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The Royal Doulton Company is happy with its investment in Indonesia and plans to put another $125 million into its operations here.

Sir Anthony O’Reilly, the chairman of Waterford Wedgwood Plc., the owner of the Royal Doulton brand, met with president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the presidential palace in Jakarta on the 2nd and announced that Waterford Wedgwood/Royal Doulton, a manufacturer of ceramic and china dinnerware, would expand its factory at Tangerang, Banten (western Java, near Jakarta) at a cost of 125 million US dollars.

Waterford Wedgwood, which apart from its famous Royal Doulton china cups, plates, and saucers also produces figurines, has two factories in Asia, with the other being located in India. However, according kompas to Trade minister Mari Pangestu’s recollection of conversations with Sir Anthony, Indonesia is the preferred location due to the workforce here being more skillful and patient. 150,000 Royal Doulton branded pieces are produced each week at the Indonesian factory.

Ninety-seven percent of the output of Royal Doulton’s Indonesian operations are exported, at an annual value of around $30 million. With the new investment, which will also see the development of some research and design facilities, carried out over three years, the company has hopes that this figure will double.

Sir Anthony O’Reilly said on May 20th 2007 that the company plans to raise its ceramic wares production capacity in Indonesia from 6 million to 12 million pieces per year, with manpower requirements going up from 1,350 at present to about 2,000, and a further $25 million being invested.

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  1. Kelpie says:

    I have read many comments regarding the quality of the product and ‘allan’ I hope you don’t ,ind me saying this but the problem you have with your glaze is called ‘crazing’. This does not happen ‘under the pattern’ but after. You see, for example, the plate is biscuit fired (1st firing), then it is glost fired (2nd firing) which means that the plate now has been glazed and is ready for decoration therefore the pattern i.e ‘Old Country Roses’ is put on top of the glaze and not underneath. There are many firings but the 2 firings named above always occur in that order. There can be many firings per item of ware depending on the chosen pattern and the work involved in creating the finished product. My advice would be to return the whole set and ask for a refund. After 5 years that should never happen, mine is 35 years old and still going strong.

    Good luck!

  2. dzul says:

    I am happy when a country has new and expanded opportunities; I am sad when I see a country lose a traditional industry. However, I am neither an economist nor an historian. I will confine my comments to what I know. I have a very large service of Royal Doulton which I have collected over the last quarter century. I can tell the difference between the English made and the Indonesian made items at a glance. The new Indonesian made service is heavier, the surface is glassy, it is completely opaque (forget seeing your fingers through the china when held to the light, a trick my mother taught me to distinguish better porcelain). I will use my Indonesian made pieces when I host gatherings which require a service large enough to accommodate the party. However, I would NEVER assemble a new service of the Indonesian product. I have no ill will towards the Indonesian people. When the china is on table and not subject to touch, it is still quite lovely as far as design is concerned. But it is by no means still fine china. Were I only now beginning to gather my tableware, I would only purchase antique pieces.

  3. Ainitfunny says:

    It is TRUE STUPIDITY to allow counterfeiters to manufacture and market your quality product “as long as YOU, the manufacturer of the original “get your cut”!!!!
    You screw the craftsmen and workers who originally made the quality product, you screw your customers with the knockoffs, and you screw your reputation and business goodwill as well as the public’s trust and your business future!

    So many businesses have gone down the toilet by younger “business grads” forgetting that long term business SUCCESS IS NOT EXCLUSIVELY AND ONLY ABOUT maximizing the PROFIT!!

  4. Bob says:

    I wonder when Lladro collectors will see “Made in Greece” on the bottom of their figurines!. If it’s not made in the country of origin then it is not original.Therefore,by definition, it must be classified as a fake.Would you buy a Rolex watch made in England?. Of course not!.Anything less than absolute integrity in both manufacture and country of origin is totally inarguable and cannot even be considered worth discussing any further!.BAH HUMBUG!!!.

  5. RD_fan says:

    I am a collector of the traditional Royal Doulton and do see a difference in the appearance of these new Asian made pieces. The design has the female figurines taking on a distinctly “American” almost Barbie Doll look. I guess it is a new look that will carve a niche out for them and distinguish them from the pieces of old. I am not too enamoured with the new look but they are not ugly by any means, just very “modern” and with that globalised look that will appeal to a certain clientele
    However I think it is absolute nonsense that these pieces are any cheaper. Nothing could be further from the truth . The traditional English pieces are far cheaper and I am happily buying these and will leave this new era of RD pieces to the new age collector who is probably based in Asia and will support their local manufacture.

  6. Erlynda Kasim says:

    It surprising me that all the beautiful bone china set are produced in Indonesia. But here in Indonesia the price of the china is almost doubled than other country i.e USA. I wonder why it could happen. We buy this on a very high price, some time i would rather buy them from abroad via internet because they are almost half the price here in Indonesia.

  7. Sam says:

    Very disappointed Royal Doulton is no longer made in England. I will not buy dishes made in Indonesia or China.
    They cut corners and I don’t trust they are using the quality of paint they need to.
    Go back to the UK. I will pay the difference to have it made in England. So worth it.

  8. Thomas says:

    You have to remember that the margins are small for large scale ceramics production.
    If the company wishes to survive then it must adapt to the market.
    The quality of the raw materials is the limiting factor here.
    There is no reason why foreign made products should differ in quality to those made in England.

  9. Donna says:

    Yes but the original English bone china is made from my county’s Cornish clay!

  10. Stuart says:

    It is quite simple, get the message out that brands like Wedgewood and Doulton no longer have any pedigree, they are merely british brands no longer made in the UK and they attempt to trade on misinformation whereby customers still think the products are made in Britain. People should only support companies who maintain their integrity….champagne only comes from champagne…the French to their credit would not have it any other way. It’s high time the UK took the same approach.

  11. KvilleMomof4 says:

    While I was happy to discover an influx into the Indonesian economy by the Royal Doulton Company, I am thoroughly disgusted to find that it has been at the expense of the Brits! In the United States, we’ve seen this happen again and again and again! I live in what was once called “The Furniture Capital of the World.” Now, almost every manufacturer that once provided jobs to North Carolinians have moved to China. The same goes for almost all of our textile and clothing facilities! All of the famous maker dress companies left and moved their factories overseas. (To me, I’d just as soon shop cheaper stores now like Roses since the big stores like Dillard’s are all selling the same Made in China goods because what difference does it make?) One of our largest producers of pork sold out to the Chinese government under the guise of private ownership. Our own national parks are even now being sold to foreign nations. Oh what a day in which we live!

    Here I am finding myself on this page after I queried regarding the value of Indonesian Old Country Roses versus goods manufactured in England before the company sold out its countrymen for the almighty dollar. I see such varied prices from store to store. Is the Old Country Roses being sold at Bed Bath and Beyond different—made from inferior materials— than the highly overpriced china sold on the website? How on earth can BB&B sell a cup and saucer for $13.99 when sells what is supposed to be the same cup and saucer for $29.99, plus tax and shipping.

    Again, just to clarify, Indonesia does matter— I see nothing wrong with opening new facilities in other countries to make it easier to distribute goods and to bolster the economy into which we desire to sell our goods! The problem lies in manufacturers robbing jobs by shutting down factories in the countries that made them famous in exchange for opening them on foreign soil. The problem lies in being satisfied with inferior goods made with cheaper materials and labor in order to increase profits.

  12. Gabby says:

    Have started collecting old country roses design Royal Albert. Three countries of manufacture makes it three times the fun of collecting. I use it all without fear of having to replace a piece as I’m sure this timeless pattern will endure despite where it is made. I do hope the skilled artisans who have lost their jobs continue to use and teach these skills to others producing other beautiful items as individual artists.

  13. SimoneB says:

    Im very disappointed to only recently discover this.
    We added to a Royal Albert Set- on delivery products all had “made in China” stickers over the top of RA trademark and painted into the bone china clearly says “made in England” what a joke and i feel sooooo ripped off now, and feel like like questioning every piece of Bone China that has “made in Endland” on the bottom.
    The Products shud be changed to say Made in China or Indonesia. False and misleading information to the consumers.

  14. Dekyffe says:

    So how can Royal Doulton claim that their Minton products i.e. Bone China tableware is Made in England when it is a well known fact that they are not, but are made in Indonesia since 2006 and that Waterford Wedgwood Plc who are the owners of the Royal Doulton Brand have been pumping over $125.000.000 into this Indonesian state of the art factory.

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