Bali Amethyst Jewelry

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Various items of Balinese jewelry made from amethyst.

Amethyst earrings, 'Morning Dew'
Amethyst earrings.
Sparkling like a droplet of morning dew, amethyst dances amid argent filaments. Yuli crafts delightful earrings from gleaming sterling silver.

Amethyst bracelet, 'Gloxinia Bliss'
Amethyst bracelet.
Nyoman Suarjana designs an exceptional bracelet inspired by gloxinia’s exuberant elegance. Cast of sterling silver, the flower’s petals are bathed by amethyst dewdrops.

Amethyst necklace, 'Lilac Romance'
Amethyst necklace.
centreed by a lilac teardrop, this elegant necklace inspires romance. Oval amethysts alternate with sterling links in a delicate hand-crafted design from Yuli.

Amethyst bracelet, 'Contentment'
Amethyst bracelet.
Representing a connection with spirituality, sparkling amethysts grace this bracelet. Wayan Asmana creates an enchanting design with airy, heart-shaped links. Superbly hand-crafted, it goes everywhere with Balinese chic. 0.925 rating silver.

Amethyst ring, 'Blue Turtle'
Amethyst ring.
A richly-veined hemisphere of reconstituted turquoise forms the shell of a sea turtle. Gracing a ring of Indonesian appeal, the piece is sculpted in beautiful detail. Nyoman Rena works in sterling silver, ably depicting the weathered skin, wise eyes and strong flippers. Faceted amethysts adorn the textured body. Rena names this piece Penyu, which means “turtle.” 0.925 rating silver.

Amethyst earrings, 'Moon Goddess'
Amethyst earrings.
Luminous faces centre filigree hearts, their delicate features carved by hand. Topped by glowing amethysts, the radiate a serene beauty. Nyoman Suarjana creates a peaceful design of exceptional beauty, transformed into hand-crafted earrings. 0.925 rating silver.

Amethyst and pearl bracelet, 'Joy'
Amethyst and pearl bracelet.
This elegant bracelet embodies classic Balinese styling. Sukartini centres a wide silver braid with a single radiant pearl. Two teardrop amethysts appear on either side in this hand-crafted design.

Amethyst necklace, 'A Gift to the Queen'
Amethyst necklace.
Each encased in silver, faceted amethysts are alike, yet strangers to one another. Nyoman Suarjana sets 30 radiant gems in an alluring necklace. Sterling textures complement the lucid stones in a design with Balinese roots. Representing a connection with spirituality, amethyst is associated with healing and positive transformation. 0.925 rating silver.

Gold plated amethyst bracelet, 'Desire'
Gold plated amethyst bracelet.
Sterling dewdrops and fine silver ropes surround a faceted amethyst. Flanked by smooth bands of 18k gold, the lovely medallion centres twin braids. Made Sriasih creates a delicate bracelet with fascinating Balinese textures.

Amethyst necklace, 'Tribute to Love'
Amethyst necklace.
Sparkling amethysts adorn this elegant silver necklace. Its design is a modern manifestation of traditional Balinese design. From Yuli, this stylish fashion accessory pays tribute to love.

Amethyst ring
Amethyst ring.
Silver petals eagerly embrace a single amethyst between twin tulips. An original design by Agung Pribadi, this ring is lighthearted and contemporary. Mystical lights emanate from the faceted gemstone, showcased in lustrous sterling silver. 0.925 rating silver.

Amethyst necklace, 'Keep the Secret'
Amethyst necklace.
centreed with a faceted amethyst, this beautiful pendant opens to hide a photo or keepsake. Nyoman Suarjana creates a delicate locket, adorning the square with sterling tendrils and tiny spheres. It hangs on a sleek silver chain.

Amethyst bracelet, 'Regal Ivy'
Amethyst bracelet.
Floral scrolls elaborate the moody amethyst centres of this beautiful sterling silver bracelet. Wayan Sarjana infuses every detail with natural sentiment, inlaying a faceted amethyst to evoke mystical moods.

Amethyst earrings
Balinese Amethyst earrings.
Emerald-cut amethysts nestle in an argent arabesque while gemstone spheres dance in tiers beneath. Transforming silver into fashion, Yuli crafts wonderfully feminine earrings.

Leather and amethyst necklace
Leather and amethyst necklace.
Amethyst comets surround a winter eclipse in an extraordinary design by Balinese jeweler Nyoman Suarjana. He crafts the pendant by hand, carving the sun and moon faces from cowbone. Set in ornate sterling silver, the pendant hangs from a quality leather cord.

Amethyst earrings
Amethyst earrings.
These scintillating earrings exude the charm and charisma of Indonesian style. Wayan Asmana carefully designs the earrings, which he crafts of sterling silver and mystic amethyst.

Amethyst necklace
Amethyst necklace.
Radiant as only mythical characters can be, a duyung (mermaid) graces this necklace with her delicate beauty. She holds in her hand an amethyst. A unique design by Balinese jeweler Nyoman Rena, the necklace is cast from sterling silver with superb detail. It fastens with a lobster clasp.

Men's amethyst ring
Men’s amethyst ring.
Arching in a circle, a rooster takes his tail in his beak to form an unusual ring. Nyoman Rena sculpts the bird in beautiful detail, tucking an amethyst into the curve of the tail. The clear lavender gemstone represents a connection with spirituality and the force of transmutation from its violet flame. Rena names this piece Ayam, which means “chicken.” 0.925 rating silver.

Amethyst ring
Amethyst ring.
Amethyst hides amongst coils of silver, their exotic dance frozen in the shape of this innovative ring. Eveli Przerpiorka designs and crafts this ring with the gemstone associated with the fifth chakra in chakra of both spiritual and emotional healing. Amethyst is sought after for its calming effects, offers relief from insomnia as well as allergies and helps with addiction and stress. Healing with style, this ring makes for a fashionable statement. .950 silver rating. This silver ring’s malleable design allows its size to be adjusted for a custom fit.

13 Comments on “Bali Amethyst Jewelry”

  1. kelly mcclelland says:

    I am trying to find a Nyoman Suarjana bracelet called “Violet Sun”. It used to be offered through Novica but they no longer have it. It is a silver cuff bracelet with 3 amethyst stones.

    Click this link to see a picture of it:

    Please let me know if you can get this item or one very much like it. Must have amethyst stones.

    Thank you.

  2. Aradhana Sangwan says:

    I am interested in the Bali Amethyst jewlery, bali rings and new collections by Pa Nyoman for my boutique in Shanghai. Vis a vis this would like to know the terms and conditions, priing, catalogue etc.
    terima kasih

  3. Mariella Coffin says:

    I really like all silver Balinese work. I am a Jewelry designer in US, need good craftmanship for quality jewelry.Looking for a long term relationship with an artisan who can manufacture my designs.Please email me if you have anyone.

  4. David says:

    Mariella, I don’t know anyone, the products above are from Novica, you could try them as they do sell wholesale. There’s a member of this site (Janma? Where is Janma when you need her?) who might know someone though, hopefully she’ll see this post.

  5. dewaratugedeanom says:

    @Mariella Coffin
    I know one called Sukma in Celuk who manufactures other people’s designs. Delivers good work at reasonable prices. I don’t have his coordinates here with me but I’ll post them later.

  6. dewaratugedeanom says:

    @Mariella Coffin

    Suksma Silver Collection
    Br. Cemenggaon, Celuk, Sukawati 80582
    Gianyar, Bali
    Ph/Fax (0361)297114

  7. Philippe says:

    Yes Novica is good but only for retailer, their wholesale pirces are way too expensive! 🙁
    I had a good experience with where i ordered some silver jewlery… it is different styles but still very good selling.
    I plan to go to Bali next month and would like to visit other companies… do anyone has recommanded adresses to give me?

  8. Kai says:

    I have a question regarding gem cutters in Bali.

    We are going to Bali in a few weeks to have our custom jewelry produced. Some of our items need unusual stones and shapes. I am wondering if you know if the Balinese are able to cut and polish gems if I bring my own slabs? I would be so grateful to hear your advice!

    Many thanks… Kai

  9. Mariella Coffin says:

    Thank you dewaratugedeanom!

    I need to evauate if it’s affordable considering shipping and tariffs…

    but I will explore it.

    Mariella Coffin

  10. zaza says:

    The principle problem is the Local Jewelry businesses is they overcharge & also the quality is over rated. You are also likely to get ripped off. I come to Bali every year & the prices are going up dramatically. You can get cheap Jewelry but it is rubbish. Don’t get ripped off. Don’t forget it is only 925….most is less than that. You will the truth out when you return to your own country…….take this advice.

  11. BJEvS1953 says:

    I bought my wife the Balinese Amethyst cuff made by Wayan Sarjana sold in National Geographic

    Does anyone know if he makes other matching pieces – ring, necklace, earrings, etc.

    Thank you for any help.

    The BARON von Sydow

  12. SheilaSparkles says:

    I’m trying to do research on an estate piece I bought years ago. A gemologist has looked at a good photo of it and suggests it is Indonesian amethyst. It is a Bali silver clasp with the amethyst cabochon. The thing I can’t figure out – the chain that the clasp is attached to is not solid silver, it is just silver coating. Yet the clasp and other findings are obviously so expensively done. This piece is obviously very old. Can anyone tell me a reason why designers decades ago might have done such a combination? And would an expert be able to identify the Balinese designer by looking at the piece? Thank you for any help!

  13. renny says:

    I’ve seen a ring on novica but they do not ship to Bali
    The artist is Nyoman Rena and would like to contact him or find where I can buy this ring
    It’s a rainbow moonstone with lions on each side size 13 USA sizing
    Any help much appreciated


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