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Nissan has committed $60 million over the next few years to increase its market share in Indonesia, and plans to shortly launch the new Livina model.

The Chief Executive Officer of Nissan-Renault, the parent company of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, Carlos Ghosn, says the new investment will be made in stages through to 2008 and will involve the further development of its factory facilities at Cikampek, in West Java 70 km’s from Jakarta, and will be focused on increasing Nissan sales in Indonesia to a level of 40,000 units per year.

Speaking at the unveiling of a new Nissan model, the Livina, in Jakarta on the 11th, Ghosn said things were looking up for the Indonesian car industry and that the country’s increasingly good chances for strong economic growth were a drawcard for Nissan, especially given the very large population of the nation.

The Livina is a multi purpose vehicle (MPV) or wagon which is believed likely to sell for around 200 million rupiah, possibly below, by the time of its coming onto the market in the second quarter of 2007. It is a 1600cc vehicle with 7 seats, is similar to the Kia Carnival, and has a 40% local component share.

Nissan Livina
Nissan Livina.

Launched first in China, and called there the “Jun Yi”, the Livina, with its conservative design, is aimed at the family market, and was designed at the Nissan Technical Centre in Atsugi, Japan. Nissan Indonesia expects the Livina to account for 70% of local sales by 2008.

Nissan in Indonesia is expected to sell only about 5000 units this year, mainly of SUV’s such as X-Trail, Terrano and Murano, more bulky and trendy models than the Livina.

The Grand Livina was formally launched on April 5th 2007, making Indonesia the second country after China to see the Livina on the road. In China the car was launched in November of last year under the name Nissan Geniss.

There are seven types of Livina on the market with two engine types, a 1,500 cc model and the 1,800 cc version, with prices ranging from 139 million rupiah to 204 million rupiah.

Nissan hopes to sell 12,000 units of the car, with a total company sales target of 21,000. In 2008, said Chief Operating Officer of Nissan Motors Ltd, Toshiyuki Shiga, total sales are hoped to rise to 40,000 with the Livina taking a 60% share of this.

Prices for Jakarta:

Type Price
1.5 SV M/T Rp.138.500.000
1.5 XV M/T Rp.146.000.000
1.5 XV A/T Rp.156.000.000
1.8 XV M/T Rp.165.500.000
1.8 XV A/T Rp.177.500.000
1.8 Ultimate M/T Rp.191.500.000
1.8 Ultimate A/T Rp.203.500.000

70 Comments on “Nissan Livina”

  1. Azzam says:

    Livina very nice car, we waiting for launching in Indonesia market, and I will try to buy this car next year.

  2. Rubin K. Gunawan, SE says:

    Future car for the Asian people!

    A nice car!

  3. Sely Herman says:

    When Livina launching in bandung-Indonesia, i’ll be wait for you . Any auto drive ?
    keep one for me……..

  4. HamDani says:

    It’s very nice car and will beat the avanza market in Indonesia if pricing lower than RP. 130,000,000.- with its advantages.

    I’ll be happy to have this car and consider as my second favorite car.

  5. 1ndra says:

    Waw, nice mpv car.

  6. Andrew says:

    Indonesia auto market is a wacky one – there’s no guarantee that a good car will sell. Indonesian consumers in general is like “bebek”, they go with what’s popular, not with what’s good. Kijang is a very good example – overpriced, overrated, underspec, yet sells very well.

    This kind of market behavior is definitely a good subject for a PhD-level dissertation paper.

  7. Isran says:

    Livina, when I show you in one of car magazine, it was very nice car. From 3 months ago, I have already book you. I like 1.8 ltr auto. Until now I fill very long waiting your present but I will be patient. Livina is may family car.

  8. Ipung says:

    Livina, please just wait for me! I’ll pick you up and bring you home.

  9. Vaira says:

    Front appears like Toyota Innova, rear looks like Honda Jazz, a little bit boring model, need something new, but I’ll get it anyway for family 7 seated, hope not as popular as other cars (mobil sejuta umat). When will launch? Can’t wait for test drive.

  10. Lee Johnson says:

    From outside, it just look like combination between Honda Stream & Honda Jazz.
    It looks a little bit boring to me, but i hope the interior should be more luxury and comfort.
    I’ll be waited for this nice car.

  11. willy says:

    Livina looks boring to me.
    Why don’t you ask Italian car designer to craft it?
    I wouldn’t buy it, I guess.

  12. Greg says:

    Andrew, you’re supposed to comment on the car, not Indonesian people. Why bother to have dissertation about Indonesian people’s market behavior? They have the money, they can do what the *beep* they want (unless you have a problem with other people’s money).
    If you yourself can’t afford to buy a kijang (let alone a Livina) just shut that hole in your face you call mouth and get over with it, okay??!!

  13. M. Rusdy H.M says:

    On March 17, I with my wife, son and daughter visit Nissan Motor Serpong. I have read from Autobild magazine about Livina. After the Sales Officer told that Livina will be Launch on April 2007, My wife, son and my daughter directly without hesitate agree to book Livina. We hope that after Livina launch in Indonesia we will be one of the first driver of Livina.

  14. Andrew says:

    Andrew, you’re supposed to comment on the car, not Indonesian people. Why bother to have dissertation about Indonesian people’s market behavior? They have the money, they can do what the *beep* they want (unless you have a problem with other people’s money).
    If you yourself can’t afford to buy a kijang (let alone a Livina) just shut that hole in your face you call mouth and get over with it, okay??!!

    Greg, nice words from you. I can say or comment on whatever I want, and yes, let me say that again that the Indonesian market is an anomaly, and yes, no mater what you say, too bad I still think that Kijang sucks, period.

    You’re so defensive I bet you drive a Kijang do you? Try driving something nicer, if you haven’t, a real car or even a real minivan, and you’ll know what I mean. If you have done that and still think Kijang is good then maybe you don’t know jack about cars, and yes, Kijang is right for you.

    As for me, I don’t live in the market where Kijang is sold… even if I did, I wouldn’t even think of spending my money on it. Not because Kijang is cheap, but because it doesn’t live up to its reputation.

  15. Andrew says:

    Oh and by the way, talking about Livina, I think it needs a bigger engine.

  16. Wahyudi says:

    Probably I will replace my APV to this car.
    But I’ll have to wait another a year to see what the trend.

  17. Add says:

    FYI, Nissan Grand Livina will be launched here in Indo on April 5, 2007. Price starts from Rp 138.5 mio to Rp 200+ mio (depends on models). I booked one already. It’s really a Kijang Innova killer! (even maybe as the Rush/Terios, Avanza/Xenia, Jazz/Stream, etc killer too!). Less price, more features & comforts, at least that’s what I heard from many Nissan dealers’ engineer & salesman who had chance to test drive this new car.

    Let’s see!

  18. Rudi Salim says:

    I wonder if Livina has a good fuel efficiency & reasonable operation cost, it’s very important to keep in mind that we have a green earth & a blue sky to maintain. Car is helpfull goodiest only if we use it as necessary as it was, the rest it will become a silent killer with it’s pollution & other bad thing for our living & other people around us. Just be wise with your car selection, remember to keep earth as a nice place for living to your children. Have a nice day…

  19. Rah says:

    Also FYI, you can get the complete Livina price list on the latest Autobild magazine. Yes, I do think this one is a killer model for some of the more famous cars (of course, in its price range) in Indonesia. I would love to have Livina for our family transport. And yes, I do think Indonesia is a rather odd market place for automotives. That’s why not many European models can compete (in sales quantity terms) with the Japanese brands. Even if they are more reliable on engine and safety.

  20. Oudine Pazzo says:

    Send me portofolio of nissan livina including detail color mechanic.

  21. Komering says:

    Kindly send me complete brosur (Specification + Price list) Grand Livina related.

  22. Feryntlendra says:

    Kindly send me complete brochure (Specification + Price list) Grand Livina related.

    To: Nusantara Car Rental – Jl. Daan Mogot KM.1 No. 3P (Seberang Hotel Ciputra)
    Tlp. (021) 564 1818, Fax (021) 5697 5585

  23. Sylvia Meiliani says:

    I can’t hardly wait to buy LIVINA. And put it in my garage! I need this car in HURRY, where’s the faster place I can get it?

  24. Reza says:

    Livina, doesn’t look special to me.
    Fuel efficiency & operation cost, another thing about Nissan.
    Nissan’s spare parts, in the recent years, has climb up and now, its price is not very competitive anymore.

    So, bye bye Nissan, prefer other brand than this one, not mentioned not impressive second market price, although there’s some improvement in the recent years.

  25. Ray says:

    Nice design equal with quality and price, must positioning below avanza or xenia.

  26. John says:

    Totally agree to what Andrew said in January 15th about Indonesian’s way of thinking in choosing car, good on you Andrew!

  27. Vicko says:

    Currently I am driving a Toyota Innova, and I am very very disappointed about that car. The Fuel consumption is really ridiculous. Even the Toyota Car dealers admit this fraud of this Car. Service Charges are to high too. Sometimes I think that Toyota marketing strategy is that the Innova price fits below the range of other MPV’s that other competitors have more difficulties to market their products. Is that Innova a Car for the Future? I don’t think so. A Diesel Version is not available since the Diesel in Indonesia can not apply to new engine standards that been set by the automotive Industry. We Indonesians are doomed to be sold out stupid. Indeed the Livina is cheaper then the Innova, but the technology is up to date. In this case “pay peanuts get monkey” do not apply. My previous car was a Nissan Cefiro though the car had six cylinders with 2000 cc and the weight almost the same as Innova but the fuel consumption was by far less. This VVT-I technology is a total cheat to all customers it doesn’t support any energy savings.
    Tomorrow I will set an order to this new Car Nissan Levina. Toyota has to change their pricing policy and marketing strategy now to keep its customers. New good products to a valuable price. Start thinking people of Indonesia. Don’t be fooled and stand up for your rights as a consumer.

    Myself I am an Indonesian citizen but have been very very long time abroad this country. So please do not feel offended if I am writing in such words. Each individual has its own opinion that shall be based on experiences and facts.

  28. Yusofbn says:

    Vicko, Somehow your comments did answer some of my question. I am a toyota fan, I drove camry and now innova 2.0G. I was wondering why innova consumption is really bad, come to think of it my camry is better. That’s why I am looking for alternatives maybe levina is a better deal?

  29. Bambang Nugroho says:

    Nissan lets see what your got. Please send me your full brochure of Grand Livina, since I am being abroad I will be waiting for your best show.

  30. Cynthia says:

    I’m now american citizen, grew up in Indonesia, wasn’t old enough to drive back then, so knows nothing about Indonesian cars. My first car was a toyota corolla, still own it and totally loving it. It’s been wrecked from accident twice (oops) but somehow managed to get back on it’s feet 🙂 , very-very good fuel consumption. Now I also own a toyota SIENNA I guess similar to Kijang Innova? It’s a very good, very reliable minivan although not as good mpg (mileage per gallon) as corolla. Anyway knowing toyota makes quality cars ( maybe not in Indonesia?), I’m thinking to buy my father a kijang innova, that was until I read what vicko said. Maybe this nissan livina is a better choice? Any sugestion on what will be better to get and yet still affordable family car?

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