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Bajaj of India intends to take on the Indonesian motorbike market.

Bajaj Auto Ltd, India’s second-largest motorcycle maker, yesterday introduced its flagship model, the high end Pulsar, into the $6 billion Indonesian motorbike market, and plans to spend around $50 million to set up factory and distribution facilities shortly. ibn

Bajaj Executive Director Sanjiv Bajaj said:

In the first phase, we will focus on customer satisfaction. The second phase would be to set up a local manufacturing facility and the third phase is to make Indonesia the hub for the Southeast Asian market.

First this, the Bajaj three wheeler.

The Bajaj brand is well known, almost infamous, in Indonesia due to the presence of thousands of the company’s three wheeler motorised rickshaws that noisily ply the streets of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. But Bajaj is now focusing on the upper end of the motorbike market. Says Sanjiv: ibef

These will be high-end bikes, in the range of Pulsar and higher engine capacities.

180cc Bajaj Pulsar
Now this, the 180cc Bajaj Pulsar.

K S Grihapathy, head of PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia, said the company initially aimed to sell 100,000 motorbikes in Indonesia in two years. The company was formed as a joint venture with financial consultancy group Boentaro, which holds five per cent.

Bajaj Goods Carrier
Not yet sighted, Bajaj Goods Carrier.

It is intended that the Bajaj bikes produced in Indonesia will be completely knocked down kits (CKD’s) in the beginning with just the assembly being done locally. Later the company will source bulk components locally while still importing critical components from India.

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31 Comments on “Bajaj Pulsar”

  1. 1ndra says:

    I hope Bajuri isnt going to make a new film, Ojek Bajuri”¦

  2. bonifasius says:

    Bajaj must give something new to Indonesia’s market, because Indonesia’s market already has Honda Tiger, Suzuki Thunder, Yamaha Scorpio, and Kawazaki Ninja RR. What will Bajaj give to Indonesia’s market which is different from other motorcyle factory ( Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawazaki ) ?

  3. DianDoank says:

    seriously??? is this news for serious?

  4. ayukhairina says:

    I hope the specifications of this new bike will require a higher level of intelligence, considering the number of bike riders in Indonesia that easily know how to handle ‘the normal bike’ and tend not to abide to traffic regulations. At least try to bring a new face to motorbicyclists in Indonesia.

  5. 1ndra says:

    But from the image, sure it’s a nice bike.

  6. Keken says:

    == BAJAJ PULSAR ==

    It is a really great bike, you should try it.
    It will be the Japanese motorcycles killer.
    The price is rational, not like all Japanese motors which is irrational in price.

  7. Oyeah says:

    It’s a nice bike, but I never found dealer in bandung city, please help me to find it, I want to buy this bike!

  8. Primadi says:


    I have seen one of its dealer. Too far from my place. I think BAJAJ should open many dealers and after sales service, so BAJAJ will be known as the great Motorcycles too.

  9. Dimp says:

    I cannot actually believe when I was in Peru, there are Bajaj everywhere. It shows how big Bajaj as a company is.

  10. Bagus says:

    Pulsar 180 DTS-i I fall in love at the first sight, then I bought one! You wanna know my comment? It’s goddamn unbelievable!
    The look, the style, the handling and riding position, the power combining with the fuel efeciency, all I can said is: BUCKLE UP, DUDE!

  11. Rider-lover says:

    Well, it’s looking nice. I have seen it and I think I like it. How about the price? I mean, How much?

  12. Ada says:

    Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i 180cc was launched in two variants, cast wheel (CW) and spoke wheel (SW) and available in ebony black, wine red, long beach blue and titanium silver colours. OTR price in Jabotabek about Rp 16.500.000 – CW and Rp 15.000.000-SW. So, damn! I want buy the black one! I already kick my Jupi.

  13. Rider-lover says:

    Thanks Ada, that’s very interesting price! So cheap, hope the quality is not that cheap. I’ll buy it as soon as possible!
    Is there any other new type of Bajaj to be released this year? Because I’ll be back to Indonesia next October and I am afraid the DTS-i 180cc will be no longer up date at the time. Thanks Buddy, cheers.

  14. Ada says:

    I found their site. Here it is
    Take a look at that site, and try to contact the sales or agent from the NETWORK menu. And my site 🙂

  15. Romy says:

    Great motorcycle, but I want PT. BAJAJ AUTO INDONESIA, to release market for Bajaj pulsar 200 CC & 220 CC DTS-i oil cooled. I have show it in website: bajajauto, very good motorcycle. What estimated price if PT. BAJAJ AUTO INDONESIA release that product in Indonesia?

  16. Dicky says:

    Fascinating and exciting !!!!
    Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i is not too expensive for Indonesian market. But look at the technology ! No other 2 wheels got that technology. It’s cool maaann. Safety riding with Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i and comfortable. I guarantee that you will have luxury blend in a hormony.. speed and stability.

  17. Romy says:

    Makassar waiting for pulsar 180 cc and 220 cc. When…..???, and where to buy / get it…???

  18. Roberto Palomino says:

    I am from Peru (South America)
    I sell motorcycle, but i am interested in sel K S Grihapathy, head of PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia, for what , i would like to know if it is posible to buy some of this produts directly, with out the knowleges of some represent in peru
    i hope the answer with the manual of this product to know the specifications in a better way

    thank you for your time

    Roberto Palomino Gamboa

    General Manager ZIYAD EIRL
    NEXTEL (MOVIL): 824*7025
    MOVIL: 98592347
    PHONE: 3830454

  19. Kamran S Ali says:

    Hi i am not happy with your service or reply the part that was available at your service station was wrong and when i took my bike to the service station they say that i should take it to their other branch which is approximately 50 kilo meters waiting for reply in my mail box

    Kamran S Ali

  20. ahmad says:

    I hope bajaj showroom will be open at banda aceh,

  21. L.K.Raja says:

    I’m in Batam island and i really want purchase 1 unit of bajaj pulser (180cc). Please advice me….

  22. Siska Zulliana says:

    I interest in Bajaj Pulsar but in my Provice ( Bangka Belitung ) there isn´t a showroom, plese come to my province

  23. Vnk says:

    I am from india and i am having bujaj pulsar 180cc since 2004.. its a supurb bike.. Bujaj bikes are the best.. esp. the Pulsar series… no other bike has DTS-i engine i.e. Digital twin spark ignition engine… its way ahead from other bikes (in the same price class) in terms of comfort and fuel efficiency, quality and in looks… it is definately uncomparible in its price class..

  24. Sadono says:

    I’ve purchased a black one last 2 august 08, for dts-i 200. I was satisfied for craftmanship, handling, comfortable, etc. but one part, exhaust pipe. All are were good this part like a home made.

  25. randu says:

    can’t wait to buy it as soon as possible..

  26. Heru Santoso says:

    First they have to deal with the image of bajaj in indonesia. It’s known widely as the maker of three-wheeled-vehicle. But the ad is good in term of enhancing the image of the brand. And then they have to create a very strong differentiation. People are already used with the japanese product, so if come to the market to join the competition, you gotta have something really different. Well, so far to me bajaj has done a good job in Indonesia. The pulsar sells well. Compared to other Indian motor giant, TVS, Bajaj is ahead for now in indonesian market. I guess next year they will start to market other product. for the time being focusing on the image is the job of the company. well done Bajaj.

  27. Adriel says:

    Is there a shop in batam selling Pulsar parts ?
    if yes please email to

    I’m from Singapore Bajaj Team

  28. sharan says:

    bajaj xcd 135 is best buy than puslar
    it gives millage more than 100 km/l
    it it looks good

  29. I’m from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Interest with bajaj xcd 135. When you are coming to Banjarmasin with 3 S (Sales, Service & Spare Parts) dealers?

  30. panca says:

    I bought pulsar 200cc last month
    and u know guys it’s damn good…
    riding with pride…
    people say what was that…
    bring home your pulsar, ride her n say hello to my lycan(my pulsar name;p)..
    semarang rider*

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