Traditional Bali Dance Headwear

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Traditional Balinese dance headgear at .

Bali Dance Crown
Bali Dance Crown.
A Balinese headdress worn during the “Arja”, a traditional Balinese dance. Sports a beaked front design extending up in golden leaf shapes, mounted by a fretwork arching design.

Leather & Rattan Dance Crown
Leather & Rattan Dance Crown.
Named after the “Oleg” dance style, a swaying form of Balinese dance. Covered with lacy flowers and embellished with faux gems and glittery mirrors, and bathed in gilt, this crown is meant to symbolize the beauty of women.

Duck Dance Headwear
Duck Dance Headwear.
A traditional headdress with arched contours which are designed to almost fully cover the head. Worn by performers of the “Belibis”, “duck” dance, this dance crown is redolent of centuries of Balinese culture.

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  1. Diana says:

    I love traditional dance very much, especially balinese dance, I’d like to learn if I have more time.

  2. devilkitty says:

    … Keren.

  3. victoria garcia says:

    Need to purchase 8 headpieces

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