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Indonesia is ranked 60th in the AT Kearney/Foreign Policy Globalization Index.

Based on data from 2004 the 2006 Globalization Index ranks sixty-two countries in terms of how globally connected and integrated their economies and peoples are. The overall rankings are based on research done in the following areas.

  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Government Transfers
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • International Organisations
  • International Travel
  • Internet Hosts
  • Internet Users
  • Peackeeping Missions
  • Population
  • Remittances & Personal Transfers
  • Secure Internet Servers
  • Telephone Traffic
  • Trade
  • Treaties

Indonesia this year recorded no change in its position from last year, third last. Indonesia’s scores for overall “dimensions” in each category were:

  • Economic Integration – 52nd
  • Personal Contact – 59th
  • Technological Connectivity – 51st
  • Political Engagement – 50th

Scores for each of the above categories broken down into sub-categories:

  • Economic Integration – Trade – 36th
  • Economic Integration – FDI – 61st
  • Personal Contact – Telephone – 59th
  • Personal Contact – Travel – 57th
  • Personal Contact – Remittances & Personal Transfers – 46th
  • Technological Connectivity – Internet Users – 51st
  • Technological Connectivity – Internet Hosts – 49th
  • Technological Connectivity – Secure Servers – 52nd
  • Political Engagement – International Organisations – 25th
  • Political Engagement – U.N. Peacekeeping – 60th
  • Political Engagement – Treaties – 42nd
  • Political Engagement – Government Transfers – 48th

Improvement was seen in the number of internet users but other areas saw stagnation, or growth/improvement that was not fast enough to keep up with other countries.
The top ten most inter-connected and open economies and peoples were:

2 Comments on “Globalization Index”

  1. Pt says:

    So”¦ are we supposed to be ashamed by this?

    consider this:

    “personal contact- telephone ..”?? Uh ? meaning that we have to spend more time on the phone with to ngrumpi with our friends? – for the benefit of telecommunication companies!

    “political engangement- treaties “¦ “?? like signing a peace treaty ? which must mean that Indonesia must be at war with other countries before it could sign one.. a self defeating purpose isn’t it?

    “¦and what about the other 131 nations not included in this survey ? so we are not third last then.

    I think its about time for Indonesians to realise that we are unique in many ways and we do not have to conform to everything that is dictated by the west.

  2. Riza says:

    “”¦globalization is the way of progress”¦i think, in this new decade, not wise if we reject great information such thoose. eventually, we still proud as Indonesian, coz we know not all of Indonesia’s are bad. think for the view, site, simple life”¦”

    i learn that facts or sheets is not important, not to bee sinistic but may value that and be humble to accept our literacies (i mean in globalization), and shall learn a great chance to change. we all human, are the most exegerable being that can transformed by changes, right?

    so, enjoy your Indonesianality”¦if i allowed to say that!!

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