Protests at Danish Embassy, Jakarta

Feb 3rd, 2006, in News, by

Protests at Danish Embassy, Jakarta over the Muhammad cartoon matter.

Our old friends the Islamic Defenders Front, who keep popping up, here and here, have shown what they are made of, thuggery and violence, by attempting to trash the Danish Embassy over the Prophet Muhammad Cartoons matter.

The Danish Embassy in Jakarta is on the 25th floor of a high-rise building so the men from the Front had to content themselves with creating mayhem, throwing chairs and smashing things, in the lobby only. Police however made short work of them, taking a hard stance instead of their usual stand-idly-by approach as when dealing with the Front in the past. No doubt the Jakarta police force saw no opportunity for extracting protection money from the Embassy, unlike in cases where the Front Pembela Islam have targeted restaurants and bars.

Reports give their numbers at between 100 and 300. They screamed “God is Great” and “Wer’e ready for jihad”, inspiring, Godly, lets get em stuff. They also threw eggs and tomatoes at the official embassy symbol inside the lobby.

Their leader, Maksuni, said the Danish ambassador had met with representatives of the group and promised to issue an apology.

If they don’t apologize as they promised we will kick them out of the country, and we will ask the government to withdraw its ambassador from Denmark.

Belligerently said the clad in white, bamboo stick wielding and not afraid to smash someone with it holy man. The religion of peace at work in the world again.

What needs to be said of course is that these freaks are hardly representative of Muslims in Indonesia as a whole, most of whom probably yawned when they heard about the cartoons depicting Muhammad, but it is a sign of the times, with the stormtroopers of Muslim radicalism taking increasingly confident steps in Indonesia to drag the country into the slavery of the Muslim dark ages.

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