Ceramic Teapots & Tea Sets

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A selection of handmade and painted ceramic teapots, saucers, coffee and tea cups, and complete dinnerware sets.

Traditional, handcrafted ceramic tea sets from www.Novica.com, importers of Bali handicrafts and other products made in Indonesia.

Below is a selection of the over fifty ceramic painted teapots and dinner sets available.

Painted Ceramic Teapot
Painted Ceramic Teapot.

Sugar Bowl & Creamer Set
Sugar Bowl & Creamer Set.

Ceramic Tea Pot
Ceramic Tea Pot.

Ceramic Tea Set
Ceramic Tea Set.

Old World Tea Set
Old World Tea Set.

Ceramic Tea Cups
Ceramic Tea Cups.

Ceramic Cups and Saucers
Ceramic Cups and Saucers.

Visit www.Novica.com to see dozens more of these decorative, handmade items.

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  1. Sameera says:

    Though the technology has developed beyond the scope of thinking, still handcrafted ceramics are the best equipment.

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