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Nissan has committed $60 million over the next few years to increase its market share in Indonesia, and plans to shortly launch the new Livina model.

The Chief Executive Officer of Nissan-Renault, the parent company of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, Carlos Ghosn, says the new investment will be made in stages through to 2008 and will involve the further development of its factory facilities at Cikampek, in West Java 70 km’s from Jakarta, and will be focused on increasing Nissan sales in Indonesia to a level of 40,000 units per year.

Speaking at the unveiling of a new Nissan model, the Livina, in Jakarta on the 11th, Ghosn said things were looking up for the Indonesian car industry and that the country’s increasingly good chances for strong economic growth were a drawcard for Nissan, especially given the very large population of the nation.

The Livina is a multi purpose vehicle (MPV) or wagon which is believed likely to sell for around 200 million rupiah, possibly below, by the time of its coming onto the market in the second quarter of 2007. It is a 1600cc vehicle with 7 seats, is similar to the Kia Carnival, and has a 40% local component share.

Nissan Livina
Nissan Livina.

Launched first in China, and called there the “Jun Yi”, the Livina, with its conservative design, is aimed at the family market, and was designed at the Nissan Technical Centre in Atsugi, Japan. Nissan Indonesia expects the Livina to account for 70% of local sales by 2008.

Nissan in Indonesia is expected to sell only about 5000 units this year, mainly of SUV’s such as X-Trail, Terrano and Murano, more bulky and trendy models than the Livina.

The Grand Livina was formally launched on April 5th 2007, making Indonesia the second country after China to see the Livina on the road. In China the car was launched in November of last year under the name Nissan Geniss.

There are seven types of Livina on the market with two engine types, a 1,500 cc model and the 1,800 cc version, with prices ranging from 139 million rupiah to 204 million rupiah.

Nissan hopes to sell 12,000 units of the car, with a total company sales target of 21,000. In 2008, said Chief Operating Officer of Nissan Motors Ltd, Toshiyuki Shiga, total sales are hoped to rise to 40,000 with the Livina taking a 60% share of this.

Prices for Jakarta:

Type Price
1.5 SV M/T Rp.138.500.000
1.5 XV M/T Rp.146.000.000
1.5 XV A/T Rp.156.000.000
1.8 XV M/T Rp.165.500.000
1.8 XV A/T Rp.177.500.000
1.8 Ultimate M/T Rp.191.500.000
1.8 Ultimate A/T Rp.203.500.000

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  1. B Charlie A says:

    Seven seated is good for my family, but is that high enough for passing a normal flooded road? Like interior? Ok will check when it is launched.

    All the best.

  2. Tiger says:

    From various japanese car I drove. I fall in love with Honda & Nissan.

    I bought Kijang Innova 2.0 G with the consideration of second market price that doesn’t drop much compare to others (besides Honda). But driving it over period of time, I got disappointed with the service and foremost the fuel. Totally fuel “eater”. With its large and heavy body, A/T will be damn exhausted to go up Puncak. It is true what Andrew (15/Jan) said that Kijang is overrated and overpriced. WAKE UP INDONESIAN CONSUMERS! So I sold this car and change it to Honda Stream.

    I won’t say much about Honda Stream. I enjoy using it until today. Drive myself or seat in the back. The thing get me noticed is the very back seat is quite uncomfortable if adult seat in the back, the middle seat is good.

    To accompany my Stream, Nissan Serena is indeed providing me with great comfort. Let the driver drives for you, just seat in the back and relax. Close the curtain, and man, feel that we are a “celebrity” on the way to Vegas. Well, I don’t believe nissan sparepart is expensive, I think it is just the same as others. Think this way, buy less expensive parts you’ll get disappointed quick, or buy a bit expensive parts you’ll get satisfied long.

    And for sure I want to take a look at Nissan Livina, have myself test drive, before giving any comments.

    But at glance, this car is identical with Honda Stream except the interior and technology that i want to check.

  3. G Wibisono says:

    Hopefully LIVINA same as comfort as Nissan Patrol. UNMIS used NISSAN.

  4. Adi says:

    Since I started Elementary School I was a big fan of Toyota because my father drives the first model of Toyota Kijang, Kijang Doyok people called it. It was a very roughly made car, not comfortable to drive and shaked a lot, from scale 1 to 10 I give it 4.

    Recently my family gave me the opportunity to own one of Toyota 7 seater SUV’s, at the same time Nissan launch his Livina. I was confused and afraid that I was making the wrong choice, so I have Livina test drive to prove that I am making the right choice. From what I’ve experienced when driving inside Livina is that Nissan have just made a good quality car wih a luxurious interior design and convenience for either the driver or the passenger.

    Livina’s major disadvantages is that it’s not a real 7 seater it’s more of a 6 seater, the 2nd row seating is too tight for 3 people even for an Indonesian average people and the 3rd row which only accomodates 2 people is lack of headroom space, imagine you are driving on a bumpy road I bet your head gonna hit the roof.

    Livina’s other disadvantages is that there is no electric mirors for the 1.5 litres variant(except the A/T model), also there is no airbags, ABS/EBD for most of the variant(1.5&1.8litres) except the 1.8 ultimate which sells around 190 million rupiah or so. The engine itself (1.5&1.8litres) by my opinion is very responsive and powerfull, but all you need from a car is not only a powerfull engine but the safety features and you know how dangerous Indonesian traffic can be, without good brake (ABS/EBD) and airbag (which I’d hope I’ll never need it..) I think you’re sacrifice yourself too much for only a “Prestige”.

    Despite all of the disadvantages I think of livina as a very well made quality car and would be able to set a new perspective to Indonesian people, of how a good car should be. It’s a very good step for Nissan but I dont think Livina would grab avanza/xenia’s market or even Innova’s because they are in a very different market share except for Honda Stream , and I dont think I’m gonna switch my choice, I’ll stick with the Toyota’s SUV.


  5. Uni says:

    Adi, I agree with you about Livina.

    We are planning to change our Innova with a new car. My friend told me about Livina and show me the brochure. From the picture I thought the car was big enough for our family then we decided to pay the down payment.

    We were invited to the launching of Nissan Livina last week, we just realized that this car doesn’t have enough space for my 3 boys.

    Now I’m trying to find someone who want to buy Livina, replacing us.

  6. I am about to get new avanza this year, but when I saw the new livina geniss I changed my plan to livina geniss. But what I would like to see is better package of its features, performance, maintenance and price.

    Overall, I think this car can hit the top sales car within MPV class in Malaysia.

  7. Vicko says:

    Dear Adi,
    thank you very much for your comment on this Forum. I am Toyota Innova Driver G type with a 2 litres engine more over 1 and a half years.

    If you do a comparison then do it right please. I compare Apple to Apple not apple to pears.

    Innova G 2 lt comparison Livina 1.8 VS, both with manual transmission
    Price: IDR 178.000.000 to IDR 165.500.000 difference of IDR 12.500.000
    Airbag: NO!
    ABS: NO!
    Fuel in city: Innova 6 km per liter – Livina 9 km km per liter
    Fuel out of city: Innova 11 km per liter – Livina 14 km per liter
    This is based on my own Car experience!

    Wheight: 1530 kg – 1243 kg

    Innova V 2lt MT IDR 209.600.000 – Livina 1.8 Ultima IDR 191.500.000
    difference: IDR 18.100.000
    Airbag: yes
    ABS: yes

    I think that this comparison already make things clear in the beginning.

    I agree on the space difference, but we start thinking hypothetically.

    365 days has a year and we have holidays lets say 134 days including saturday and sundays . The year has therefore 231 working days. Lets say we spend at least by ourselfs with or without spouse in the car 2.5 hours per day, that means 462 hours a year. Just imagine that uuuh the time we spend in this car.
    Now we just imagine the fuel consumption, surely we are going to save money by leaving the car at home. But the fact is we are saving some more money on the Livina then Innova. I have a family with 2 children. Space is more then enough to accommodate them during short or long trips.

    Any further questions???
    Lets all think out of the box, just be rational.

    If we only want to have fun why don’t we buy a mercedes sports coupe, a porsche, a Ferrari. But we are all smart peope and we think a homo oeconomicus is looking for : VALUE FOR MONEY

    Please do not feel offended due to this report but its based on fact not fiction

    Kind regards


  8. Royws says:

    Wow, what an awesome car.

    I dream it to become my first car this year.

    (Btw, apa bener konsumsi BBM-nya irit seperti yang diberitakan di koran-koran, sekitar 1:13-1:17 untuk pemakaian dalam kota??? Ada yang bisa kasih komentar?)



  9. Brajaeka says:

    Anyone would like to drive a new Nissan Livina this April 2007, please call me up at 0855-7871144, I would like to offer my indent at the best possible offer, I just paid the down payment for 1,5 Litre engine XV Grey Metallic.

  10. Adi says:

    Vicko, thanks for your comment’s.

    I dont really know what does “homo oeconomicus” means, does it means we supposed to think about money all the time? other than that I’m 100% agree that Value For Money is one big thing that affects most of us in our decission making. Beside all of the “value” thing I do believe we all have a different ways to apreciate a product, in my capability i’ve made my judgement on Livina by it’s design, functionality and overall performance of the car without forgetting the essential aspect of driving which is safety, eficiency and fun.

    Enough with all of the theories, I’d say that Livina is very well executed. Nissan made a fine quality car with smooth driving experience for it’s price. Too bad it can only hold 6 Indonesian average people comfortably and I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for from a medium sized MPV, if only livina is 50mm wider it’s gonna have a real capacity of 7adult then I’d say this is a true Innova Killer. I’d rather pay a little more for the space that I dont need quite often, than not having any when I need them.

    If you dont mind about “common people’s car” image I think Avanza is more valuable for every rupiahs you spent on it, and still being able to accomodate 7 people, yet the highest grade full featured car (ABS, seatbelts on every seat’s, Auto/Retract mirrors, 1.5lt engine, rear defogger, etc) priced lower than Livina’s first entry car, well Nissan how do you deal with this?? and if you only need a space that fits 4to5 adult why go with 7? just go with Honda’!s popular mini MPV, they are very fun to drive though.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I dont think that I’ve ever making a comparison between Livina and the car of my choice, all I do is sharing my experince based on a short test drive session with a Nissan Livina by being the driver, co-driver and the passenger of the 2nd and 3rd row sea. Nobody have to agree with me, I dont own any so I’m not acting like I have one.

    Thank you for the comparison made before, it was a valuable information but I don’t think it’s a successfull Apple to Apple comparison, why??? because they are a comparison between a multi-purpose Mini-bus (which has a similar look with an MPV) with a real medium MPV.

    Innova G 2lt M/T compared with Livina VS 1.8 M/T
    7adult to 6adult capacity -> You might have to leave someone at home.
    1.998cc to 1.798cc -> Livina’s smaller enggine = efficiency+lower tax.
    136hp/1530kg to 128hp/1243kg -> Power-to-weight ratio, one thing which
    explains why Livina is more fuel efficient.
    5speed to 6speed trans. -> More gear destinated for different traffic
    condition’s no wonder Livina gets more and
    more efficient.

    As I said before there is so many significant basic differences between Innova and Livina not to mention Innova’s bigger size and higher ground clearance which gave more confidence when you’re driving on unpredictable road. You can see these car is totally different since the first day they were made. It would be wiser for us to compare a livina 1.8 with a Honda Stream 1.7 or a Chevrolet Zavira 1.8 which has more similarity rather than Innova. I didn’t mean to offend anyone this is only my opinion, and still I think of Livina as a very good car.


  11. Ebowan says:

    Dear Adi, dear Vicko,

    I am following this forum quiet a while with high interest.
    For your information Adi here are definitions of the Homo Oeconomicus.

    The rational human being that many economists use when deriving, explaining, and verifying their theories and models.

    The basis for a majority of economic models is the assumption that all human beings are rational and will always attempt to maximize their utility – whether it be from monetary or non-monetary gains.


    In the classical and neoclassical Western economic literature, human beings are described as rational, making the right decisions in a situation of complete transparency. This perfect human being–frequently referred to as homo oeconomicus–always succeeds in optimizing the intended benefit. Homo oeconomicus gets complete information that has an impact on his or her alternatives and decisions.

    I was a Toyota Innova Driver and had just ordered a Nissan Livina since its launching last week in Senayan City. I was surprised about the features that been given by Nissan to this car with such kind of price. After sitting and test drive in one of Livina Cars I immediately decided without any doubts to purchase this car.

    Two weeks before I heared from friends that there will be new car in Indonesia. They had told me that this car was cheaper and fuel efficient as well. I researched the market for selling my Toyota Innova. Price were in range of 155 million to 150 million for a second hand car in the Kompas newspaper. Monday morning I checked with my Toyota Dealer and ups, the prices dropped to 135 million to 140 million.

    They said that the launch of Livina had effect to this. With disappointment I settled the sale on 140 million. That’s the part of reselling of a car which is 2 years old.

    I have a family too with 2 children. They are very excited to this new car. They like the new ambiente very much. For them this car offers enough space and I do not think that I have to leave someone at home.

    Mr. Adi, regarding your concern about ground clearance is not much. This difference is only 1.5 centimeters. This is not the world. Yes streets in Indonesia are sometimes like a horrorshow. Not only seen of the ridiculous driving of motorcycles as well other public transportations. Streets sometimes are in a bad condition with holes in there you can easily bury a person inside. I love this government… SAYA AKAN…. Mari kite bersama… and stuff but what the heck. We have to start somewhere. From friends of mine I get the Information that fuel price shall increase as well in the near future. Save fuel means save money. This money can be spend for other events for my children.

    Livina – Stream – Zafira
    I think that prices differences are in a different class too.
    Stream is in the class above 200 million. Zafira close to and its already outmoded.

    Lets see what the future may bring.

    All the best for all Innova drivers



  12. Andry says:

    I read some of Livina reviews on Indonesian local tabloids/magazines and if they were telling the truth, then Livina is a very suitable car for Indonesian people.
    It has a nice price/performance ratios.
    I guess, i should go to nearest Nissan dealer, and test it myself.

  13. Kanastasia says:

    It’s very sophisticated cars. Unbelievable, nows there are 1500 indent peoples in Pekanbaru, Riau that waiting for this MPV car. Congratulations for NISSAN.

  14. brajaeka says:

    Last week I submitted an offer of my new Nissan Livina, but now I have already got buyer for my Kijang Innova 2005, so I cancel my offer I am sorry and awaiting for my new car deliver this week, for all of you who just decide to buy Livina after the launching, be patient until you get it on August.

  15. Lina says:

    Kindly send me complete brochure (Specification + Price list) Grand Livina related.

    To: Jalan Sutijab 47 Wates, Yogyakarta 55611

  16. brajaeka says:

    Finally I have received my brand new car last weekend, I drove it around my apartment and feel It was a very compartable family car compare to the former car Avanza and Innova despite the volume is smaller than them, you may see the Suara Pembaruan on April 22, 2007 or you may see this table:

    1,5 SV M/T 138,5 Jt
    1,5 XV M/T 146 Jt
    1,5 XV A/T 156 Jt

    1,8 XV M/T 165,5 Jt
    1,8 XV A/T 177,5 Jt

    1,8 Ultimate M/T 191,5 Jt
    1,8 Ultimate A/T 203,5 Jt

    You may pay the down payment to the nearest Nissan Dealler at your hometown but you have to be patient until August to receive it. Hope this can answer your question

  17. Karl says:

    Perception over overpriced, overrated, underspecced vehicles if bear TOYOTA emblem not merely happen to Indonesians but also Malaysians as well as Thais.

    We should utilized our right; consumer power to influence TOYOTA to offer better than current line up. Take Avanza, this car is suck if we look at the price (RM60,000 about Rp160m). IN Japan Wish only Y1.6m about RM53,000 and anyone think we ASEAN richer than the Japanese?

    If we don’t buy these suck (no matter with Toyota emblem) they’ll offer better vehicles than these, i.e Toyota Sienna (Innova), Tacoma (Hilux) and 4Runner/Hilux (Fortuner). I never buy IMV as we got less value for our money despite of TOYOTA emblem.

    Toyota must be laughing all the way to bank if we simply buy their promises. I rather purchase US specced because they simply not purchase a car based on brand but performance.

    So. TOYOTA sell your IMVs in the continent (North America) first before you try to offer to us.


    Love Toyota but not IMV’s.

  18. Glen says:

    I think livina’s a very nice car, my dad just bought an automatic livina 1.8XV.
    It has a very high acceleration, it’s speed is not bad too.
    It can fit 6-8 people even though it looks a bit small from the outside the interior design is very stylish, can be considered as one of the best minivan in Indonesia.
    Nissan livina, perfect.

  19. Brajaeka says:

    I just had my car licence last weekend so I can drive my brand new car along the weekend after waiting for 1 week since my car delivered, it is an fantastic car, the consumption approx 1 litre for 13 km compare to my previous car Innova and Avanza, I just realize that I was only trust toyota but now, Nissan can gimme more than I expect, today I take all my colleagues to feel it and it can accomodate up to 7 person, well actually 6 person might be better.

  20. Laurensius Adie says:

    It’s GREAT FAMILY CAR for Asian peoples, specially for my nation. I’m hardly wait for your coming in Samarinda. Livina, I’m feel loving you. Yes!

  21. Janma says:

    Whenever I see the logo ‘stream’ on the back of that car I read it as scream. Puts me off weirdly.

  22. Alvien says:

    I think livina is very nice car. I have to test drive this car and I think this car and The price is very wortheed.

  23. Anang says:

    It’s good car for people who need excellent driving.

  24. Dadi says:

    I did the test drive, it is super MPV 1.5 with super price, but when I visited the showroom, we have to wait until Feb. 2008 for 1.5 Automatic. Sorry I have no time for that but congratulation to Nissan Livina.

  25. Tom says:

    Toyota has been living off its image for many years. Given all the issues regarding fuel and sparse interiors, would the innova been as popular if it was not a toyota?
    Look at the soluna and vios, the soluna had a very empty interior and the vios is an economy car and looks it.

    Nissan has had a remarkable resurgence in all aspects, it is biting back after its troubles and the livina is a great way to connect to the “middle” class in Indonesia. (What do you call this group of people who can afford a rp140mil car?)

    I have taken it for a test drive and it is comfortable, no shortcuts were taken for the interior,
    sure the middle row would be better suited to two adults and a child but you can’t have everything.

    Engine? Well – its a new car. of course the engine would be in good condition, the telling is in a years time after continuous use.

    The starting price of approx rp140 mil already gets you a car that is better than the innova – interior wise.

    Fuel consumption? Well what the company says and experience tells us is always debatable. For sure, the livina would be hard-pressed to equal innova’s low fuel efficiency.

  26. I will never know unless I drive it, as my Vietnamese friend at work says : “BELUM COBA, BELUM TAU” right Locky??

    I am looking forward for test-drive!!

  27. DoniUBM96 says:

    Very nice looking and (maybe) fuel consumption too, rather than my previous MPV car Toyota Estima 2400 cc :). Although my Estima were very seldom in Indonesia (also its spare part), I appreciate the mechanical quality and stability on the road compare with Livina (Innova also still have lack in this category). This is comparison between MPV to the other MPV. Thanks.

  28. my 1.8XV M/T Grand Livina gas consumption is 1:10, in the city, 2 people, pertamax plus…i think livina is better than my old Kijang LGX 1.8…

    more about livina join

  29. Rusmadi Ahmad says:

    We are one of Livina maniac from south Kalimantan and we (our family) decided to choose Livina 1.5 manual as our family transport.

    Question, are the Livina 1.5 manual have problem with it transmision system.
    I getting this new from Banjarmasin Nissan Livina SALES.

    If that news true, what Nissan action.

    We wait comment.

    Rusmadi Ahmad

  30. brajaeka says:

    It has been 2 months I drive my Nissan Livina 1,5 VX and I found it a very comfortable MPV, I don’t have any problem especially with the transmittion, seems ridiculous that the sales person is downgrading their product, isn’t it or may be they are gonna upsell their product and makes you buy Serena or Xtrail , more over it is better join the for more info

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