Keong Racun: Sinta & Jojo

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The variations of the “Keong Racun” song, Sinta & Jojo; Santo and Johan; the mystery bule version.

“Keong Racun” (“Poisonous Snail”), penned by Bandung songwriter Buy Akur, as lip-synced by Bandung teenagers Sinta and Jojo, the video below having gotten over 2.6 million views on Youtube since being uploaded a month ago; if views of copies are included the view count reaches around 5 million:

Thanks to the video the two 19 year old university students are now national stars:

And they have imitators, like “Santo and Johan”:

Their fame has reached abroad, modestly. The “bule version” of the song, features an apparently 6 year old and a 14 year old from an indeterminate European country:

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  1. sapu ijuk says:

    its kinda cool video, but they are not have enough skill to sing the song. Sapu ijuk vocal studio its open for u girls.

  2. deta says:

    Some of my random thoughts in observing this matter:

    First, it proves that internet is now becoming a very powerful tool to gain public attention in Indonesia. The case of Prita Mulyasari or the recent case of Ariel-Cu-Lun video were some other cases proving it. Any information is now spread very fast through internet. Unfortunately, this condition hasn’t been well utilized for good purposes. So far internet has been optimally utilized mostly for things with negative purposes, like the spreading of porn videos or hatred toward certain people/groups, while this technology can actually be used for abundant positive things like spreading a campaign to build community awareness about particular matters.

    Second, it shows that teenagers now like to go through a short path to be famous and rich. Shinta and Jojo may not initially intend to take this path. But their accidental success will surely gives an idea for other teenagers to follow. Look at how long the queue on the audition of Indonesian Idol, AFI, KDI or Mamamia. The profession of celebrity seems to be very promising these days. My concern is if this trend continues, the ‘real’ professions will be less attractive to the youth as becoming celebrities is seen as a short path to get rich. Not that I mean to say that being “celebrities” is not a real profession, but in Indonesia you can enter this sparkling and dazzling world mostly because of your appearance. Without the backup of good education, what can you expect when you’re getting older and no longer attractive?

    Third, the terms like “keong racun” (poisonous snail) and “kucing garong” (wild cat) that refer to certain kind of men and “ayam kampung” (domestic chicken) that refers to certain kind of girls are now becoming a trend, popularized by the lyrics of some dangdut songs in Indonesia. They add on to the old existing de-personification terms like “macan ompong” (toothless tiger) and “buaya darat” (land crocodile). It is interesting, yet the terms a little bit degrading.

    Whaddaya reckon?

  3. David says:

    Trying to think of something equally as thoughtful and am struggling for it…what you’re saying is a bit similar to what Spengler said a while ago about that fat woman on Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle

    that people like Susan Boyle get popular because decadent western people in decadent western countries like to see their own mediocrity elevated up to the status of something it doesn’t deserve –

    And there’s Moy Moy Palaboy, still my favourites….

  4. Hans says:

    today’s Europeans and Asians come from the Neanderthal, and that humans and Neanderthal then had children with each other. That all people have only its origin in Africa, as long believed is not true anymore

  5. Phil Hadden says:

    I find Sinta and Jojo fantastic, natural and inspiring,
    A really lovely song, and they did it so well, a great video.
    These 2 girls should be trained to singing stars, they have such a natural ability of talent with charisma, Love it.

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