religious activity is idolatry- it is man made social activity. Where does it say: God told Jesus go build a lovely gothic building costing many millions?
    Or Mohammed say:
    God says go now build a big domed building with gold and marble, a tall minaret, then kneel on carpets and pray?

    It is not there.
    Religion is actions and thought alone- it is a whole lifestyle- not worshipping idol of Yesus on the cross, kissing the Madonna’s feet or kneeling to Mecca.

    God is everywhere, all powerful and can read my conscience.
    He hears my prayers wherever I am. He sees me, as I really am.
    If must I look to Mecca, inside a Mesjid for him to hear me- my assumption by is somehow He is not so powerful- so I then am committing the very bad blasphemy.

    Better I live a good life and be a good human than be inside a very horrible person who make the rosary or take the Hajj.

    God knows all and can see all- this is why he is the Almighty.
    He needs no building or cultural habits.

  22. colroe says:

    Take away the religion, and we could all have a great time all year round!!!

  23. andreas says:

    1 side We re agree..moslem don’t celebrate the xmas,… for miss indo07..f*cking ur lol,..i’m not supportet ABB,..but you’re can’t talks like satan…he talks right,..but you’re very bad chicken christian

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