Prophet Muhammad Cartoons

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The infamous Prophet Muhammad cartoons.

Some of the reactions to the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in an edition of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

On a visit to Indonesia the Danish Minister of Development and Cooperation Ulla Torneas received word of the Indonesian government’s displeasure.

Indonesian Foreign Affairs spokesman Yuri Thamrin said that freedom of expression should not be used as a reason to insult sacred symbols of a certain religion. He added that Indonesia and 12 other countries grouped in the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) had lodged a formal protest with the Danish government in December when the organization met in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Such a condemnation should be considered a high-profile protest which is not merely describing anger of one Muslim country, but many Muslim countries in the world

He also complained that the OIC disliked the Danish government’s response, or lack of it.

Chiming in also was Ichwan Sam, the secretary-general of the fatwa-issuing Indonesian Ulema Council.

This insult against a religious symbol revered by other communities displays their foolishness and stupidity.

5 Comments on “Prophet Muhammad Cartoons”

  1. Ahmed says:

    Thanks for that interesting post. Very informative blog…
    keep up the good work

  2. Alex says:

    I agreee the response to these cartoons is ridiculous. I’m all for multiculturalism (I’m an aussie after all) but there are times when people treat such things so gingerly that suddenly everyone agrees with them and low and behold soon freedom of speech is gone replaced by a fear of a backlash from a small group of people who happen to be a tiny portion of the party they say they represent.

  3. mustaqim says:

    If I Knew and near with them (kafir)…i Would kill them.
    your blood is halal..because your’re Muslim enemy.

  4. Tomaculum says:

    stay better adoring Zaskia Adya Mecca, it sounds better.
    Or say it to those who humantrafficking our sisters and children in Indonesia.
    Did you miss out of the registration to do jihad in Lebanon?
    Sorry, but you are not better than that danish cartoonist and his accountable editor(s) who are not able to handle their rights and duties in a democracy in a responsible way.

  5. dimas says:

    I just think that we’ve been provoked by those who wants muslims and nons to fight. please, if you all the nons, respect Islam and Muhammad and another religions and believes. Because we (as the muslims) don’t allow to visualize him (as Islam teaches me), so don’t do the opposite. After all, i never draw Jesus with a ridiculous shape anyway, nor Buddha or Hindu’s Gods. And why the topic was Muhammad?
    For Alex, what do you know about multiculturalism? haha… what do you have bro ? hah ?
    I AM INDONESIAN bro… we have Java, Sunda, Batak, Papua, Makassar, Bugis, and others. we have Islam, Christian, Buddha, Hindu… we all black, brown, white, red, yellow, etc, but our blood’s still RED and our bones’s still WHITE ! and that’s my flag teaches you !
    Unity in Diversity…

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