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The Trade minister says the Indonesian shoe industry is still competitive and sound.

In the light of the recent closures of three factories in Tangerang and Bekasi, West Java, contracted by the Adidas Group to manufacture shoes in Indonesia, both the Trade minister Mari Elka Pangestu and the shoe industry group Asosiasi Persepatuan Indonesia (Aprisindo) are attempting to approach Adidas and other shoe makers to convince them to remain committed to sourcing from Indonesia. antara

So far they (the buyers) are still committed to ordering from Indonesia.

Pangestu said after having conducted what were said to be intensive discussions with the Adidas Group. kompas She claimed that Adidas had the intention to increase orders from Indonesia, provided quality and competitiveness were still good, as did other shoe companies such as Puma and Lacoste.

The problems at PT Dong Joe, she said, did not indicate a wider problem with Indonesian competitiveness:

The case of PT Dong Joe is an individual problem, which came about due to managerial disputes, there’s no relationship to the shoe business climate in Indonesia.

PT Dong Joe is said to owe about $30 million to its bankers and $15 million to suppliers. Its owner, Mr Cheon, has fled to Korea.

Pangestu went on to urge all parties concerned, banks, suppliers, and workers, not to panic because the shoe industry in the country was still healthy.

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  1. Waqas Saeed says:

    I need information of footwear manufactures in Indonesia. We Servis Sales corporation in Pakistan is the biggest retailers having 400 retail shops and a net work of wholesale with 1000 dealers all over Pakistan. We sell Footwear and interested in import from Indonasia.

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