Bali Wall Sconces

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Wall lighting from the Bali collection, tropical style wall sconces.

Bamboo shade Bali Wall Sconce

Bali Collection Bamboo 15 1/2

Two Light Sconce, Tropical

Bali Collection Bamboo 16

Unique Balinese Two Light Sconce

Triarch International Bali Two-Light Wall Sconce

One Light Version

Triarch International Bali One-Light Wall Sconce

One Comment on “Bali Wall Sconces”

  1. Risha Joseph says:

    Hi There

    I think that the wall sconces looks absolutely beautiful, however, I have no way of knowing whether or not it is glass of fabric. Furthermore, I live in Australia. Could you please give me the names of the retailers that you distribute to in Australia so that I may have a look at more features and wall scones.

    Furthermore, your website is a bit confusing. I ahve registered but I am not sure how to gain access to the the home interiors that I ma looking for.

    Thank You


Comment on “Bali Wall Sconces”.

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